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A renowned explorer who has been hired by the Sanctus to join a group in exploring the Helkar ruins.

Commander Emile Rettell
Once a Private, she rocketed to Commandership after her part in finding and securing the ruins.

Alise Trenaou
The daughter of a bankrupt Noble.

Chase Ventola
Well known in all the wrong circles as a resourceful and able thief.

Crysta Kayes
A soft-spoken mage.

Denuel Trenaou
The son and inheritor of a bankrupt Nobility.

Fenril Etensi val Keeris at Vetrello
A foppish Noble with a flair for the dramatic.

Kerrin Margette al Tilth
Once a soldier in the Eastern Rebellion.

Koel Jarnette et Torth
Not much is known about this wandering swordsman.

Laurel Gillwitch
A fen-dweller turned Magus.

Malia Yutell
A rather unknown woman of eastern origin.

Marcell Gen
An older soldier who is almost ready to retire.

Sonja Hothell-Tesht
A mage who went to the Arcanae.

Urissa Garlis Tea Maruu Gikette
A soldier for hire and known bounty hunter.

The awesome facesets were done by alterego! ^.^ Thanks a lot man!


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"Fenril Etensi val Keeris at Vetrello" and "Urissa Garlis Tea Maruu Gikette" are the most awesome names I've ever heard. ;P
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