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Long after the universe was created, it was expanded by a supreme being, unknown. Worlds within worlds formed as thousands of galaxies took shape. Within this vastness, a very beautiful world was created; a virgin paradise pulsating the light of innocence, as it unfolded before the stars. Planet "Vyen" is a pure world filled with the mysteries of serenity and complete harmony. As humanity and life formed, they began to spread and multiply. It was all light, beauty and pure... until man began to expand their awareness, their knowledge.

Though some ascended to a higher form of conscious thought; using their knowledge for the betterment of oneself and finding peace within; others have fallen into the abyss of greed and corruption leading to a desire and thirst for power, giving birth to evil as we know it. By then, the once pure world was tainted. Wars have been sought, and leaders entered bloody battles to divide and conquer.

Celestial beings neighboring the planet were worried, for, if humanity were to destroy itself, the balance of the universe would be affected greatly. The Celestial beings then visited the planet in the form of man, trying to make a change. However, all was too late as the only glimmering hope the Celestials were clinging to, was Love. A bond which connects two completely different bodies, two completely opposing forces.

As they held this new found hope in their hands, a new horizon was born... For now.

The story revolves around a young boy named "Skye" who lives at a small village called Suna. he is somehow strangely connected to the struggle of life and death in Planet Vyen. He journeys throughout his time with his friends as he finds more new friends... but little does he know, that truth lies in every strange prophetic dream he has. for these are keys that allow him to uncover a deeper part of his persona and entire life.