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Murder Script is a project that's taken years for me to mentally develop, and now I think i'm finally ready to create the project i've always wanted to make.

=================================== Gamplay ===================================

Essentially this game is a Social Sim, very similar to the Persona series, but instead of trying to make friends or fall in love, you're instead attempting to win over other character's trust until you can bring them to your side.

The game has a day/night cycle. During the day, you can free roam and spend time with other characters, do various activities to increase one of your three stats, work a job to earn money, go shopping, and plenty more. During the night however, you assume your role as the New Kira, strategically looking over the notes you've taken on other characters planning your next move, while also using your computer to see the progress of your loyal supporters and perhaps do some research on your fellow friends to find a weakness to exploit.

The game operates on a "Suspicion" count that you can view on your computer. Starting at 100, if it reaches up to 200, you will lose and have to revert back to a save, which can only be done by gaining suspicion unless done at key moments. Your actions and words expressed during the main story events may raise or lower your suspicion, along with saying the wrong things and/or not having high enough stats when picking a certain option when spending time with other characters.

These characters can begin to suspect you, and your suspicion will slowly start to rise day by day, and it's up to you to spend more valuable days and earn their trust back, or open the Death Note and silence them before they become more of a problem then they're worth.

Once you reach a certain relationship point with a character, you can enter "Kira Mode", fading your hair and eyes to red as you make key choices trying to give them the final shove to join your cause. If successful, you will gain another "Kira", who will help you write names gaining you more followers which in turn will boost your stats.

The goal is to get to Act III with as many "Kira's" as possible, that way you can focus on stat upgrading and finding out your multiple enemy's names before they get to you first. Only balancing these multiple things with the genius that Kira requires will you fully deliver the final blow and become the God of the New World.

================================= Status 5/7/2016 =================================

The majority of the behind the scenes work for Act I is complete, mainly it simply needs to be applied to the engine along with careful consideration of multiple variables involved. You can kill any of the characters at any point in time if you choose, so plenty of time is going to be needed to make sure it'll be done correctly, but once Act I is complete I will upload a playable version for you all so you can tell me what you think!

The game is very story based, each character having a very elaborate back story and personality that you will need to pay attention to and exploit if you wish for them to join you. Because of this, I may hit "writer's block" at some points, but for Act I the character's are done in those departments, just need to focus on dialogue.

Just putting it out there that I'm fully aware I'm not the greatest mapper nor do I pretend to be. I respect the creators out there that can create jaw dropping locations, but it's not a concern of mine for the project specifically, I'm simply sticking to what I'm comfortable with and just trying to make a game that's fun and tells the story I'd love to tell. Thanks for understanding!

Thanks for reading!

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Is this game dead? I want to know cause it looks really cool.
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