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This is a fixed testing version that some of you guys in #rpgmaker.net might have played. It's about a god of death as he gathers souls in his quest to reclaim his stolen scythe, which serves as the gate between life and death. Undoubtedly similar to Valkyrie Profile, but the original idea was actually inspired by something totally unrelated. Anyway, have fun.

As a side note I will not be posting extensive story bits here, for now. I am confident enough that my writing will get that across just fine.

Changes that WILL be made:

* The dungeons are not in their final states. Craze and I plan on fixing up the forest dungeon, especially. You might find it outright tedious in its current state, in no small part thanks to the positions of the save points.

* Some of the tints are too dark. I do plan on correcting this in the future. Keep in mind that the exit of the intro dungeon room is in fact on the back wall. This also makes it hard to see some sparkly items.

* The text is not all as refined as I would like.

* You will find that some things aren't obvious or that could be better explained as related to the game's battle mechanics. Small interactive Wisp NPCs will be added in the future that will explain such mechanics to you, among giving story tidbits and the like.

* More battle balance.

* Some skills do not have animations. I'll get around to it.

* No title screen. =P

And some things to keep in mind:

* The battles are undeniably difficult. Learn to abuse the battle system. It is intentionally made to be abuseable. The game is often an exercise in SP management - two of your party members start with skills that make your life easier in regards to this. Also keep in mind that weapons and augments also give skills.

* You have a limit of 9 on items.

* If you look thoroughly around Levinheim, you might get the opportunity to recruit a new party member...

* Try to get to level 6 ASAP.

Having said all that, I would GREATLY appreciate feedback on all aspects of the game - gameplay, story and all. I will update this description when there is a more substantial demo released.

P.S. - Thanks to Craze for helping a bunch with this project. Probably would've died awhile back by myself. =D

P.S.S - You need to have the RMVX RTP installed to play. I only ever intend on adding the RTP in the final version.

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Pages: 1
-Why are there 4 save files?
-Good mapping there! I really like it!
-Selecting New Game only gets me a black screen...
-Battle doesn't seem to work...As I get an error.
Yeah, sorry about that.

The new one should be fixed.

I did not get any battle errors though. Care to be more specific?
The error is "????? 'Scene_Battle' ? 18 ??? TypeError ?????????
LargeParty is not a class/module"
Trying to figure out how to reproduce this error. The problem is I have never experienced it myself.
I've had an (okay) scripter look it over. He's had no problems, and no one else has.

It sounds like you might've edited something in the game's scripts. That's all I can think of.
I'm unable to edit anything because my VX trial ended. Seems like I got the weirdest problem in the world. O_o
Devil's in the details
Are you really still working this?

Though I have ideas for feature attempts.
This version of the game? Probably never. I'm frankly surprised anyone's played it and/or cares.

That said, I do have a new conception for this game that will hopefully see light someday.
My mind is full of fuck.
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