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New Trailer and December Plans

Got a new Early Access Trailer:

Also, December update is looking good. It'll bring two giant areas, one with almost 100 maps, and the other with about 160, as well as 80 new dungeons to explore, more poetry of bloods to conquer, more poetry of bronzes to solve, and a small new island that will revolve around your golem being played solo.

So, expect this update to be massive.

That said, there won't be many if any new quests. These new dungeons, and especially areas, will seem rather barren at the moment. But in the coming months, they'll become more and more fleshed out. I'm aiming for at least 50 new side quests to sink your teeth into by the end of next year.

Anyways, good luck, and don't die too much.


3.1.5 Performance and Testing

v3.1.5 Performance and Testing

New Features:
18 new dungeons added throughout the game. (these
dungeons are 3D and currently unstable, so save
before continuing too far into them. Also, both
their variations and unique rewards are missing,
so expect them to look alike for now. Looking for
feedback on their lag, stability, and size per map)

Enemies are now 20% less fearful.

Removed a frame rate script. (expect more lag on
slower computers, less lag on faster computers,
and more stability on both)


3.1.4 Performance

v3.1.4 Performance

Increased nightmare tech rate by 500.
Increased infinite nightmare tech rate by 2000.
Significantly buffed mana drain type spells.
Slighty buffed mana blast, mana missle, etc.
Doubled cost of Hope in your ghost store.
Reduced Overflow from +100% to +80%.
Buffed Lady Green by 10%.
Buffed Sand Crystal by 5%.

Closed Yamen Mansion, Frozen Ocean, and AP Island due
to them still being made. (thanks for the feedback)
Removed 3 unused scripts for improved stability and
Fixed various bugs and minor issues.


3.1.3 Balancing

v3.1.3 Balancing

Fixed bomb formulas.
Increased enemy hp by 5-10%.
Increased hard mode starting tech by 5.
Increased hard mode town defense by 4.
Increased nightmare starting tech by 10.
Increased nightmare town defense by 8.
Increased infinite nightmare starting tech by 15.
Increased infinite nightmare town defense by 12.
Increased time between town attacks by 1 tech level.
Slightly increased random loot rewards for Rakenzie.

Fixed player from starting off with Mass Bosonic Erasure.


3.1.2 Number Reduction

v3.1.2 Number Reduction

Frozen Ocean and AP Island are somewhat open. (both of these
areas are massive, but currently have little to no fights,
zero dungeons, and almost no rewards. Looking for feedback
on lag and size per map)
An auto-battle accessory is now in the Ghost Store. (it
may use tier 0 skills you don't have, which is fine for now)
100+ enemies can now drop candy. (this is extremely rare)
25+ enemies can now drop card packages. (this is rare)
15 new armors added as enemy drops.

Reduced player's base stats by 80%.
Reduced enemy stats by 75%.
Tripled stamina regen from dexterity.
Bombs and potions reduced by 75%.
Reduced luck damage of Thread by 75%.
Reduced staff's mana spells by 75%.
Reduced static equipment stats by 50-66%. (intricate
weapons only received a 25% reduction)
Card ghost encounters are now 40% more powerful.
Improved rare item drop rate for tier 0 enemies by 33%.

Fixed reward on step 2 of the ghost bar.
Stopped player from re-entering a certain basement.
Stopped a Red Temple scene from replaying itself.
Stopped golem greatswords from only giving 1h skills.
68W1O logo is now skipable.


3.1.1 Hotfix

v3.1.1 Hotfix

Improved teleportation area.
Lowered chances of black screen upon loading in.
Fixed save in Blue Heart.
Stopped a replayable scene in chapter 3. (this also
caused a small dialogue bug in chapter 4)
Fixed text to holy armor spells.


3.1 Red Temple

v3.1 Red Temple

New Features:
Chapter 5 is now open.
Yamen Field is now open.
Romantic diffculty added.
Infinite Nightmare difficulty added.
54 new spells added.
Tier 5 bombs at store level 10.
Increased max enemy tech from 70 to 120.
1 new Poetry of Blood added.
22 new books added throughout the game.

Slowed enemy tech by 5%.
Soldiers grant less military on easier modes.
Soldiers grant more military on harder modes.
Lowered encounter strength on mining camp attack from 80 to 70.
Enemy town attacks are now slightly random for each playthrough.
Unknown Force is now +30% Magic and Spirit.
Reduced Damage Reduction of Fortress from 65 to 50.
Reduced Defense of Fortress from 50% to 25%.
Increased cooldown of Fortress from 12 to 15.
Replaced Inspired with a new skill; Divine Fortress.
Smoke duration reduced from 10 to 5.
Smoke cooldown increased from 8 to 20.
Smoke now grants +10% evasion.
Nether Armor spellhaste cut in half.
Nether Armor mana penalty removed.
Redesigned Balance and Perfect Balance.
Redesigned all difficulties.
Buffed tier 2 sea monsters by 10%.

Improved prologue forestry.
Improved Katis bridge.
Centered Rakenzie screen.
Improved Succubus quest.
Slowed camera zoom speed by 10%.

Good luck, and don't die too much.


3.0.6 Misc

v3.0.6 Misc

New Features:
Improved battle backgrounds.
Created battle camera for enemies.

20% easier to run from battle.

Fixed Poetry of Paint save.


3.0.5 Hotfix

v3.0.5 Hotfix

New Features:
Autodash. (hold shift to walk)
Yamen Farm can now be destroyed or defended.
2 arena leagues added to Red Temple Arena.
5 new tiers of loot added. (tier 14 and 15 can
only be farmed deep in the Infinite Hotel)
Basic state animations for enemies.
5 mimic chests added to Eastern Ocean.

Increased Poetry of Blood penalties.
Lowered PoB encounter strength by 10-30%.
Buffed Card Ghosts to compensate.
Demon doors 2-7 buffed by 10-60%.
Demon gear buffed accordingly.
Last boss buffed by 10%.
Krakens buffed by 25%.
Krakens now drop realism shards.
Doubled realism shard drop rate in chests.
Doubled card pack drop rate in chests.
Tripled distance rate of Infinite Hotel.

Improved bush effect for grass and plants.
Removed all autoshadows.
Fixed bug that crashed Rakenzie card game.
Fixed bug that allowed chapter 2 to be skipped.
Fixed savepoints in Infinite Hotel.
Fixed hallway issue in Infinite Hotel.
Fixed certain enemies from doing incorrect damage.
Created pathway to Poetry of Blood I.
Poet of Blood easier to find in Deep Catacombs.
Removed multiple unused scripts for improved performance.
Improved some misc sprites.

Good luck, and don't die too much.

Progress Report

3.0.4 Balancing

v3.0.4 Balancing

New Features:
1 new quest added in Katis Mining Camp.
1 new quest added in Wooden Edge.
1 new quest added in Tower of Reason.
1 new quest added in Lampless.

Doubled EXP bonus from poetry of bloods.
Lowered enemy town attack strength by half.
Enemy town attack strength can not go below 25%.
Increased enemy tech cost by 10%.
Increased boss EXP by 5%.
Redesigned offensive metal magic to be defense stat only.
Buffed luck as a defense against thread magic by 50%.
Buffed thread super DoT by 33%.
Redesigned and buffed all basic attack skills.
Buffed attack growth rate. (this is significant)
Buffed defense stat in mace formulas by 20%.
All mace skills now use some defense.
Mace's slams now have a high chance to knockdown.
Mace's strike legs now has an extreme chance to knockdown.
Mace's strike chest silence reduced to 25%.
Mace's strike chest stamina cost reduced from 65 to 25.
Mace's strike chest cooldown increased from 6 to 15.
Silence reduced from 5 turns to 3.
Sternum stun chance reduced to 50%.
Sternum cooldown increased from 4 to 12.
Guarding now grants 20 stamina instead of 10.
Lowered multiplicative cost of mining by 2%.
Cancellous Plating now lowers dexterity by 25%.
Enraged enemies now have 25% stun resistance.
Lowered luck aspect of bombs by 25%.
Buffed stoic scythes by 15%.
Increased attack stat of most spears by 10-20%.
Increased attack stat of intricate weapons by 25%.
Lowered stats on star pendant and star badge by 33%.
Lowered Jester Ring's dexterity from 10 to 5.
Slightly weakened lower tier Poetry of Bloods.
Increased power level of card ghosts by 20%.
Halved alchemist reward potions.

Fast battle messages are now up an additional 15 frames.
Fixed a few saves that were extremely slow to load.
Improved Hollows Arena aesthetics.
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