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Itch.io: https://lianderson.itch.io/wooden-ocean
Gamejolt: https://gamejolt.com/games/woodenocean/259340
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TheWoodenOcean
Discord: https://discord.gg/ne8K6Qx

Embark on an open dungeon crawler full of dark atmosphere, customization, and difficult combat. Inspired by games like Dark Souls and 1980s Dragon Warrior, prepare to die... a lot. This game is not for the faint of heart.

Multiple years went into the making of this game, and multiple more will go into it. The Wooden Ocean is fully complete but will receive free Seasonal updates. The next update, Year 2, will arrive in June.

40+ hours of gameplay
500+ Spells and Techniques
800+ Weapons and Armor
Fully Connected World
Town Building
3 Difficulties

From Carbon and Oxygen we crawled from obscurity, creating meaning and mastery of ourselves. And when the final star died, and the strings with it, we created more. Now, the ultimate expression has been built, and at its center is the Ocean of Want.

HP (Health)
Straight forward for a RPG. However, there is one thing worth mentioning... natural regeneration. All your party members will constantly regenerate 10% Health, Mana, and Stamina per turn and while walking around. Also, all status effect are removed after battle. This will allow continual flow of the game.

MP (Mana)
This is the cost of all spells and some techniques. Again, pretty straight forward.

ST (Stamina)
This is the requirement for all techniques and what fundamentally separates techniques from magic. While you can have as much mana as possible, you can not increase your stamina due to it being percentage based. Instead, to increase your technique usage you must increase your stamina regeneration rate. Dexterity determines this. Each 5 points of dexterity translates to 1% increased stamina regeneration per turn. While it does not sound like much, it adds up over time so you can unleash powerful offensive and defensive weapon techniques from the 7 different weapon types in the game.

Atk (Attack)
This stat is apart of almost all weapon techniques in the game in terms of damage and helps protect against a few unique skills as well, such as overpower.

Def (Defense)
This stat protects against all weapon techniques and Earth magic. It also provides some defense against wind as well.

Dex (Dexterity)
This stat governs who goes first, second, third, etc. It also increases damage with certain techniques and increases Stamina regeneration rate as said earlier. However, if heavy equipment is worn, it is usually one of the lowest stats on the character due to weight.

Mat (Magic)
This stat governs the damage of Fire, Ice, Lightning, Dark, Arcane and half of Earth and Water damage. It also helps techqniues associated with those elements as well as provides defense against Lightning and Dark magic.

Spi (Spirit)
Spirit is your connection to the Divine. It governs the game to Light, Wind, and Water magic. It provide protection from all magic in game except Earth and provides an
extreme level of protection against other light spells.

Luk (Luck)
Luck directly affects your ability to conduct critical hits. Each point of luck translates to 1% increased to crit. (future content will add a few enemies that will use low luck to their advantage in terms of extra damage)

Tar (Target)
This determines how often you'll be attacked. The higher the number, the higher the chance. All shields grant a hidden +25% and all bows and daggers grant a hidden -10%. This can be verified in your character's detailed stat menu in game.

CD (Cooldown)
This determines how long you must wait before you can use the same spell or technique again.

WU (Warmup)
This determines how long you must wait at the start of battle before you can use a spell or technique. As of the moment, this stat is only reserved for tier 5 spells and techniques. 5 turns for techniques and 7 turns for spells.

SPH (Spell Haste)
This rare stat, while not technically shown, directly lowers your CDs and WUs. But be warned, it only affects these spells and techniques before their length is decided. This is a potentially powerful and often over looked stat.

Wgt (Weight)
While not a stat persay, it does determine how heavy an item is. Every 1 weight of an item translates to 1% loss of Dexterity.

There are 3 main characters to the game with 3 side characters. Your party size will range anywhere from 1-7 based on the situation. All characters besides the Golem and Ghost Ship share the same stat progression.

The Main Character to the game and the only one to receive 2 element choices at the start. Can equip any weapon and armor in the game. (Excluding the Golem and Ghost Ship parts)

The same as Violet except he only gets 1 element to choose from upon attainment.

The same as Alex.

Found in your Ghost Town Mine, and usable at tech level 3, he will follow your party around inside the mine as an additional member. While he does not level up through experience, he does receive AP, and can be outfitted to many weapons and magic cores in his store, as well as any accessory in the game. Also, his level is determined by the progress the engineers assigned to him. The more the engineers, and the more you let them work, the stronger he will become. The Golem has +100% Target and 50% resistance Earth and Knockdown built into him. Also, he only has 5% health and mana regeneration.

The Ghost is found by drinking a Ghost Potion from your Ghost Store. The Ghost has Dark Magic, 25% Dark Resistance and 25% Weakness to Light. He levels up normally and will be your level when you obtain him. There is but one downside if you decide to use him, and that is a 20% permanent stat reduction to your 3 main characters. (he suffers from this stat reduction as well) The Ghost can equip any weapon or armor the 3 main characters can thus effectively making it a permanent 4th party member.

Ghost Ship:
The Ghost Ship functions much like the Golem, however it is only used in the sea instead of in the mine. Ship builders improve it's level and sell it's amazing, yet expensive, equipment. The ship has a built in +200% Target, increased health, immunity to Knockdown, and +25% Water resistance and a 25% weakness to fire. The ship only has a 5% regeneration rate and is unable to accept commands.


Fire - burning
Stat: +10% Attack and Magic
Damage: Magic
Defense: Spirit
Strong against: Ice, Undead
Weak against: Fire, Ice, Water, Earth
Philosophy: With it's status effect burning, which causes a 10% magic damage over time for 3 turns, fire is the most straight forward of all the elements. High spirit or having your characters constantly wet are the only ways to defend against fire.

Ice - freezing and frozen (very low)
Stat: +10% Attack and Magic
Damage: Magic
Defense: Spirit
Strong against: Fire
Weak against: Ice, Water
Philosophy: The jack of all trades. It can randomly freeze enemies, lower their defense and dexterity, and set up defensive walls. If you do not have a staff user or Earth user on your team, at least get Ice. While it's walls are not as long in their duration, they are more powerful. Walls will become a life saver late and even mid game. A tank with a shield can only do so much, especially on Nightmare.

Lightning - Paralysis (low)
Stat: +10% Dexterity and Luck
Damage: Magic
Defense: Spirit and Magic
Strong against: Water, Mechanical, Giant
Weak against: Water, Earth
Philosophy: Lightning is special in that, besides Dark magic, the magic stat also protects against it. Since it must deal with two defenses, it´s damage is naturally increased and even more so it´s default route due to it having a random enenmy target. Great for bosses and amazing with buffs. Mixed with it's high rate of paralysis, twice of that of Ice's frozen, and doubled more so if the target is wet, this is a powerful element to have in your arsenal if used properly.

Earth - Knockdown (high)
Stat: +10% Defense
Damage: Magic and Defense
Defense: Defense
Strong against: Fire, Ice, Lightning, Undead
Weak against: Earth
Philosophy: Earth is another truly unique element. It is the only element in the entire game that is exclusively defended against the defense stat. Both spirit and magic are completely useless in it's damage reduction. Also, it is the only element to incorporate defense into it's damage formulas, so it's a great element to have for a heavy tank. That said, it is not known for it's damage, nor does it have any special status effects besides knockdown. It does comes with good physical walls and a decent heal.

Wind - Knockdown (medium)
Stat: +10% Dexterity and Luck
Damage: Magic and Dexterity
Defense: Spirit and Defense
Strong against: Flying
Weak against: Earth, Wind
Philosophy: Due to few enemies being weak to wind, and it being light weight dependant, Wind is often over looked. But if you manage to weaken an enemies
spirit and/or defense, as well have a decent set up, you will see it's multi-attack damage capabilities be put to work. Like the daggers, it has the ability to be one the highest DPS in the game, provided the enemy's defenses are low. Wind also boasts powerful party heals and life regens, perhaps some of the best in the game, as well as the only cure to Mana Stop and Stamina Drain through all of em.

Water - Knockdown (low) and Dispel
Stat: +10% Mana
Damage: Magic and Spirit
Defense: Spirit
Strong against: Fire, Lightning, Earth, Mechanical
Weak against: Ice, Water
Philosophy: Besides Earth, water is the only way to remove negative fire effects on your team and is the only element that can wash away most buffs on enemies. Water boasts a unique status removing team heal, a revival spell down the road, and has the the only mana increasing buffs in the game. Water is great for Staff users or when facing off against monsters that deliver many ailments.

Holy - Dispels Curses
Stat: +10% Spirit
Damage: Spirit
Defense: Spirit (high)
Strong against: Dark
Weak against: Holy
Philosophy: While most elements sacrifice 1 spell route for healing, Holy magic sacrifices 3. Also, it's unique in that its one and only way to attack, besides its ultimate, is its default spell route. This attack is the only default spell route with an AOE built into it as well as being the most highly dependent on the target's spirit. To some enemies it will do great damage, while to others it will do next to none. Another thing worth noting is that it's debuff route, pacify, also does no damage. However, this almost insignificant move can provide a life or death advantage against certain late game enemies.

Dark - Curse
Stat: +10% Attack and Magic
Damage: Magic
Defense: Magic and Spirit
Strong against: Holy
Weak against: Dark
Philosophy: While many enemies in the game are resistant to dark magic, especially those in the beginning, there are later areas where it will wreck havoc on all it comes across. The most unique feature about Dark is that it applies a spirit reducing debuff on all of it's attacks. This debuff elemental, which lasts longer than all the other built in one, can only be removed by Holy magic and is a great way to soften up an enemy to more attacks or to weaken a Holy enemies capability even more. Mixed with a powerful and unique tier 2 buff and the strongest DoT spells in the game, Dark is a great element to bring to the table.

Stat: N/A
Damage: Magic
Defense: Spirit
Strong against: None
Weak against: None
Philosophy: Arcane is the non-elemental magic built into all staffs. It contains powerful walls and simple damage dealing attacks that use stamina instead of mana. It also contains the only offensive spell in the game that is determined by your current mana. Besides that, there isn't much to say.

Stat: Attack
Philosophy: Sword skills are exclusively 1 handed with defense in mind. With tauntiing, improved guard, and 4 different elemental strikes, 1h Sword skills are a great addition to a team. It is definitely a contender against spears and staff/magic walls when deciding for party protection.

Stat: Attack
Philosophy: Greatswords may be heavy with expensive skill sets, but they boast massive damage and the natural ability to raise one's weapon for even more. Greatswords also have some of the best area of effect skills in the game, and are the only weapons with some Earth based attacks.

Stat: Attack and Dexterity
Philosophy: Daggers, like Archery, are both 2h and very dexterity dependent. Light weight is recommended for both classes to reach optimal damage output. Like Archery, Daggers have lowered threat and increased luck, making them good alternatives for mages and bomb throwers. However, unlike Archery, Daggers have twice said luck and are more focused on one enemy at a time with low stamina costs, while Archery is more versatile for one or multiple targets with medium stamina costs. Daggers also have the only physical dark and water based attacks in the game as well as unique defensive ability called smoke that affects the whole party.

Stat: Attack and Dexterty
Philosophy: An alternative to Daggers in many ways, Bows do great damage with medium stamina cost. While they may heavier equipment and less luck, they're the only class in the game besides spears that have the ability to pierce armor through impale.

Stat: Attack and Dexterity
Philosophy: An alternative to Swords when looking for a tank, Spears provide good protection and counter rate for the whole party.

Stat: Attack and Magic
Philosophy: Scythes are a hybrid between physical attacks and dark magic. They are a nice alternative to mages if you decide to specialize in both physical and magic or are missing a dark user to deal with holy enemies. Scythes also boast some of the best AoE attacks in the game and a powerful ability called Reap that drains twice the life from sentenced targets.

Stat: Attack or Magic or Mana
Philosophy: Staffs are more or less a 9th element called Arcane. They do non-elemental damage, provide powerful temporary walls for your team, can use gather to restore lost MP, and boast the only spells in the game that can do damage based off of your current mana. And most of all, they do this, with just your stamina. This makes them the best weapon type in the game for most spell users.

Game Design:
Leif Anderson

Stephen Elder

RPG Maker Network (Summoner of Sounds)
"The Descent"
Kevin Macleod (incompetech.com)
Liscensed under Creative Cmmons: By Attribution 3.0

Victor Sant
Casper Gaming (http://www.caspergaming.com/)
V.M of D.T
tomoaky (http://hikimoki.sakura.ne.jp/)

Patch Notes:

v2.0 Year 2

New Features:
Quest log/journal system called Memory.
Western and Eastern Ocean are now open. (full game only)
The Infinite Hotel is now explorable.
Maces are now in the game. (they have high attack, high knockdown,
armor piercing, and incorporate defense, but with heavy weight,
high stamina cost, high variance, low utility, and longer cooldowns)

Slightly increased attack gained from leveling.
Increased stamina regen from dexterity by 25%.
Strengthened Devil Forest and Blue Heart enemies.
Toxic worm boss is slightly easier.

Game is now 12$.
A few more NPCs placed throughout the game.

Latest Blog

Wooden Ocean Progress

How are you rpg maker bastards doing? Fine I assume? That's good.

What, you didn't say anything? You mean, I'm just speaking to myself? What??? No way! That's impossible!

Well, enough about you. Now, it's time for me. And more importantly, this game, hence why you're reading this.

The new update is coming along well. Tbh, I wanted to do a little more stuff, but I will not make excuses, I got a little lazy here and there. (I did a rare thing and played video games for a couple of weeks) So, I might not be adding any new side areas. Sorry to disappoint. I'll make it up to ya'll for the December update. That one will have a giant focus on mapping. Story? not so much. But mapping, by god it will have a lot.

That said, this next update does have a lot stuff. I completely revamped the experience system to where it's slower but gives more stats on level up. And on top of that, I completely rebalanced the stat system to where there will be less digits. The enemies will still be about the same strength, but with, well let's digits. I never liked it when games dropped obscene numbers. It's always felt redundant, and caused an over emphasis on stats.

Also, there's another ghost town max level graphic, and two more max mine graphics, as well as a new building for your ghost town, the barracks, where you can assign ghosts as soldiers to lower the enemy tech rate. As well help lower the enemies you fight during town raids, which the game will now have one of. If the enemies become powerful enough, a town will be attacked. If you failed to defend it in time, that town is permanently destroyed. The end. More towns will be added over time.

Anyways, good luck, and don't die too much.

P.S. I finally tagged the game as fantasy and sci-fi, which, well, it is. Spoiler alert. Physical ____________ don't build themselves you know!

Double P.S. I would reread this for typos, but I don't care. Too tired. I'll save my proof reading energy for the rest of this new chapter.
  • Completed
  • Commercial
  • lianderson
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • RPG
  • 05/10/2016 05:48 PM
  • 08/13/2017 02:16 PM
  • 06/05/2016
  • 24558
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  • 84


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Is this game complete? Ran into a 'this content is currently not in the game' north of jahan's house. Want to make sure because I prefer playing a game that's 100% complete.
Can't even start the game due to missing files. And what about this tileswap?
It's explained too complicated.
Oh the RTP is installed!
Is this game complete? Ran into a 'this content is currently not in the game' north of jahan's house. Want to make sure because I prefer playing a game that's 100% complete.

Thank you for finding that. I apologize for that bug. I´m sure there´s a few more lurking around that I don´t know of. If you find them, don´t hesitate. Luckily, there´s a way around it if you go north west of Jahan´s house.

The game is complete, but I do plan on adding more content as the months and years go by.
I`ts a very good game ,i only will tell you that when you look att the map on the wall you can``t exit the map even if you choose yes i will exit.
And when i was lonlely in my party and met
the skeleton king
suddenly two other characters showed up and talk.
Marcus and Amelia

Also you seems to have changed the character portrait(of the lead character) sometime because sometimes another character face shows up when talking.For example when you read the notes on the table :i`ll find you Marcus no matter what.
I can be more specific if you want.
Have you ever been thinking about some sort of questbook ?
And in the catacombs in their room you can walk through the wall to the left under the plant and in the right corner too.I was walking around over and around the room very long just to see if it was some secrets. (passabillity issues)
I`ts a very good game ,i only will tell you that when you look att the map on the wall you can``t exit the map even if you choose yes i will exit.
And when i was lonlely in my party and met
the skeleton king
suddenly two other characters showed up and talk.
Marcus and Amelia

Also you seems to have changed the character portrait(of the lead character) sometime because sometimes another character face shows up when talking.For example when you read the notes on the table :i`ll find you Marcus no matter what.
I can be more specific if you want.
Have you ever been thinking about some sort of questbook ?
And in the catacombs in their room you can walk through the wall to the left under the plant and in the right corner too.I was walking around over and around the room very long just to see if it was some secrets. (passabillity issues)

Thank you for pointing out those mistakes. I´ll correct them right away.

Also, I´m glad you liked the game.

As for the questbook, it´s definitely a grey area for me. I was kinda against it months ago due to the lack of quests at the time, but with you and another person bringing this up, as well as 2 more sidequests in the game as of yesterday, I think the WO would benefit from it now instead of it being unnecessary fluff.
When i was running around in the catacombs i find a
crystal and travelled to Northern Kratis,there i freeze direct beside the crystal after talking to some soldier.Crystal and music continues but not me.
Hello.Me again.
In frozen cavern when
i tried to fight the big round snow thing that guardians alot of chests this happens: script window selectable line 61 zero division Error occurred divided by 0
EDIT:A little strange thing is that if you goes south of
The infinity hotel(the bed)
you goes through a passage and if you try to go back through the passage it says:this content is currently not in the game.
I`ts a really fun and good game,soo big.It should be fun to see the maps over the game.
I feel bad for all the mistakes lol. I appreciate you guys for finding them all. (and by guys, I mostly mean you kenlan. You´re like a bug zapper. Me and my tester/room mate are gonna have talk... but ultimately it´s my fault, not his. So, me and the mirror then)

Yeah, the game is big mapping wise. (and as of today, it´s about 25% bigger with 5 new areas. As well as 24 new spells, 50 more new weapons and armor, and an extended storyline) Mapping was never something I thought I´d like. In fact, I hated it at first. But slowy, I came to love it.
Next update, I´ll shorten the demo by having it begin with the MC entering the catacombs.
Many fixes and improvements have been made these last few months. With the newest update, v1.3.1, the game is more polished and bug free than ever. And in the coming months, it will only be more so and with even more content.
I`m downloading this right now.You`re doing a great job with the updates.You really cares about the game,and the game was very good before so now with all fixes and expansions it must be great.:) .
I really hope that people gives Wodden ocean a chance.
Can i download the updates/expansions free?I really hope so.
Yeah, all the updates are free, and if the price ever raises in 2017 or 2018, you´ll be grandfathered in. To install a new version, simply extract the new one over the old and continue where you left off.

Thanks for the purchase, and I hope you enjoy the changes. (some of them were because of you)
I`m sorry but in the caves right after you open some sort of gate to the right of a pentagram:script "window selectable line 61"ZeroDivisionError occurred divided with 0. And the game crashes.
I can be one of your official testers :) (i found some passabillity issues too no biggie).I`m used to test games and i always will see and find everything,that`s why i really like this game.
You can go on and on and on,
sewers,sewers maze,hollow,caves,catacombs it`s facinating
Last time i played this for some hours i was alone all the time.
Must really missed the other two back then.
I really reccomend this game for these who likes dungeon crawlers with good fights there you can explore Alot.
A question:
in the puzzle room With statues and bookshells "poetry of bronze III how should i answer? i read the books and answer after them who shot and who dies etc ,but the gate doesn`t opens?

EDIT,it`s right when you touch an enemy just right to the rope down to the caves.I test it once again with same result.
edit2:When the woman casts Fan it says:Does a Volley
Thanks for the feedback and bugs, I´ll throw you into the credits for the January update. (Feb is gonna have a small update with a heavy focus on testing. If you´re interested, let me know)

As for the puzzle, the truth has no thieves was originally it´s hard to use something when you don´t have it. Hopefully that hint helps.
Yes i`m interested.
I have a question about swords
I found the Frog sword(2 dead and 10 HP for the last one when the "evilfrog" died.:) and it says:10 sword and staff skills .I got 2 each directly and can learn 8 sword and 6 staffskills.is it right?The Artisan Goblin sword says:2 sword and dagger skills and i got 2 swordskills and 2 dagger skills and can learn 10 sword and 8 daggerskills.I don`t know,i think something is wrong here!?

you don`t have a picture/portrait for the Golem?and now the Golem is gone from my party,why?and i put some ring on him that he disapeared with.How is everything working with the Golem?How to get in the "Golemshop" again?
Cool, I´ll have the build ready in late Jan. Nice fight btw.

That number on the sword, and this goes to all weapons and armor, is just weight. I just looked at both weapons, and they´re fine. Just a little misunderstanding mixed with most likely comparing two characters with two different sword progress.

Golem and Ghost Ship facesets are currently being worked on. Also, the Golem is only for your mines, so he´ll leave when you leave. As for the shop, just talk to him when he´s not in your party and look for the option called parts.
Sneaked in a 3rd accessory slot last night before any downloads were made. (increased enemy tech rate to balance it) The 3rd slot may crash the game for previous saves if you try equiping anything onto it, so save before you do. If you´re late game, you´re fine using just 2 accessories since the new enemy tech rate won´t do much to you, but the closer you are to early game, the more I recommend a new playthrough.

Good luck and have fun with the new build possibilities.
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