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Achievements are here!

First Steps

This guide is intended for people who have already completed the game and want to retroactively earn their achievements on Steam.

First, move your existing save files to the Steam version. See the how-to guide.

RPG Maker VX Ace does not support the Steam Overlay. When earning an achievement, you won't see a popup or any type of indicator. But don't worry, you're Steam account will still be credited. Trust the process.


The Stranger
Beat the Stranger. If already beaten, visit his house.

High Tea
Beat the illusionist prisoner. If already beaten, visit the Imperial Guard.

Moon Raven
Beat Moon Raven. If already beaten, visit the Realm of the Dead.

I Stand Alone
Beat the Wandering Sword with a single party member. Select the same party member twice to battle him alone. If already beaten, you'll need to do it again to earn this one.

Soul Collector
Talk to Marionette after finding all 17 soul cards.

Well Fed
Cook everything. If already done, enter the Business District to unlock.

Joyful Home Association
Talk to Rodolf after having a furniture arrangement worth at least 55 points.

Impress Jarvis
Deal 100k+ in the Damage Test. If already done, you'll need to do this one again.

Perfect Completion
Talk to Aislinn with a 100% complete Furniture Catalog. Note the patch that introduces Steam achievements also adds 7 new pieces of furniture to the catalog. Five can be unlocked by buying the Valdio's Knickknacks book from the general store. The other two are guaranteed to appear in the store the next day if you had a 100% complete catalog before the patch.

Meet the Neighbors
Talk to Bodrick for the first time. For this one, you'll have to start a new save as the achievement only triggers during his intro speech.

Kyme's Final Note
This one is earned at the end of the credits. If you've already beat the game, you'll need to fight Redd again.