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The young witch Charlotte (when she was even younger) went to a tea party with her grandmother Marilyn. There she met all the other witches in the world for the first time. However, the party was not going on very well...Would Charlotte enjoy herself and make some new friends, or would the tea party be a real mass?

There will be a prologue (which is playable in the demo) and 4 chapters. It's the prequal of Trick & Treat. You'll find more about Charlotte and her friends.

  • You'll meet nine witches, and find out their secrets...Dramas and turns of everyone.
    Original art and soundtracks to make a unique world for you to explore. (90% cuteniess, 9% darkness and occassionally blood splashes)

  • Quests, collectables and friendship. A casual combination of adventure and visual novel.

  • Be a detective and solve mysteries.

  • World peace!

  • Multiple ends, possible death, and a happy ending.

- Characters -

The protagonist.

A gentle and kind-hearted girl. An (obscure) artist.
The first friend of Charlotte.

Charlotte's grandmother. Maybe it's a little strange of a witch to get properly married and enjoy her family life.
Cheerful and loves playing tricks.


The party holder, who invited everyone. Is it really a good idea to gather all the witches under one roof...?
A very beautiful and mature lady, but don't make her angry. She is about the same age of Marilyn and they have been friends for ages.


It seemed that nobody knew her before the tea party...Why was she there?
She is a very nice and polite guest. Loves to add a spicy taste to sweets.


She was born in a village covered with snow.
Gets angry very easily, and her attack is powerful.


A sweetheart. VERY SHY. And she collects wedding dresses.


She plays puppet shows with her dolls and teddy bears.


A silent witch. She loves music, and has some fans among the girls.

Official page: http://rabbitongames.tumblr.com/

Thank you for your support! Have fun!<3
Rabbiton, 2016

Latest Blog

The Witches' Tea Party: New demo available!

There is a new Demo available for The Witches' Tea Party!

The save date of this demo can be used in the full version.
Copy the save data in www/save to the full version to continue the adventure.
It can be used in both Steam version and Light version.

The languages suppoted in the demo are:
English, Chinese, Thai, Spanish and Japanese.

To change the language, select "Option" in the title screen or menu, then choose "language" using Left and Right keys.

Thai Translation by Whateverzone
Spanish Translation by Maca Traducciones (Demo only).
Japnese Translation by Rino (Demo only)

I really should have release this earlier...Anyway, here it is!
A new demo is also updated for the new-released RPG, The Other: Airi's Adventure.

Steam Store:
The Witches' Tea Party | The Other: Airi's Adventure

Tumblr (devblog) | Twitter | Patreon
  • Completed
  • Commercial
  • RaBooks
  • RPG Maker MV
  • Adventure
  • 05/13/2016 12:29 PM
  • 08/18/2020 11:14 AM
  • 08/28/2017
  • 97326
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  • 1289


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I wanna marry ALL the boys!! And Donna is a meanc
Awww this looks adorable :D I'm definetly interested!
I'm looking forward when this game comes out! XD
Are they all female? as the characters section says...
Awww this looks adorable :D I'm definetly interested!

Awww thanks ;w;

I'm looking forward when this game comes out! XD
Are they all female? as the characters section says...

Yes, the witches (main characters) are all female. I don't think any male character will be in the game... And I don't know how players think of it ><
This looks sweet. Btw, are you a girl?
This looks sweet. Btw, are you a girl?

Thanks! And yes I am :)
Girly girl game about witches? I'm on in! Subscribed!
And your graphics looks really adorable and great.
Beta testers!? No, this game needs a goddamn exorcist!
And I didn't even notice this had an RMN page yet. *is a bad fan*

-Absolutely beautiful tiling. It's a mix of very practical and quirky.
-Yay for getting to see the other witches in colour.
-"How do you think of this place" sounds kinda strange.
-I've always said that some of the best stories are stories about people. "You'll meet nine witches, and find out their secrets." has my hopes up.
Great, a girl making such nice game deserves a sub. :D
Thank you XDDD
Not very convenient to reply on phone. I'll bring you more news and progress when I'm back! :)
I am sooo exited to play this!
I've played many rpg maker games over the years, and I have to say trick & treat was one of my favourites and am exited for a new game made by you with Charlotte as the main protagonist!
I want to play this game on halloween! with my sis :3333 we always play Rpg games together :33 its so much fun! I enjoyed Trick and treat! i loved that game! :333 i want to play this game as soon as possible! :333 btw i love your art! <3

goodluck with game! <3
I hope people can see this:
Did anyone have the problem "Uncought Error: Header is wrong"???

Some had it in the beginning, but the game works fine on my pc. I guess (hope) it's only an MV glitch??? (Mine is Windows10 btw, MV does have some weird problems on Windows7, usually they'll be gone when restart...)

Let me know if there's any problem!
Well, I can play. Just wondering where that last Oil Painting Piece is.

Found it! It was...

The Lemon Tree One!

I guess I didn't explore that area that well the first time! Ha!


So... Is "Witches Tea Party" not a typo? 'Cause otherwise, I think it would be "Witches' Tea Party" as in a Tea Party for Witches. ... Unless RMN can't display punctuation or something?


real mass -> mess

going on very well -> going very well

prequal -> prequel

cuteniess -> cuteness / cutesiness

Making you a TVTropes page: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/VideoGame/TheWitchesTeaParty
I finished playing the demo just now and I really loved it! Like in "Trick & Treat" the graphics are sooo cute and the characters sooo interesting! I hope the full version will be out soon! I really look forward for it! >u<
Beta testers!? No, this game needs a goddamn exorcist!
I hope people can see this:
Did anyone have the problem "Uncought Error: Header is wrong"???

Not here. Windows 10 though.

copy/paste my notes from playing. Both impressions and concerns mixed in.

-A few typos here and there and some of the lines just have strange English but nothing rage-inducing. If you want I'll do a sweep for typos and make you a list later if nobody else does. I'm just not going to have time today because PARTY!

-Randomized title screens are cool.

-I was going to say there's a typo in the intro's 2nd block of text but Grammarly says it's ok. *shrugs* cool.

-Oh, collectables! *predicts that his review of the finished game will be called "MWUHAHAHA I must get ALL THE PAINTING PIECES!"

-After you fix the lamp, it still says it's a broken lamp despite that it's not lit up.

-Decorating your room with themes will be fun. C'mon Charlotte, disco night club! You know you wanna! despite it being completely out of character...

-On the 2nd floor of Vanessa's room, you can walk to the right from the eye and onto the floor below. You can actually pass this space both ways.

- http://i.imgur.com/GILmfL9.png LOL. One of RM's most common problems.

-Wow. Chandeliers done right. I'll be honest, I was expecting problems with them.

-I love that you can just outright deny Mari's side quest. LOL

-Cooking and brewing minigames are very simple (maybe too simple) but also really fun.

-I love that you accounted for us making the tomato juice but not giving it to Mari. I gave her a tomato instead, hoping that Charlotte would threaten to just throw it at her.

-WOW, that ending. LOL, that epilogue.

-Bonus room makes me so hyped for the full game!

The characters have their charm but the mansion itself has a lot of charm too. There's a very nice aesthetic that stays even in the menu and other system parts. This was a good demo.
Why are most of the words that have to be capitalized in lowercase?

I got the "Uncought Error: Header is wrong"???" too when I did talk to the grey
Cat in the Kitchen.

And I have the Problem that the game does not run smoothly. It jerks and hooks all the time.
@AnimeGirl, what's your system? Are you on a Mac, Linux, what?

What words that need to be capitalized are you talking about?
Almost all words at the beginning in the garden like "Witch" and so on.

I have Win7 64Bit.
Almost all words at the beginning in the garden like "Witch"

Like, when Xaviera says "witches in this world" or "witches were nearing extinction" or "witch from the other day"? Why would that need capitalization? They're not proper nouns...


OMG. Maribell speaks about the cookies! ... Stephanie doesn't though. ... And that's the only time we see Stephanie...

Hmm... Does Renee speak in third-person 'cause its not Renee speaking, perhaps. Perhaps instead of being a puppeteer, she's a puppet... That would explain so much!
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