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Keepin' the dream alive...

  • Liberty
  • 04/04/2009 09:10 PM
Yeah, so I'm working on DC again - sort of as a break for when I get annoyed/tired of RealmS. Never fear, though, I'm still working on RealmS - just taking breaks here and there.

As for what I've done so far? Well, I'm working on the graphics side of scrolls/bombs, making a few more edits to the chipsets and thinking about giving a bit more detail to the sprites, though I'm still thinking about that.

I've also started to put the second floor together properly. I hope to have at least the third floor done by the next RS!D, though don't count on a release at that time. I may just wait to finish it before releasing another demo.

So, just to let those watching know it's back in the works.