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Let's grow some flowers!!!

Hello, players!
This time I'm here with Flowers of the Valley, a game made with RPG Maker MV by Lutra in 2018 (available in english and german), but unlike most game made with this engine, it's not an rpg or a horror adventure. It's a sort of heartwarming game that reminds to me of Harvest Moon or Stardew Valley. How do you call these? Farming sim games? Well, here it's the same but we have to plant flowers! In this valley where the amnesiac protagonist wakes up.
Anyway let's start with the story:

Our protagonist is a girl that wakes up in this valley with no memories of her past (but we can name her how we wish and in my case he was... RmkQueen!). The place is quite magical, since it's populated by cute fairies and kind witches, anyway also our heroine soon displays some magical powers linked to the flowers. Oh, and yes there is also a mysterious deity that protects the valley, called The Spring goddess, but this entity is an important part of the plot, so I am not going to explain more.

Oh yes, our main power consists in making flowers grow and bloom!

Like in most other games of this genre all start pretty simple: we'll have a single flower type and a small map to visit, but ad we progress with the story we'll be able to unlock new flowers, items, locations and powers. Like in most of games of this genre (I mentioned in fact Stardew Valley, but if you want a rpgmaker equivalent there is Flower Bubble Game!!! by LockeZ) our heroine has a limited bar that indicates how tired is she (it's the heart on the upper left of the screen, but do not worry, there is no risk of death if depleted). For this reason it will be necessary to sleep between activities, because gardening is a tiring job. Sometimes it's possible to find ways to recover during the day, for example using potions or joining the fairies in a picnic, but this can be done occasionally and sooner or later you will have to rest.

Oh yes, gardening: for most of the game we'll have to plant flowers and water them, then once they grow and bloom we can cut and sell them for some gold. Cheapest flowers take just one day to grow, the more espensive ones will instead take more (meaning that you have to water them for more days or they will wither and you will waste the money spent to buy these seeds, anyway do not worry, it's impossible to get a game over since fairies can give you some seeds for free).

A crystal? I like crystals! I can always make more gold selling flowers later!

Ok, so this seems easy isn't it? Well, there's more: as mentioned before you have to plant flowers, grow and sell them for money, BUT as long as flowers are blooming in the valley you will increase the "Power of Nature indicator" displayed on the upper left corner of the screen (it's a flower whose petals becomes colored as the power grows), necessary to remove some plants that act as roadblocks and reach new areas. Moreover the more power unlocks, and the more flower types will be available. The problem is that each day the plants grow back, so you technically need to keep that indicator as full as possible, but luckily as you progress you can unlock some shortcuts, secret passages and teleports that will made things easier... in any case you need both the Power of Nature and money, that are necessary to buy some upgrades and special keys, but in any case you don't need to find or unlock everything to complete the story.

For the rest there isn't much to say, the game is, as you can expect, quite repetitive, but consider it as a sim/puzzle adventure like the previously mentioned games, and it can be completed in about few hours, in any case you can save anytime, and in this lighthearted story you do not have to fear to be killed by some monster to take your time and enjoy the story.

For what concerns the assets the game uses a mix of Rtps, edits and handmade drawings, used mainly for the portaits of the cast (also for some icons, anyway), in any case the cute and colorful style is appropriate to the theme and atmosphere of the story. The interface is also minimal but complete, and lets us have all under control, even if you will have to open the menu in order to check all the possessions, but that's ok. The sound effects are used well, while music is calm and relaxing, perfectly fitting the mood of this game.
This is all so let's conclude this review.

Nice! This means that we unlocked another part of the valley! We're making some progress!

Final Verdict
Flowers of the Valley is a little lighthearted adventure, surely not the usual RPG Maker MV game you may expect to play, in any case it's interesting even if probably not for everyone. Exactly like Flower Bubble Game!!! for me it was strangely addictive, but hey, I'm one of those who liked a lot Stardew Valley, and I do not mind playing relaxing games where there is no real action or true challenge, for a change. This is a cute, relaxing game that's also not very long but well made and can deliver some good time. Try it if you like the genre!