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3.2.3 Stability

v3.2.3 Stability

New Features:
A new teleporting item, Early Access Only, is now in your
inventory. (use it only if you are stuck, and notify me if
it had to be used)
Improved AI on more enemies.
Implemented size stats on more enemies.

Lowered damage on bombs by 20-25%.
Lowered stats on intricate items by 10-20%.
Slightly buffed stats on 3d dungeon items.
2000 cast speed granted to prepare skills.
Prepare Carbon no longer halves mana cost.
Prepare Carbon now doubles healing received.
Lowered town defense on all difficulties by 2-8.
Lead Armor now protects against radiation status effects.
(the higher the quality, the higher tier that's protected)

Removed options script for better stability. (this may come back)
Removed a screen resize script for better stability.
Gameovers now occur on scripted fights. (Mercy is fully gone)
Renamed prepare skills.
Gave prepare skills status icons.
Fixed AP cost of philistine skills.


3.2.2 Stability

v3.2.2 Stability

New Features:
Improved AI on a dozen more enemies.

Increased exp rate for mid to late game by 10-60%.
Quadrupled defense bonus for Guard and Defend.

Removed Mercy Screen for stability. (gameovers are back)
Improved stability when leaving a 3d area.
Reorganized more scripts for stability.
Skipping chapter 1 now correctly increases enemy tech level/rate.


3.2.1 Improved AI part I

v3.2.1 Improved AI Part I

New Features:
Redesigned AP system. (ap is now only gained via leveling up. A
new playthrough is suggested, but not required)
Each element gained a default charging skill. (charging spells
increases two stats, accuracy, a resistance, and lowers mana cost.
requires a new playthrough for them to show up)
Improved AI for half the enemies. (other half will be improved next month)
Spirit now affects recovery.
Magic now affects mana regen.

Doubled mana cost of all spells.
Most staff skills now cost MP.
Tripled enemy tech cost. (this gives you plenty of time to do things)
Lowered town defense on all difficulties by 10. (romantic was 8)
Increased enemy health and defense by 15-60%.
Increased health, attack, and defense of most larger graphic enemies by
12 to 50%. (downgraded their ai to compensate, as well as increased exp)
All raged enemies now have a chance to do a normal attack.
All players gained +10% stamina regen.
Dexterity now gives far less stamina regen.
Lowered knockdown rate on daggers, spears, 1h swords, and bows.
Increased knockdown rate on greatswords and maces.
More physical attacks are now able to knockdown.
Increased accuracy for all party members (except ghostship) by 30%.
Increased boss exp by 25%.
Increased starting exp rate by 10%.
exp gained is now tied to your level. (the higher your level, the less
exp you get. Expect significantly slower leveling. Max level is still 999)
Guard, Sword's Defend, and Spear's Counter skill, now give a hidden +10%
accuracy for 2 turns.
Buffed Life Needle by 50%.

Reorganized scripts for better stability.
Removed new item script for better stability. (may come back)
Removed two unused scripts for better performance and stability.


3.2 Frozen Ocean

v3.2 Frozen Ocean

New Features
Current health now affects accuracy, evasion, magic evasion, counter,
taunt, and critical chance. (this applies to enemies as well)
Current stamina now affects evasion, magic evasion, and counter.
18 unique accessories added for the previous new dungeons.

Buffed enemy HP by 5-15%.
Buffed enemy defense by 3-9%.
+10% evasion to all party members except golem and ghost ship.
+20% accuracy to all party members except ghost ship. (this
accuracy buff is temporary until weapon accuracy is implemented)
Buffed angry monster from +35% to +50%.
Angry monster now heals 10% hp.
Knockdown now lowers 50% attack and defense instead of 10%.
Knockdown now lowers 75% dexterity instead of 25%.
Knockdown taunt reduced from 75% to 50%.
Tripled the taunt skills of 1h swords and spears.

Removed save confirmation script for better stability.
Improved stability for 3d dungeons. (may still be unstable
for slower computers)
Fixed exiting crystal for 3d dungeons.
Fixed Forgotten Horror dungeon.


New Trailer and December Plans

Got a new Early Access Trailer:

Also, December update is looking good. It'll bring two giant areas, one with almost 100 maps, and the other with about 160, as well as 80 new dungeons to explore, more poetry of bloods to conquer, more poetry of bronzes to solve, and a small new island that will revolve around your golem being played solo.

So, expect this update to be massive.

That said, there won't be many if any new quests. These new dungeons, and especially areas, will seem rather barren at the moment. But in the coming months, they'll become more and more fleshed out. I'm aiming for at least 50 new side quests to sink your teeth into by the end of next year.

Anyways, good luck, and don't die too much.


3.1.5 Performance and Testing

v3.1.5 Performance and Testing

New Features:
18 new dungeons added throughout the game. (these
dungeons are 3D and currently unstable, so save
before continuing too far into them. Also, both
their variations and unique rewards are missing,
so expect them to look alike for now. Looking for
feedback on their lag, stability, and size per map)

Enemies are now 20% less fearful.

Removed a frame rate script. (expect more lag on
slower computers, less lag on faster computers,
and more stability on both)


3.1.4 Performance

v3.1.4 Performance

Increased nightmare tech rate by 500.
Increased infinite nightmare tech rate by 2000.
Significantly buffed mana drain type spells.
Slighty buffed mana blast, mana missle, etc.
Doubled cost of Hope in your ghost store.
Reduced Overflow from +100% to +80%.
Buffed Lady Green by 10%.
Buffed Sand Crystal by 5%.

Closed Yamen Mansion, Frozen Ocean, and AP Island due
to them still being made. (thanks for the feedback)
Removed 3 unused scripts for improved stability and
Fixed various bugs and minor issues.


3.1.3 Balancing

v3.1.3 Balancing

Fixed bomb formulas.
Increased enemy hp by 5-10%.
Increased hard mode starting tech by 5.
Increased hard mode town defense by 4.
Increased nightmare starting tech by 10.
Increased nightmare town defense by 8.
Increased infinite nightmare starting tech by 15.
Increased infinite nightmare town defense by 12.
Increased time between town attacks by 1 tech level.
Slightly increased random loot rewards for Rakenzie.

Fixed player from starting off with Mass Bosonic Erasure.


3.1.2 Number Reduction

v3.1.2 Number Reduction

Frozen Ocean and AP Island are somewhat open. (both of these
areas are massive, but currently have little to no fights,
zero dungeons, and almost no rewards. Looking for feedback
on lag and size per map)
An auto-battle accessory is now in the Ghost Store. (it
may use tier 0 skills you don't have, which is fine for now)
100+ enemies can now drop candy. (this is extremely rare)
25+ enemies can now drop card packages. (this is rare)
15 new armors added as enemy drops.

Reduced player's base stats by 80%.
Reduced enemy stats by 75%.
Tripled stamina regen from dexterity.
Bombs and potions reduced by 75%.
Reduced luck damage of Thread by 75%.
Reduced staff's mana spells by 75%.
Reduced static equipment stats by 50-66%. (intricate
weapons only received a 25% reduction)
Card ghost encounters are now 40% more powerful.
Improved rare item drop rate for tier 0 enemies by 33%.

Fixed reward on step 2 of the ghost bar.
Stopped player from re-entering a certain basement.
Stopped a Red Temple scene from replaying itself.
Stopped golem greatswords from only giving 1h skills.
68W1O logo is now skipable.


3.1.1 Hotfix

v3.1.1 Hotfix

Improved teleportation area.
Lowered chances of black screen upon loading in.
Fixed save in Blue Heart.
Stopped a replayable scene in chapter 3. (this also
caused a small dialogue bug in chapter 4)
Fixed text to holy armor spells.
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