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Patch Notes v1.0.7

Fixed two places where players commonly got stuck.

The Grand Thief's sun and moon clues
When working to discover the meaning of the clues, the game forces players to go do something else to trigger the next scene. This caused players who did everything else in the game to get stuck.

There are now 3 ways to progress the story.
  • Complete 5 points of "progress" by doing other things, then chat with the party 3 times on the topic
  • Complete 10 points of "progress" by doing other things, and ignore the party chat
  • Find the sun and moon on your own, then talk to the harpy to trigger a bonus scene

After completing any of these, Cyl will be outside Kyme's house with drugs.

The magic show
Watching the magic show takes players to a magical forest, which you can't leave without beating a boss. Players who were unable to beat the boss ended up stuck in the forest.

After losing to the boss, there is now extra dialog guiding players back to the healing spring within the forest. Additionally, the spring now fully heals the party (HP/MP/revive) instead of just HP.

When retrying the battle, there is now an option to let Emith give an inspirational speech which crushes enemy morale and drops their HP in half. It also adds +75 defense buff to the party and -75 damage buff to enemies.