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Embark on a story unraveling at the world of "Vyen" and immerse into the life of a young mage/healer named "Lyrelle". She struggles during her life-time in an active series of witch-hunting; as a certain holy order seeks out to end the era of magic due to an ancient war involving the use of such arts.

Now, Lyrelle and her friends share this struggle as they try to survive an ongoing twist of unfortunate events.

BlueSkies 2 is an RMXP game featuring an old-school, magical fantasy RPG atmosphere with an emotionally driven story-line. You may also want to play (or otherwise check out) BlueSkies 1! though BlueSkies 2 in itself has a different story on it's own (not directly a sequel), still it features the same world as BlueSkies 1. There won't be any plot-related confusions if you immediately played BlueSkies 2 though!

- 12-15 hours of gameplay
- Fully animated and lively battle-system (Moonpearl's Valkyrie profile-inspired script)
- Characters in battles have voices to make battles more immersive
- Party changing system (allows you to switch party members at will)
- Immersive plot and a very colorful set of characters, atmosphere and dialogue.
- Music that brings out your childhood nostalgia from games that you've played.
- Side-quests and hidden-quests that allows you to acquire Items, gold, and even learn skills or summons!
- The focus on the varying effects of certain elements and weapons on different enemies allows much control and battle tactics.
- Explore planet Vyen like no other
- BlueSkies 2 in itself is a whole new story, though features the same world as BlueSkies 1.

Marrend for helping me with the game-site description

terrorchan (for the very beautiful and cute title-screen + logo)
Land of Shadows (LOS)
The inquisitor

Near Fantastica
KK20 (for being such a savior on all the script problems I had with MP's scripts)
DerVVulfman (for taking the time on helping me also with my script problems and diagnosing it)
kenlan (for being the gateway in siting to me where I can find help regarding my script problems)

FamilyJules7x from youtube
- Exotic Cruising
- Life Goes on
by Eric Matyas

Latest Blog

Received my very first achievement! XD BlueSkies 2 on homepage. <3

Hello guys! This was one of the most happiest day I have ever encountered, in that I've received my very first achievement here in RMN, for, BlueSkies 2 just got added to the Homepage. (Thank you RMN, you guys are the best!) ^_^ Congratulations also to everyone who has made it! :D

I wish to thank everyone who has supported this game, back from its early stages up until now. I will always treasure the kindness and help that I've received during the development of this game. :)

Finally, I have God to thank for making it possible for me to produce games where I can pour heart and soul into, for everyone to(hopefully) enjoy. ^_^

With that said, for anyone who hasn't played the game yet, feel free to download it now and explore the planet of Vyen with Lyrelle and her friends. :)
  • Completed
  • Starmage
  • RPG Maker XP
  • Adventure RPG
  • 05/14/2016 08:24 PM
  • 03/06/2023 08:09 AM
  • 01/16/2018
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Hello KyleLascar! Thanks your trying out the game! :D Hmm, Krizza can be recruited if you do the Sonova play, huh? Well that's quite the bug x((

But don't worry though, you won't be experiencing any problems once you encounter her where you're supposed to encounter her while you have Krizza alreayd recruited. :) (My bad, I just assumed that people would only go to Utania after the Alpatina incident x(( ) But it's really nice to see eager explorers like you xD :D

So it's fine for you to train her early :) (The only thing is that it might break immersion for some x( )

Oh, and I'll see what I can do with the page layout's text. xD


I've now updated the page layout to make the texts much easier to read. :)
*oops* Double posted, sorry x( (thought my last comment did not post)
Thanks, that's good to know. Don't worry, "legitimate cheating" doesn't break immersion for me. :D

I'm sure this occurrence is some remnant or consequence of the "Krizza missing from party after the Sonova play in Utania bug" you fixed previously. The main reason I was worried was because I don't know if the "party bench" can hold more than four members. Since the party consists of seven members (without Krizza) at the start of the free-roaming stage and there's supposed to be another (not Krizza), gun-wielding member in the foreseeable future (because of the guns in the weapon shops that none of my current members can equip), I was afraid I could screw up big time by letting Krizza rejoin early.

Apart from that, the game is fun so far and seemingly bug-free. I only noticed small things, for example: When trying to enter Vidalia from above, the choice panel pops up a second time after having chosen "do nothing". The same happens when trying to enter Utania from below.
I understand what you mean now and I can see your concerns regarding that. xD

Anyway, I'm glad to have given an assurance and that you enjoyed the game so far. ^_^ Thank you so much KyleLascar, I really hope that you'll enjoy your entire play through of the game. :D

Also, I still haven't checked that choice panel pop up, hmm, I'll go check it too. xD

(Yep, you're already very close to meeting the gunner, in fact, you have probably already met him hours before I'm writing this. xD)

Enjoying playing your game, it's kept my attention for 16 hours now. However I cannot find the merchants for the Ultania quest, could you let me know where they are please.
Hello mimella! Thank you so much for playing the game and I'm very glad that you enjoyed! ^_^

As for the merchants, you can find them in the "Memorial Park" at Gemeidus continent, it is near Saint Cecilia Village. :) Enjoy, mimella ^_^
This game is awesome, what a perfection! Deserves 10/10 from my point of view.

I love the music, battle animation & the balance (even though I was super imba, it's the perk of grinder *winks*)
Been grinding until all my chars are 50++
My game time was 27hrs ^_^
Got all the legendary weapons
Bought the most expensive stuff for all chars
Completed all the side quests (without walkthrough, didn't know it was exist! >_<)

Some of my thoughts:
*) Just like Kyle, I was concerned about Krizza's early recruit. But everything went well in the end :D
*) What I find weird is there are no ultimate shields and armors. Only helmets are available.
*) Save point default always makes me create a new save lol
*) Krizza needs her own weapon(names), it will make her special just like the rest of them
*) Last dungeon is so heavenly beautiful
*) And lastly, could it be Ophelia's true identity is Vy...? o_O

I do really enjoy this game a lot, good job Starmage! You deserve a BIG star indeed :D
Recruiting Krizza early also means she helps out during the bandit's hideout side quest (third side quest in Alpatina), which is supposed to be handled only by Alden and Clark. :D I don't know if having recruited Krizza early is the cause, but during this side quest Alden's sprite is represented by Lyrella's sprite, whichs lead to two Lyrella sprites being present. Of course it's no big deal, just a funny consequence.
@Gezelschaft - Hello Gezelschaft! Wow!!! I am speechless and overjoyed by your kind words and I'm very happy that you enjoyed the game! ^___^ It is also nice to know that many of you guys play the game as eager explorers of Vyen xD (Seriously, kudos for being able to find all side-quests without needing the walkthrough! :) ) It's really great to know that you farmed and grinded the game with 27 hours of gameplay. ^_^ I'm glad that you enjoyed it! :)

- Yeah, I can't blame you guys, I just assumed that most players would immediately head to Alpatina. xD But knowing that there are eager explorers like you guys, I should've known better. :)

- It is intentional that there are no ultimate weapons and armors, as it is supposed to be covered by the ultimate accessory itself. ;)

- You can actually navigate your up/down keys during saving to overwrite an existing file. ^_^ BUt I can't fault you, as the save screen can be indeed confusing at times. xD

- Thank you, I'm glad you liked the last dungeon! <3

- Ophelia actually knows a lot more than one can expect ;)

Once again, thanks so much for your very kind words and I'm really happy that you enjoyed! ^_^

@KyleLascar - Hi Kyle! Oh my God, that is indeed quite the visual glitch caused by Krizza's early recruit (since alden's sprite is supposed to be used in that time.) x(( Ahaha, Krizza's dilemma has really given way to breaking parts of immersion in the game. xDD But it's alright,thankfully it didn't end up being game-breaking to your save-files. :) Thank you so much once again for mentioning this to me, Kyle. At least with your concerns, I had the opportunity to let people know that recruiting Krizza early shouldn't break your game, but may cause silly visual/immersion bugs. xD
After 31 hours I have finished. Thank you so much for creating this little gem.
Hello mimella! Wow!! You don't know how happy I am to know that you had fun with the game under 31 hours in total! ^_^ That's quite the play-time! Kudos to that mimella! xD You have probably made all the characters very strong already. ^_^

Again, thank you so much for playing the game and I'm very glad that you enjoyed it as I did making it! :)
I found a potentially game-breaking bug. Hidden because of a minor story spoiler:

In Gemeid during the demon invasion, only during the "boss stage": When the party tries to enter the map leading to the mansion and isn't allowed to, they move in the wrong direction (down instead of left). If the party now tries to enter the map leading to the mansion from the bottommost position, the game freezes (because the party can't move down).

Since this is the first potentially game-breaking bug I encountered: Kudos for a nearly bug-free game. :)
Hi KyleLascar! Wow, thank you so much for finding that bug!! I'm actually going to upload an update soon that fixes most of the reported glitches (such as the Krizza dilemma and the one that you mentioned.)

Again, I really appreciate it a lot that you've managed to find these underlying issues. :D Stay tuned for an update of the game. xD
hi there i installed this game i run win 7 runs great awesome game the only problem im having is that i cant go full screen probably something simple but was wondering if you could tell me what setting to run all others i can run full screen like vx and vx ace and 2000 and 2003 just not xp ?
Hi whitewizard! Thank you so much for playing the game and I'm glad that you enjoyed!

To run in full-screen, just press alt+enter. :) It should already switch to fullscreen. ^_^
Congrats on finishing the game!
Hi RishiganiX! Thank you so much!! Wow, it's good to see you again, it's been long! XD :D
Will I have any difficulty in understanding the story? I haven't played the first game yet. Or should I play the blue skies 1 first?
Hi Nnnn!! You should still be able to understand the story here no problem. ^__^ BlueSkies 2 and BlueSkies 1 have completely separate stories but shares the same world. ^__^ XD

I hope that you'll enjoy! :)
Playing the game for 10 hours now. I can say that this has one of the best stories Ive ever played in rpgxp. Its so hookable and Lyrelle's character is so charming. Though you better work your mapping a bit xD. 10/10

Btw, im also a filipino so i kind of laughed when alden introduced his name. Still waiting for maine to come out xD.