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Let's Play: Blue Skies


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Hi thesacredlobo!! WOOOWWW!!! This makes me so happy!!!! xDD :D I am so excited to watch it once I get back home to my PC!! xDD :D (it's so laggy here in my cp)

OMG!! I'll sub to your youtube! (though I still need to make a youtube acc. haha)

Thankyou so much for this thesacredlobo! I really really appreciate it that you're taking the time to play and record your playthrough with BlueSkies!! :D xDD

I hope you're enjoying btw! :)


Okay I've finished watching and wow! hahah, I actually enjoyed your playthrough!! I find your reactions to some parts of the game really funny!! xDD :D hahah!! great job too with the game! xDD :D it's always nice to see how others play BlueSkies! and not only that, I learned alot from your perspective with the game for my future projects! :)
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