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Patch Notes v1.0.7

Fixed two places where players commonly got stuck.

The Grand Thief's sun and moon clues
When working to discover the meaning of the clues, the game forces players to go do something else to trigger the next scene. This caused players who did everything else in the game to get stuck.

There are now 3 ways to progress the story.
  • Complete 5 points of "progress" by doing other things, then chat with the party 3 times on the topic
  • Complete 10 points of "progress" by doing other things, and ignore the party chat
  • Find the sun and moon on your own, then talk to the harpy to trigger a bonus scene

After completing any of these, Cyl will be outside Kyme's house with drugs.

The magic show
Watching the magic show takes players to a magical forest, which you can't leave without beating a boss. Players who were unable to beat the boss ended up stuck in the forest.

After losing to the boss, there is now extra dialog guiding players back to the healing spring within the forest. Additionally, the spring now fully heals the party (HP/MP/revive) instead of just HP.

When retrying the battle, there is now an option to let Emith give an inspirational speech which crushes enemy morale and drops their HP in half. It also adds +75 defense buff to the party and -75 damage buff to enemies.


Misaos 2021

There's 3 weeks left in the year to nominate games for Misao awards. Much appreciation to anyone who clicks the Nominate button on the game profile :)

It's been a longstanding goal of mine to actually release this game, and I'm thrilled to have been able to publish the finished game this year.

Have a great end to 2021 everyone ;)


Patch Notes v1.0.6

Bug Fixes
  • The C key will jump even if it hasn't been bound using F1 (also works during the music minigame)
  • One of the rooms in Lamia's Lair no longer teleports you into a wall
  • Text for the buff tutorial now fits on the screen
  • Rio does a better job of centering himself before dancing
  • Meeting Ryoma from his left side no longer breaks the game


Patch Notes v1.0.5

Bug fixes
  • Obsessive Slither is now less obsessive (won't cause an infinite loop against invincible party members)
  • Reaper's Cloak now actually adds Poison
  • Mint Julep now revives dead party members, rather than healing living members
  • Fixed some typos
  • The crow in the beehive no longer changes graphics when talking to him
  • All monsters in First Dawn will properly reset when visiting the area again, and the dungeon skit won't repeat
  • Counter attacks now consume Opening Strike


Patch Notes v1.0.4

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a crash in the Cerulean Tournament where the next round of enemies would occasionally not spawn
  • Made it easier to unlock the next step in certain quests near the end of the game


Patch Notes v1.0.3

Fixed a "Demon Claw Swamp" crash on maps that aren't part of Demon Claw Swamp.

If you have an older save that is affected by this crash, enter Kyme's house to fix the game state.

Most saves will be unaffected, unless you performed a specific sequence of events involving Demon Claw Swamp and the Realm of the Dead.


Patch Notes v1.0.2

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where using Tree Lover or Simple Lawn as your yard would cause the cutscene with Rodolf and Kyme to get stuck
  • Fixed a crash when shopping for Petrified Wood in Vladio's shop

Keep the bug reports coming :)


Patch Notes v1.0.1

Bug reports are in and the first patch is here.

Bug fixes
  • Fixed a crash during the first battle when viewing certain Battle Tips

If you're already past the first battle, you don't need the patch, as only the intro battle has the crash.


Notes From Province is here! Full game is up for download

It's been a long journey building this game, but we're finally here. The full game is up for download :)

Thank you to everyone who commented, subscribed, and played the demo. The support I've received has been the major motivator to complete this game.

You can download directly from RMN, or on itch.io. The itch.io version lets people who donate unlock a bonus Notes from the Developer e-booklet, containing descriptions of cut storylines, behind the scenes trivia, and random ramblings from the Developer.

Game Design

Releasing a game in 2021

It's been a decade since I released a game. How are indie titles released in 2021? No idea.

The proper way is probably by having a strong social media presence. I only post on RMN. So bit of a failure on that end. Hopefully some people will find my game.

(also if you know any indie communities that are actually friendly towards RPG Maker games with RTP graphics, let me know)

I plan to release Notes From Province on itch.io. There seems to be a decent RPG Maker community there. And the platform has a nice feature where the game can be released for free, and people can donate to receive a bonus download. I'm working on an e-booklet containing behind-the-scenes trivia and random developer ramblings for anyone into the game enough to donate.

My last game actually released to some fanfare. People were telling me they were smashing F5, refreshing the page waiting for the download to show up. Notes From Province full version will be out sometime in the next few days, so please smash F5 if interested.

What's next for me?
If you hate my games, I have bad news: I plan to release more.

There's two unfinished games I have lying around that each have 2 hours of decent gameplay. One is like a bad, RPG Maker version of Oblivion, and the other is a procedural dungeon crawler. Add a bit of polish and some finishing touches, and the games should be good to go.

Lately, I've been playing around with Unreal Engine and Unity. I ended up taking to Unity more and will try making a game with the engine. Probably a game like Dego, but 3D and sci-fi with robots.

What's next for you?

Hopefully downloading and playing Notes From Province when the release drops.
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