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Embark on a story unraveling at the world of "Vyen" and immerse into the life of a young mage/healer named "Lyrelle". She struggles during her life-time in an active series of witch-hunting; as a certain holy order seeks out to end the era of magic due to an ancient war involving the use of such arts.

Now, Lyrelle and her friends share this struggle as they try to survive an ongoing twist of unfortunate events.

BlueSkies 2 is an RMXP game featuring an old-school, magical fantasy RPG atmosphere with an emotionally driven story-line. You may also want to play (or otherwise check out) BlueSkies 1! though BlueSkies 2 in itself has a different story on it's own (not directly a sequel), still it features the same world as BlueSkies 1. There won't be any plot-related confusions if you immediately played BlueSkies 2 though!

- 12-15 hours of gameplay
- Fully animated and lively battle-system (Moonpearl's Valkyrie profile-inspired script)
- Characters in battles have voices to make battles more immersive
- Party changing system (allows you to switch party members at will)
- Immersive plot and a very colorful set of characters, atmosphere and dialogue.
- Music that brings out your childhood nostalgia from games that you've played.
- Side-quests and hidden-quests that allows you to acquire Items, gold, and even learn skills or summons!
- The focus on the varying effects of certain elements and weapons on different enemies allows much control and battle tactics.
- Explore planet Vyen like no other
- BlueSkies 2 in itself is a whole new story, though features the same world as BlueSkies 1.

Marrend for helping me with the game-site description

terrorchan (for the very beautiful and cute title-screen + logo)
Land of Shadows (LOS)
The inquisitor

Near Fantastica
KK20 (for being such a savior on all the script problems I had with MP's scripts)
DerVVulfman (for taking the time on helping me also with my script problems and diagnosing it)
kenlan (for being the gateway in siting to me where I can find help regarding my script problems)

FamilyJules7x from youtube
- Exotic Cruising
- Life Goes on
by Eric Matyas

Latest Blog

Received my very first achievement! XD BlueSkies 2 on homepage. <3

Hello guys! This was one of the most happiest day I have ever encountered, in that I've received my very first achievement here in RMN, for, BlueSkies 2 just got added to the Homepage. (Thank you RMN, you guys are the best!) ^_^ Congratulations also to everyone who has made it! :D

I wish to thank everyone who has supported this game, back from its early stages up until now. I will always treasure the kindness and help that I've received during the development of this game. :)

Finally, I have God to thank for making it possible for me to produce games where I can pour heart and soul into, for everyone to(hopefully) enjoy. ^_^

With that said, for anyone who hasn't played the game yet, feel free to download it now and explore the planet of Vyen with Lyrelle and her friends. :)
  • Completed
  • Starmage
  • RPG Maker XP
  • Adventure RPG
  • 05/14/2016 08:24 PM
  • 03/06/2023 08:09 AM
  • 01/16/2018
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I don't if this error is because of Windows 11, or something else.
I couldn't make a larger image.

Hi Maston, and ohh! Unfortunately, that's not an error, but an intentional design mistake on my part xD :D Kind of like the kids talking over each other making what they say in-audible. xD :)That was the best of how I could convey that situation back in the day during this game's development. :D Though I know there could've been better ways hahaha.

I don't if this error is because of Windows 11, or something else.
I couldn't make a larger image.

Hi boos405!! ^_^ Wow! Thank you so much for playing BlueSkies 2 and writing a review for it! ^_^ I am soooo excited to read it and see what you have to say! :) I always welcome every feedback for my betterment as a developer! ^_^
I wrote a review for this game, I hope it gets approved.

If it doesn't I'll summarize some pointers here, otherwise it's all in there. :)

Overall I enjoyed the game, but I kept being left feeling the characters, dialogue and story aspects all had potential to have been greater than the end result.
Hi Milos_vas! :) Wow! Thank you so much for playing the game and I'm glad that it took your 13h to reach the final dungeon! :) I'm very sorry to hear that you couldn't finish the game due to the party division at the final stages of the game. :( X(

If you want, I can PM you a save file of all the party members leveled well enough (45+). It is a save on the final dungeon, so you can personally get to the ending. :)

But if you prefer watching thesacredlobo's LP for the ending, then it's fine, too. :)

Thanks so much once again, Milos_vas, for your kind words. ^_^
Hello Starmage! I played the game for 13h and reached the final "dungeon", but failed to complete it. When the screen starts shaking, and we'r climbing up to stop the false goddess, the party gets divided, which is fine cause i had 1 strong character in each of the parties. The problem at hand is Cezar's fight with Rhetz. Since i wasn't using Cezar in my party, he's only lvl 21 and he is literally unable to defeat Rhetz, even with the best equipment, and I can't return to farm him up. So I guess that's where my experience with the game ends.

Despite not being able to finish it, I loved the game. It's one of the best RPG maker games I've played (and I've played quite a few). Thank you for making it, and good luck in the future. I'll watch the "Let's play" to see how the story finishes.
You can download and play BlueSkies 1 here:


It is completely free to play, just as BlueSkies 2 is free. ^_^
Hi EgyLynx! Thanks for dropping by! :)

You can play BlueSkies 2 immediately without the need to play BlueSkies 1. :) Each has their own different stories, but shares the same world. xD :) So you can play in any order if you wish to. :)

Where i am foun that 1?
How much that pay?
Hello dd33! Thanks so much for playing the game and for your kind words. :)

In order to solve the puzzle in Tower of Barbara, you need to use the opened chests at the lower room as guides. ;) See where the opened chests are facing, and this is how you should solve the lever puzzle. :D

As for teleport stones, you still don't get any teleport stones until you reach a certain point in the game. :)
im in baraba tower where i can get more teleport stone im enof level im 20 now
hello star hi pley blue skie 2 but im sucked at the tower with demon the one where chanceler want get holy artefact i think how resolvve switch puzle please by the way it a great game

ist they secret characther in psrty
Hi EgyLynx! Thanks for dropping by! :)

You can play BlueSkies 2 immediately without the need to play BlueSkies 1. :) Each has their own different stories, but shares the same world. xD :) So you can play in any order if you wish to. :)
ARE must play ealier game, if there any?
Hi alexjones50! Thank you so much for finishing the game and taking the time to write a review! ^_^ I understand that you found some flaws within the game, and I am very thankful that you took the time to find them and help me with what I can improve in my future games! ^_^ I am so excited to read your review, alexjones50! :D
okay i've finished your game, it's a pretty good game but it's not without it's flaws which i've detailed a review I made, (hopefully it gets approved). I'm not pointing out these flaws to diss you or anything, I point them out so you can work on them in your next game, i'd be doing you a disservice If I said your game was perfect. I did still enjoy it and I look forward to your next game.
Hello alexjones50! Thanks for playing the game and for sharing your troubles. :)

You can find more Arc Stones by fighting the dragon bosses at Zermo's Lair (Latmia) and Mt. Glacius (Atlantus).

But you don't have to worry about using Arc stones when travelling. You can simply use the Docks at the following locations: Gwado and Gemeid (Gemeidus), Quelengarde (Delgado), Nuiska Port (Latmia(, and Vidalia Port (Atlantus). They'll cost 500G, but they'll take you around different continents whenever you wish. :) ^_^

Don't hesitate to let me know if you encounter any more problems with the game. :D
I managed to solve the problem at the ruins, turned out there was a cuddly toy I missed the first time. I've run into another problem though, I've run out of arc stones to get around, I need to use a warptower to get to my next location, where do I get more arc stones?
i'm stuck at quas ruins, i'm supposed to find some objects to break the spell on the boy but i've searched all around and there's nothing there, I don't know what i'm supposed to do.
Hello Little Wing Guy! ^_^ :) Thanks for checking out the game!! :) I'm very glad that you see the RPG maker feel and passion that this game has, as I do really put a lot of my passion into my games despite their flaws xDD :) Which I can learn from. ;)

I also understand that you find the voices to be a little too much at times, haha xDD :)

Still, I'm very glad that you gave the game a try and hopefully, you'll enjoy it. ^_^
So I sat down and played this for about an hour last night, I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy it or not, but I've seen it pop up quite a lot.

It does feel a little slow in the beginning, and some of the dialogue is a little childish for my personal taste but I actually really love the honest, RPG Maker feel this game has. I don't think I'm going to explain this very well, but I think it captures the spirit of an RPG Maker game and it feels like a passion project that kept your vision.

The battle system is really dynamic to watch too, I do think the voices are overkill though.
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