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There are a bunch of airship crashes and you have to find Peach. There are red coins to collect, keyholes and secrets. It wont be easy buy you must find the Peach. There are 5 sets of ships. In the clouds which were some air ships crash. There in on the mushrooms because she could be there. There is on the grass were airships like to crash on occasion. There is another airship in the dirt under ground in the earth. I cant for get the airship in the water. whats a good level with out a good shipwreck. You will be able to find Peach wont you?

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  • insaneraving
  • Super Mario Bros. X
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  • 04/26/2016 08:36 PM
  • 10/01/2019 05:28 AM
  • 04/26/2016
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Found peach, so I assume I finished this. The red coin mechanic doesnt seem to work, since no stars spawn in the hub if u collect all of them in any level. The key/keyhole setup appears to be completely worthless. So is beating the bosses. Actually, it would seem that nothing really matters except finding peach, which if u know where she is, u can find her in about 2 minutes.
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