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It belongs in a graveyard...

This isn't a game, its an SMBX level, that was also a submission to the SMBX event contest that Ratty held about a year or two ago. Since its put on here and listed as a game, I'm gonna review it, even if it is a level.

First thing first, the level/areas looks pretty nice, but there's plenty of visual inconsistency, such as power ups being different and not sticking to one design, the tiles not matching up with others, there's not a huge amount but there's enough.

Second, and this is where this level really suffers, you have a goal to find peach in all of the airship graveyards, which is not a bad concept, but the major overlying problem is the level and areas are kind of big, and while there's plenty to do, there's no real point, the key holes are useless, beating the bosses are useless, collecting a star is useless, because once you do any of these the level ends, or starts over, none of this helps you get to your main objective, its all here just to end the level early, I get you went for a more open ended play the level how you want and beat it how you want with so many ways to beat it, but this isn't the way to do it.

If its not the main goal of finding peach then what's the point in adding in all of these optional ways to beat the level? And its really a shame because the level/area themselves are actually pretty solid there not mind blowing by any means but its pretty solid, they have decent amount of detail put into them despite the inconsistent tiles and power ups.

It really feels like this level should have just been fully fleshed out into a game with multiple levels instead of having it be one giant level with a ton of ways to beat

2 out of 5.