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Patch Notes v1.1.5


  • Black Powder now correctly does 200 damage on critical hits
  • Fixed a crash and other wacky behaviors that happened during tournaments, if you had previously failed the tournament but not yet reloaded the game
  • Rat Man will no longer crash the game when confused and fully charged
  • Obsessive Slither is now less obsessive (won't cause an infinite loop when up against taunt/cover)
  • Zombies now only revive other Zombies in tournament matches
  • The Sanctuary skill is now disabled in Challenge Battles that don't allow Invincible
  • Kyme can no longer walk through the walls of Bree Tree Ruins

  • Fixed an issue where the rocks in Lamia's Lair can get permanently stuck. Stuck rocks will now reset when leaving the central room
  • Rick has overcome his shyness and will now properly flirt with Rachelle, even after Kyme has already talked to her about the Grand Thief
  • Fixed a crash in the VP and General Store, caused by the first party member having an unused extra accessory slot earned through a passive skill
  • Fixed a crash when unequiping multiple Belt Pouches
  • Fixed an issue where the BGS volume setting didn't affect the sound of rain
  • Sever Artery now properly applies Bleed and extra ticks of Bleed damage when used during Counter

Patch Notes

Patch Notes


Major Update! New items, more furniture, combat updates, Steam support

This update focuses on player feedback and Steam support. Visit the Steam page to add the game to your library. Still completely free.

v1.1.0 Patch Notes

  • Improved quality of life on the Music Heart item
  • Added an option to put all remaining Music Notes into a single stat
  • Pressing the cancel button when adding Music Notes goes back to the main Music Heart menu
  • Removed the "Use them wisely!" text from the dynamite puzzle room. It incorrectly implied you can never get more dynamite

Bug Fixes
  • "Recover Sita's memory" todo is now marked complete once you find her memory
  • Missing "Confront Redd" todo is properly added
  • Fixed an issue where the Regular Bed would always be for sale if you've already added it to the Furniture Catalog, but didn't have it or the King Bed placed in Kyme's house
  • The Lich's charge attack can no longer kill characters who are Invincible
  • Damage taken from Alrick's Counter skill properly triggers "on damage", "on death", and "on evade" effects
  • Fixed an issue where Kyme wasn't saying his dialog at the start of the Alrick battle

New Furniture
  • Two new furniture items, a fireplace and an exquisite cake, have been added to Aislinn's shop
  • For those who had 100% furniture completion before the update, the two new items are guaranteed to appear in the store the next day
  • A new furniture book, Vladio's Knickknacks, has been added
  • Vladio will sell the new book in his store about 1/3 through the game
  • The book unlocks 5 new pieces of furniture based on the items on display in the General Store
  • Rodolf now gives +1 point for having at least 4 toys in a single room

New Items
  • Two new Prayers Beads have been added
  • One of each bead can be purchased from Father Gespucci for 1000 gold
  • Purification Bead: Heal Others also removes a random condition from targets
  • Sanctuary Bead: Gives the Sanctuary skill, which adds Invincible to all party members

Balance Updates
  • Sever Artery: Instead of doing +25% damage to already bleeding foes, it now deals an extra tick of Bleed damage

  • Crit chance bonus from Jump Front Kick increased from 1% to 5%
  • Crit chance bonus from Critical Artist increased from 1% to 3%

  • Death Blossom: Changed from 5 random targets to a single target 5 times

  • Borrowed Blood (Brave Wind): Instead of only Umbra and Brave Wind gaining critical hits, now all party members do

  • Quartz Gem: Crit chance bonus increased from 5% to 35%
  • Lady Luck: Crit chance bonus increased from 3% to 7%, evade chance bonus increased from 5% to 7%
  • Chronomancer's Ring: AGI stat increased from 18 to 100
  • Gloves of the Swordsman: Now also gives +10% PATK
  • Flame Seer's Headband: Added resist freeze
  • King's Gauntlet: Now also gives +75% ATK buff on battle start
  • Black Powder: Damage increased from 100 to 200

Steam Achievements
  • 11 Steam Achievements have been added
  • For copying an existing save to Steam, and retroactively earning the achievements, please see the Steam Achievement Guide


Notes From Province is coming to Steam!

Visit the brand new, electrifying, stunning, wondrous Steam Page.

So even though the game is complete, Steam forces you to have the page up for 2 weeks before putting a download.

The plan is to use that time to implement player feedback and attempt to add Steam Achievements. The achievements will be done in such a way that if you've already completed the game, you can copy your save file over to Steam and unlock everything.

Expect a major update, featuring new items, more furniture, and balance changes.

Also, shameless plug to join the Discord.


New discord + new game

Notes From Province server officially exists! Join the community.

Come ask questions about solving puzzles and beating battles. Or if you've already beaten the game, come join and help other players out.

New Game - My Infamous Dungeon
Technically it's a prototype of a new game. The game's a tactical, card-based dungeon builder. It started as a recreation of the King's Gauntlet minigame from NFP, then as I was iterating, it kinda turned into a card game. Give it a shot and tell me what you think. The game's still at an early stage, with a lot of room for change, but the basic idea is there.

Check out the game page

What's next for Notes From Province?
A lot of good player feedback has been piling up. I've been busy getting the new game prototype out, but hoping to switch back here and add that feedback into the game. Expect an update, though at this point, I may end up pairing it with a Steam release.


Patch Notes v1.0.7

Fixed two places where players commonly got stuck.

The Grand Thief's sun and moon clues
When working to discover the meaning of the clues, the game forces players to go do something else to trigger the next scene. This caused players who did everything else in the game to get stuck.

There are now 3 ways to progress the story.
  • Complete 5 points of "progress" by doing other things, then chat with the party 3 times on the topic
  • Complete 10 points of "progress" by doing other things, and ignore the party chat
  • Find the sun and moon on your own, then talk to the harpy to trigger a bonus scene

After completing any of these, Cyl will be outside Kyme's house with drugs.

The magic show
Watching the magic show takes players to a magical forest, which you can't leave without beating a boss. Players who were unable to beat the boss ended up stuck in the forest.

After losing to the boss, there is now extra dialog guiding players back to the healing spring within the forest. Additionally, the spring now fully heals the party (HP/MP/revive) instead of just HP.

When retrying the battle, there is now an option to let Emith give an inspirational speech which crushes enemy morale and drops their HP in half. It also adds +75 defense buff to the party and -75 damage buff to enemies.


Misaos 2021

There's 3 weeks left in the year to nominate games for Misao awards. Much appreciation to anyone who clicks the Nominate button on the game profile :)

It's been a longstanding goal of mine to actually release this game, and I'm thrilled to have been able to publish the finished game this year.

Have a great end to 2021 everyone ;)


Patch Notes v1.0.6

Bug Fixes
  • The C key will jump even if it hasn't been bound using F1 (also works during the music minigame)
  • One of the rooms in Lamia's Lair no longer teleports you into a wall
  • Text for the buff tutorial now fits on the screen
  • Rio does a better job of centering himself before dancing
  • Meeting Ryoma from his left side no longer breaks the game


Patch Notes v1.0.5

Bug fixes
  • Obsessive Slither is now less obsessive (won't cause an infinite loop against invincible party members)
  • Reaper's Cloak now actually adds Poison
  • Mint Julep now revives dead party members, rather than healing living members
  • Fixed some typos
  • The crow in the beehive no longer changes graphics when talking to him
  • All monsters in First Dawn will properly reset when visiting the area again, and the dungeon skit won't repeat
  • Counter attacks now consume Opening Strike


Patch Notes v1.0.4

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a crash in the Cerulean Tournament where the next round of enemies would occasionally not spawn
  • Made it easier to unlock the next step in certain quests near the end of the game


Patch Notes v1.0.3

Fixed a "Demon Claw Swamp" crash on maps that aren't part of Demon Claw Swamp.

If you have an older save that is affected by this crash, enter Kyme's house to fix the game state.

Most saves will be unaffected, unless you performed a specific sequence of events involving Demon Claw Swamp and the Realm of the Dead.
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