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BlueSkies is an RPG game made with RPG maker 2003 featuring an emotionally driven classical RPG atmosphere and an immersive world and plot that you can enjoy!! Follow the tale of Skye and his friends putting an end to a destructive force that threatens the world of "Vyen". As the battle between the humans and celestial beings are far from over.

- Fun and colorful story, dialogues and characters.
- Immersive soul capturing plot events.
- Decent Battle difficulties, beginner friendly, as well as
interactive enough for expert gamers.
- Side quests and hidden quests that allows you to
acquire items, money or even summons!!
- Nostalgic RPG music for your ears' memoirs.
- Puzzles with a mix of poetic riddles to ignite that curiousity!
- Explore the fantasy world of Vyen, the continents.. and learn their mysteries!

- Gozaru for the facesets
- Chaos-portal for some pics used
- KHinsider.com for the midi's I used ingame
- MetalRenard for helping me with my writing
- Lightness for a minor face recolor
- VIPRPG for the costum RTP based charsets

Latest Blog

Added Guide page for Hidden stuff in the game!

Hi guys!! It's already been almost two months since the completion of BlueSkies!! So I updated my game page with a new Guide section for many of the hidden stuff in the game!! be it: hidden quests, items or skills/summons!

But note that the hidden things are only accessible once you're already at the "free-roaming" stage in the game.. see the Guide sections itself for further infos! :D


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Hello Dragol! haha!! I can see why you're able to say that! as it is indeed made mostly with the RM2k3 RTP! :) still, I am hoping that you enjoy the game once you play it!! xD

Thanks so much!! xDD
The TM is for Totally Magical.
Dragol, it's very well done. There are some mapping issues, but the pace and style goes very well together. I'm writing a review. I should finish it tomorrow. Give it a read and see if this isn't something you might be interested in.
Hi pianotm!! and wow! that really gladdens me so much!!

Thankyou so much for taking the time to play and write a review with your own thoughts of the game!! it really is such an honor and I'm very happy!! ^_^
Hey looks cool I'll check it out starmage
Hi fearful!! Thankyou so much for the kind words!! I hope you enjoy the game!! ^^
I just completed Blue Skies. Thanks for developing an entertaining RPG.

Things I especially liked:

Talking "save points"

Cutscenes for story und character development

(Mostly) updated dialogue in towns after events

No minigames (I really hate them in RPGs)

Hopefully, I can return the favor a bit by offering - mainly nitpicking - improvement suggestions.

Things that could be improved (in no particular order):

There shouldn't be the need to install a RPG maker game.

Nowadays turn-based RPGs need an automatic wait function in my opinion. Battles aren't action-packed just because you have to press a button to activate the wait function.

The player should be able to save everywhere. Only being able to save at certain points doesn't make the game more difficult, it only adds to frustration. It's not a big deal, though, because the game is relatively easy and doesn't "feature" instant death situations.

Except when Fidel is under attack: It's frustrating that engaging the soldiers blocking the exits means "instant death" without warning. I was careless and lost a bit of progress that way.

It would be a good idea to let a native English speaker proofread the entire script. That's even more important for a non-native English speaker (I'm one myself, and I'm still terribly insecure even after 20 years of high-level practice and still make a lot of stupid mistakes).

The "lag" between screen transitions really tests my patience. The same is true for the "lag" before environmental effects take place. Maybe it's RPG Maker 2003's fault, but something like that never caught my eye in other RPG Maker 2003 games.

Dungeons are too short.

It's confusing that the order of battle commands is not the same for all characters, resulting in quite a few "misclicks".

Too many
party lineup changes
for my taste

The game doesn't
unequip leaving party members
. That wouldn't be a great problem if there wasn't
only one well-hidden accessory "store" late in the game

Battles don't yield enough money. Likewise, the game discourages the player from using items because they're totally overpriced. Therefore, it comes down to resource management, i.e. fighting while not using items - which can be nerve-racking. Consequently, there's no "economic" opportunity to heal up before boss fights (at least in the beginning before Pocket Shelters become available).

Furthermore, endgame equipment is way too expensive. I could afford the best endgame equipment after grinding in the Astral Sphere until level 66. At that time, I didn't really need it anymore. Considering the expensive endgame equipment, it's not a good game design decision to constantly tempt the player to make bad business decisions (e.g. purchasing stat-raising items). It also would have been a good idea in this regard to include a secret optional superboss for high-level parties (if there is one, I didn't find it).

There should be someone in the late game who sells shields (I sold all shields under the wrong assumption that all or at least the best swords would be two-handed). Though the shields were pretty useless, anyway.

It would be nice if (regular) enemies would drop (more often) items like potions from time to time.

The lack of defensive pieces of equipment at the beginning is irritating.

There are no other things to discover than treasure chests (no hidden items in bookshelves etc.).

"Empty" direction signs are kind of pointless.

Locked houses in cities that don't have any purpose shouldn't be included.

(Possible) bugs:

One enemy in the Quas Ruins (E part) doesn't disappear after having been beaten (it's always a preemptive battle - maybe it was left there on purpose for leveling?).

trap treasure chests
can be fought repeatedly. Could be intentional, though.

The Grand Staff of Old makes a second appearance in the Xmeil vendor's list. Fortunately, both versions are equally strong (and pricey).

Additional things that could be mentioned in the guide section:

Former Fidel pub owner sells all accessories in N part of Sylph Forest (only place from a certain point on in the game)

Old lady in Fidel inn sells all stat raising items (only place from a certain point on in the game)

To prevent confusion: The side quests for acquiring the summons "Zermo" und "Lianna" can't be completed before finishing the Xmeilian Lab story quest.

The Glowing Eyes needed for the Glass Robe can also be found/dropped by monsters in the Forest of Devotion (not only in Amanda Woods). Admittedly: There's no point in obtaining the Glass Robe anymore after the Forest of Devotion when the Saint Robe becomes available.

Don't let my nitpicking discourage you. Thanks again for your entertaining game. I look forward to playing Blue Skies 2 as soon as it is completed.
Hi Euphonia!! firstly, I don't know where to begin from your post, because I am highly overwhelmed with your review and how you've really finished the entire game all throughout and discovered all the things that BlueSkies have in store for you!! I just wanna say, Thank you so much Euphonia!! THis really means alot to me!! your extremely detailed feedback are very much welcome and I find them very helpful as always for my future game-making experiences!! xD

As I've noticed too, alot of you have already pointed out the way Healings (Skye spells and item) tend to become very in-adept in the game because of how sometimes they don't heal much or items are too expensive! But I will be sure to keep those in mind in the future, as well as all of the issues you have mentioned above!! :D

Oh!! And I will be sure to add those other stuff you mentioned in the guide too, I forgot to do so! Thanks so much for reminding me Euphonia!!

Again, I'm very happy that you finished the game and took all your time to make a detailed feedback of it!! :D xD
I liked the game very much though there are switches missing in the last screens
Hello fifacv! Thanks so much for dropping by!! I'm glad you liked the game!!

Hmm, switches?? you mean in the screeshots?? hmm, what particular switch do you mean fifacv! :)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the rest of the game! xDD
i'm playing the "complete" version right now, and i'm getting zero music (quite a ways in game and still nothing) anybody else having this issue?
nice music at the start from final fantasy 8 is it
Probably too late to ask, but, went to mayor after going to the bridge and he just keeps repeating the same drivel about paperwork.
Hello dnel57! Sorry for the very late reply, I just noticed your post. X(( My bad! Anyway, have you tried talking to the two guards at Dahlia Bridge? Cause they should trigger the event of the Mayor asking Skye to fetch some Ink at Quas Ruins. :)
Hi, I'm super late to this game!! I just started playing this and I'm at the point where I have completed the all requests in Fidel City. But I'm not sure where I'm supposed to go next...
I tried going north to the snow mountains but it says it's not time to go there yet.
I tried going east past the way that Caleb came from but I cannot go that way either..
I went to the Shrine of Vyena but there's a character that just says to leave them alone..
Am I supposed to get an Arc Stone and try to teleport from the tower?? If yes then I'm not sure where to get the first arc stone.. I looked at the guide but I did not understand where the first location was at all! The Fidel Underground Passage? Is it in Fidel City? I dont remember seeing any underground passages in the city at all...

I'm currently controlling Skye and his party if that helps..
Please Help!
Hi, you can proceed with the storyline in Fidel City by sleeping at the INN :) Hope that helps and thanks so much for playing ^_^
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