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One Small Blog: Skills.

I figured I'd get this going with a blog as I inch closer and closer to release.

One Small Favor, as you can tell from the description, is intended to be a hard game. I'd like to take a moment, and let you all know that these characters you play with are not very good fighters. You will get frustrated with them. You'll get angry when you see the words "Miss!" pop up on the screen. I'm forewarning you: it's intentional. They're not great fighters.

They are, however, adventurers, and adventurers need a certain set of Skills, which is what I'm going to be briefly discussing.

Tell me about these Skills.

Each character has their own unique skills that no other characters have. You start with eight characters, so that says quite a bit. Some of these characters, however, may be similar to others. For example, there's two Hero-types, two Fighter-types, two Caster-types, two-Thief types. Does this mean one will play like the other? Not at all. While there will be similarities, each one is unique. This is mechanically designed, of course, to alleviate the pain should you happen to lose one or two of them.

Nevertheless, Skills range from Buffs to Debuffs, to magically and physically inflicted ailments. There are also some heals too, yet it's best you invest in items found scattered around the environment.

Wait, Classes?

Despite my use of the word, this is not a class-based game. You won't be swapping jobs or anything like that. Rather, each character has their own class. The character Eglan, who is mentioned in the game's description, is a Hero type. This means that as he levels up, he'll gain access to skills that fit what is typical of a Hero class. He'll have skills such as a buff, some damage (physical and magical), as well as a heal.

The classes in this game are rather atypical. Your casters won't have a spread of "Fire 1, Fire 2, Fire 3 and Fire All". Rather, your casters will be able to manipulate some magical spells which damage and can inflict an ailment on the enemy. The casters of this game, though similar in theme, are quite different in their abilities and approach. It is this unique-yet-similar approach that I am focusing on, so that as you play the game and unlock more skills, you'll eventually start to pick favorite characters.


Each character has a passive ability. This is natural to them, and allows them to do something that no other character is able. While most of these passives are combat related, there's a couple that are out-of-combat passives. I don't want to say too much about these. Instead, I'll let you discover what they are for yourself.

I hope you're looking forward to the game! I plan to release it at the end of this month. It is currently finished, and is in the post-production state. If you are interested in being a play tester, please let me know. It's only a couple hours long, at the most.