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Let's Play: Chronicles - Fate of a Princess (Parts 3 & 4)

Do you have any idea how many soldiers I've already smited on my way here? What makes you think a few more are going to save you?

Your right. And, I'm pretty sure it's going to find your sorry carcass when it gets here!

1) It's possible for the final boss to accidentally kill itself.

2) There is a minor typo in the description for the Multi Attack.

3) Bards as a class seem a bit broken at higher levels. Mostly because you can easily set yourself up to cast hyper on the party and then follow it up with song of regeneration and song of vigilance in order to reduce the amount of damage Nightmare can deal out to almost nothing.

4) It seems a bit odd that the princess tells Felguard in the epilogue that she needs to grab her sword. After all, she can play as many different classes and not all of them can equip a sword. In fact, my princess was dual-wielding scissors in the final area of the game.

5) It seems a bit unusual that your free to name so many characters in this game. Especially when the game is meant to be very character driven. In fact, I sort of ruined one of the more touching moments in the epilogue since I named the prince Jackass.