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3.3.3 Dungeon Improvement

v3.3.3 Dungeon Improvement

New Features:
Completely remade the 18 3d dungeons. (while
they're no longer 3d, they have been completely
Enemies killed out in the world now slowly reduce
enemy tech rate. (reduces more if they run at you,
or are bosses/specific events)
Improved town attack formula. (every enemy level
up now weakens overall town defense, making all
playthroughs, regardless of skill level, able to
experience this feature)
7 Security Doors are now in. (these doors each
require x tech level and a divine tower signal
in order to be opened)
AP Souls are now in. (these items, currently
found in security rooms, Bronze Temple, and
Red Temple, give +1ap to a selected party member)
Added 5 more accessories to the game.

Increased starting town defense.
Halved enemy tech factor into enemy determinatonn.
(this only applies to the arena and some areas)
Halved starting art gallery rate.
Lowered starting happinesss rate by 33%.
Halved rising happiness rate needed for growth.
Family Ring now also grants +10% mana.
Buffed static MP bonus on most robes by 10-150%.
Lowered Health and Mana penalties from Coral Veins.
Increased base stats for Crest of the Prophet.

Fixed Judgement battle.
Fixed Poetry of Blood debuffs.
Fixed questlogs for new hunting contracts.


3.3.1 Town Improvement

v3.3.1 Town Improvement

Added a Motel to the Ghost Town. (shows up at town
level 3, and provides economy based on average
happiness and art level)
Added an Art Gallery to the Ghost Town. (shows up at
town level 4, and is used to permanently increase your
town's art level and happiness)
Musician now gives +1 art level.

Increased happiness from town level by 66%.
Increased happiness from tech level by 50%.
Increased happiness from store level by 50%.

Fixed loading in bug for lights and ceilings. (to
protect from a new bug, the game currently doesn't
fade out while loading or saving)
Fixed Eastern Psuedo Hell savepoint.
Fixed some Rakenzie cards.
Fixed some text.


3.3 Lost Hunters

v3.3 Lost Hunters

New Features:
Brought back original battle backgrounds. (they're
more stable than before, but still need more testing)
Added 5 more hunting contracts for Hunter's Guild.
Finished monster quest in Lampless.
Added Black Market for Lampless. (no features yet)
Small ghost bar added to Island of Sand. (will
feature a quest or two in the future)
Town economy now affects town happiness.
Store level now affects town happiness.
Zero happiness now increases crime by town's total
Town happiness is now divided by total population.
+10% to all stats for a certain character after
chapter 5. (there is no notifcation for this atm)

Lowered starting population requirement by 90%. (this
only applies to new playthroughs)
Lowered population growth rate by 66%.
Medium pace mining penalty increased from 1 to 2.
Fast paced mining penalty increased from 2 to 5.
Slightly weakened enemy breath attacks.
Slightly lowered spirit on all fates.
Counter now grants an additional +10% evasion.
Remorse now also grants +25% damage reduction.
Increased taunting on Remorse from 200% to 300%.
Increased cooldown of Spear Fortress from 12 to 16.
Doubled Apathy's side effects.
Increased strength of Carbon walls by 1 tier.
Reduced mana cost of Chemo from 10 to 4.
Reduced mana cost of Mass Chemo from 120 to 20.

Map is now zoomed out.
Fixed Divine Underground savepoint.
Fixed Blueheart savepoint.

Progress Report

Lots of Stuff

Didn't post the last 3 patches on here, because, well, I didn't want to blow up RMN's blog feed. In short, the game is now stable, and the easier modes are even easier.

Anyways, onto what I've been up to...

This area is the black market beneath the town of Lampless. It's still under development, but when it's complete, it will bring new quests, new items based on your own town's current/lifelong crime rate, and lots of Rakenzie. It can be visited later this month, but it'll be lacking a lot of its content for quite a while.

Now, onto quests. The Hunter's Guild, a generic place created over 3 years ago, is finally getting some new targets. How many you ask? Not certain yet. But it will be at least two.

Also, Lampless will bring a new sidequest as well. One involving hunting down a monster on a road. It's pretty straight forward, but it'll be a requirement for certain things in the future.

After these are done, the March update will be good to go. Chapter 6 will come in June, and from that point forward, every 3 months will be a main storyline chapter until the game's completion in June of 2021. I've worked on this game for over 6 years now, and it's time to start lowering my scope, and just getting things done.


3.2.5 and 3.2.6

v3.2.6 Stability and Balancing

New Features:
New save system is now in. (this gets rid of the save crashing.
Slot is chosen at start of game. Old saves will automatically save
onto the first slot. System is still being worked on, so it can be
strange on loading in. Just leave an area and come back to fix things.
If stuck, use the Early Access key item to teleport back to the start
of the game)
Battle Camera is back. (This script was not the source of the random
crashing before battles. Still investigating what is. Might have
something to do with player movement. 3d dungeons still randomly crash
before and after battle. If not resolved soon, 3d dungeons will lose
their 3d)

Lowered enemy attack and magic on tech levels below 60. (Change
is 1% to 25%. The lower the level, the more the reduction)
All party members, except Golem and Ghost Ship, got +10% evasion.
Significantly weakened Spider and Cursed Plant.
Slightly weakened other chapter 1 enemies.
Slightly increased exp gained in later levels.
Slightly increased odds of running from battle.
Family Ring now gives +1 to multiple stats.

Added more town info to billboard in Ghost Town.

v3.2.5 Hotfix

New Features:
Put save script back in. (WARNING: Save only in the top slot.
A one slot autosave system may be introduced in order to fix
the save crashing)

Removed battle camera for improved stability. (if battles
still crash 1% of the time while loading up, let me know)


3.2.4 Stability

v3.2.4 Stability

New Features:
Temporarily removed saving script for stability. (game can
still be loaded and saved, it just looks ugly for now)
Implemented size stats on the rest of the enemies.
Added a small ghost bar before the first boss.

Lowered health of gold puppet by half.
Increased gold dropped by gold puppet by 25%.

Compressed half of enemy battle graphics for improved
performance, stability, and file size.
Improved some dialogue in chapter 1.
Began work on Lampless hunting quest.


3.2.3 Stability

v3.2.3 Stability

New Features:
A new teleporting item, Early Access Only, is now in your
inventory. (use it only if you are stuck, and notify me if
it had to be used)
Improved AI on more enemies.
Implemented size stats on more enemies.

Lowered damage on bombs by 20-25%.
Lowered stats on intricate items by 10-20%.
Slightly buffed stats on 3d dungeon items.
2000 cast speed granted to prepare skills.
Prepare Carbon no longer halves mana cost.
Prepare Carbon now doubles healing received.
Lowered town defense on all difficulties by 2-8.
Lead Armor now protects against radiation status effects.
(the higher the quality, the higher tier that's protected)

Removed options script for better stability. (this may come back)
Removed a screen resize script for better stability.
Gameovers now occur on scripted fights. (Mercy is fully gone)
Renamed prepare skills.
Gave prepare skills status icons.
Fixed AP cost of philistine skills.


3.2.2 Stability

v3.2.2 Stability

New Features:
Improved AI on a dozen more enemies.

Increased exp rate for mid to late game by 10-60%.
Quadrupled defense bonus for Guard and Defend.

Removed Mercy Screen for stability. (gameovers are back)
Improved stability when leaving a 3d area.
Reorganized more scripts for stability.
Skipping chapter 1 now correctly increases enemy tech level/rate.


3.2.1 Improved AI part I

v3.2.1 Improved AI Part I

New Features:
Redesigned AP system. (ap is now only gained via leveling up. A
new playthrough is suggested, but not required)
Each element gained a default charging skill. (charging spells
increases two stats, accuracy, a resistance, and lowers mana cost.
requires a new playthrough for them to show up)
Improved AI for half the enemies. (other half will be improved next month)
Spirit now affects recovery.
Magic now affects mana regen.

Doubled mana cost of all spells.
Most staff skills now cost MP.
Tripled enemy tech cost. (this gives you plenty of time to do things)
Lowered town defense on all difficulties by 10. (romantic was 8)
Increased enemy health and defense by 15-60%.
Increased health, attack, and defense of most larger graphic enemies by
12 to 50%. (downgraded their ai to compensate, as well as increased exp)
All raged enemies now have a chance to do a normal attack.
All players gained +10% stamina regen.
Dexterity now gives far less stamina regen.
Lowered knockdown rate on daggers, spears, 1h swords, and bows.
Increased knockdown rate on greatswords and maces.
More physical attacks are now able to knockdown.
Increased accuracy for all party members (except ghostship) by 30%.
Increased boss exp by 25%.
Increased starting exp rate by 10%.
exp gained is now tied to your level. (the higher your level, the less
exp you get. Expect significantly slower leveling. Max level is still 999)
Guard, Sword's Defend, and Spear's Counter skill, now give a hidden +10%
accuracy for 2 turns.
Buffed Life Needle by 50%.

Reorganized scripts for better stability.
Removed new item script for better stability. (may come back)
Removed two unused scripts for better performance and stability.


3.2 Frozen Ocean

v3.2 Frozen Ocean

New Features
Current health now affects accuracy, evasion, magic evasion, counter,
taunt, and critical chance. (this applies to enemies as well)
Current stamina now affects evasion, magic evasion, and counter.
18 unique accessories added for the previous new dungeons.

Buffed enemy HP by 5-15%.
Buffed enemy defense by 3-9%.
+10% evasion to all party members except golem and ghost ship.
+20% accuracy to all party members except ghost ship. (this
accuracy buff is temporary until weapon accuracy is implemented)
Buffed angry monster from +35% to +50%.
Angry monster now heals 10% hp.
Knockdown now lowers 50% attack and defense instead of 10%.
Knockdown now lowers 75% dexterity instead of 25%.
Knockdown taunt reduced from 75% to 50%.
Tripled the taunt skills of 1h swords and spears.

Removed save confirmation script for better stability.
Improved stability for 3d dungeons. (may still be unstable
for slower computers)
Fixed exiting crystal for 3d dungeons.
Fixed Forgotten Horror dungeon.
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