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Small Update (Version 1.2.2)

Hi :)
I just wanted to announce that I made another small update. In this I added a new tool with which you can examine a flower and find out for how many more days it will bloom to help manage your gardens. It is called „Magnifying Glass“. I also added an element to the HUD that will show what day of the week it is. If you use a save file from an older version the changes will show up at the latest after your character slept once.
I hope these new additions will make playing more enjoyable. Have fun!


Update Info Version 1.2

Hi everyone!
After a long time I uploaded an updated version of my game.
The update consists of some graphical changes, several small bug fixes, dialogue changes and corrections and so on. All in all it's a much more polished version than the last one.
Because I added a lighting plugin old save games won't work with this version. If someone really wants to use their old saves please tell me and I'll put up an alternate version that is compatible.
I'll still be very happy about any feedback I get for this game. So if you have something to share please do :) Also, if someone should finish this game I'd be really interested to know how long it took you.
I hope you have fun with this version!

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