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Embark on a story unraveling at the world of "Vyen" and immerse into the life of a young mage/healer named "Lyrelle". She struggles during her life-time in an active series of witch-hunting; as a certain holy order seeks out to end the era of magic due to an ancient war involving the use of such arts.

Now, Lyrelle and her friends share this struggle as they try to survive an ongoing twist of unfortunate events.

BlueSkies 2 is an RMXP game featuring an old-school, magical fantasy RPG atmosphere with an emotionally driven story-line. You may also want to play (or otherwise check out) BlueSkies 1! though BlueSkies 2 in itself has a different story on it's own (not directly a sequel), still it features the same world as BlueSkies 1. There won't be any plot-related confusions if you immediately played BlueSkies 2 though!

- 12-15 hours of gameplay
- Fully animated and lively battle-system (Moonpearl's Valkyrie profile-inspired script)
- Characters in battles have voices to make battles more immersive
- Party changing system (allows you to switch party members at will)
- Immersive plot and a very colorful set of characters, atmosphere and dialogue.
- Music that brings out your childhood nostalgia from games that you've played.
- Side-quests and hidden-quests that allows you to acquire Items, gold, and even learn skills or summons!
- The focus on the varying effects of certain elements and weapons on different enemies allows much control and battle tactics.
- Explore planet Vyen like no other
- BlueSkies 2 in itself is a whole new story, though features the same world as BlueSkies 1.

Marrend for helping me with the game-site description

terrorchan (for the very beautiful and cute title-screen + logo)
Land of Shadows (LOS)
The inquisitor

Near Fantastica
KK20 (for being such a savior on all the script problems I had with MP's scripts)
DerVVulfman (for taking the time on helping me also with my script problems and diagnosing it)
kenlan (for being the gateway in siting to me where I can find help regarding my script problems)

FamilyJules7x from youtube
- Exotic Cruising
- Life Goes on
by Eric Matyas

Latest Blog

Received my very first achievement! XD BlueSkies 2 on homepage. <3

Hello guys! This was one of the most happiest day I have ever encountered, in that I've received my very first achievement here in RMN, for, BlueSkies 2 just got added to the Homepage. (Thank you RMN, you guys are the best!) ^_^ Congratulations also to everyone who has made it! :D

I wish to thank everyone who has supported this game, back from its early stages up until now. I will always treasure the kindness and help that I've received during the development of this game. :)

Finally, I have God to thank for making it possible for me to produce games where I can pour heart and soul into, for everyone to(hopefully) enjoy. ^_^

With that said, for anyone who hasn't played the game yet, feel free to download it now and explore the planet of Vyen with Lyrelle and her friends. :)
  • Completed
  • Starmage
  • RPG Maker XP
  • Adventure RPG
  • 05/14/2016 08:24 PM
  • 03/06/2023 08:09 AM
  • 01/16/2018
  • 145350
  • 34
  • 941


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Cool you have the second game out, or are working on it. I still have to finish the first game. Sorry it's taking me so long. I also been working on my game. However I must say this looks nice too. I'll play it after I beat the first one. The only problem I have with RPG Maker XP is it has to be ran in XP mode on my pc since I have Windows 8.1. I do plan to just get the steam version of RPG Maker XP though when I catch it on sale there.
Congratulations on getting your page ready on the rmn site. ^^
Enjoyed it the last time, looking forward to playing it again..
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is
Hey! Awesome, now I have something to go into after Blue Skies :D
Too...many...good looking games to play! You people are the reason why I never get anything done!
@Rose_Guardian - Hi Rose!! wow thanks so much!! and don't worry, please take your time with my game! and I wish you the best in getting RMXP too!! I know that you're also busy working on your own game so I understand that!! I am also willing to play your game once you get an update on it! I'm looking forward!! ;)

@RishigangiX - Hi Rishi!! thanks so much!! yeahh haha, I was happy when it got accepted already!! I'm also very glad you enjoyed!! but hey! you're not the only one who enjoyed! ;) as I did too when playing your game! :D my thoughts shall be a secret until I put out my review! xDD

@InfectionFiles - Hello Infection!! thankyou so much!! ^^ haha, I do hope you enjoy your playthrough with the first one!! :D and hey, I have you to thank for making me beat your cool horror game! ;)

@WheelmanZero - Aww, you're so kind!! thanks so much for your kind words :) I really hope you enjoy! and I'm glad you're loving all the games in this site! many people here are really talented in game-making! (of course, I am still a newb! but there really are many here)

Thankyou guys for your support on this game!! This game is the one I'm currently working on! :D
Guardian of the Description Thread
You know, I don't think I've ever seen anybody give me credit/thanks for helping out with a game description? At least on a gamepage proper. There might be thanks in the description thread.

Anyway, back on the original thought, I respect that!
Hi Marrend!! haha! I just thought you deserved the credit since you're help was one of the reason my game got accepted in this site!! xDDD :D so thanks once again!! xDD :D
Just started playing the game. I only got as far as the end of the intro, because I wanted to come back here and gush about how incredible it is.

The title screen and intro, to put it simply, are amazing. The dramatic music, beautiful mapping and excellent eventing all combine to form a cinematic experience that is reminiscent of commercial rpgs. The comic bubble speech boxes are also a very nice touch.

The menu is just...it's commercial quality visual goodness. The satisfying way the command panels smoothly slide in and out when you enter a menu is just beautiful.

I'm barely even 5 minutes in, and the game has hooked me with its impressive visuals, jammin' soundtrack and clean eventing. The story set up is similar to a game I'm working on myself, and does a good job of building up a potentially captivating story. You've said you're relatively new to rpg maker, but if you hadn't said so, I never would have guessed.

Anyway, keep up the good work, I'll probably chime back in once I've gotten father through the game. Thanks for sharing all your hard work with us!
Hello WheelmanZero!! and wow, thankyou so much for your kind words! I'm really happy reading what you think of the game!! xDD I"m also glad that the intro made you feel that way!! :D Haha, omg, I'm glad that you think it has commercial-like impressions, though my games will always be free for everyone to play!! xDD and the menus and arts were all thanks to the respective scripters and artists!! :) I am very happy you liked how the intro events executed!! :D

Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and I hope that you will enjoy the rest of the game as you play-through!! ;)
I finished your beautyful demo.
Those gliches need some rework:
  • only the name of the first enemy is shown correctly, the others are named like the first when choosing another.
  • Why no equipment shops in Fidel (first town)? I have grinded in the Ghastly Forest and Swamp until I got the best equipment for the active party.
  • Shorten your skill list for paging. The skill list is now overlapping transparently the characters HP/MP. Also make the choosing cursor a bit more visible - it's too light.
  • The menues (main and shopping) are reacting a bit too slow. Perhaps it's possible to make them a bit faster. Especially the shopping menues.

Keep working, I'm waiting for more!
Hi Firefly84!! wow, thankyou so much for taking the time and playing the game's demo!! I'm really glad you did!! xDD :D

And yes Firefly84, thanks for pointing those out, I've been meaning to look for ways on how to fix those glitch within the battle system (the enemies names showing incorrectly and how the skills in the skill page overlaps each other).. I just hope I can find a scripter or an expert of the script system to check it out for me (It is moonpearl's scripts by the way).. but to no luck, I haven't yet and I have no clue what to do to fix it! X(( I'm still looking around for help and hopefully, in God's name, I can get them soon! :)

Oh! and as for the menus and shops, I believe that's how they really transition.. but I can try looking for a way to make them a little faster.. since yeah, it can get crucial if it always takes that long to open a menu! :)

Well, I played the demo for a really long bit. And I'll give you my feedback on the whole thing. My entire notes of the game I took, so to speak. It'll be pretty long winded, so I hope you don't mind a lot of reading. XD

Early cinematics look visually appealing early on, great job at attempting to emphasize visuals and use music to hook interest. The dark tone is set up very well early on, showing effects of war and such.

The other XP games that hooked my interest early on is either Gaia's Melody, Reconstruction and Master of the Wind, so this game is a breath of fresh air to see another game with some potential or another.

Overall, Opening cinematic looks pretty and really well executed.

And the opening intro is contrasted by the introduction of the older Lyrelle's event, which balances out the tension of the opening.

Very nice looking UI for the Menu screen.
One major problem that I can say is in the save file. Admittedly, the save file is nice looking. It's just hard for me to control between saves because of the formatting. Sorry about this. If you can't change it, that's fine. Just had to say it though.

Um. Where did the voice acting in battle commands come from? Wow. You definitely put a lot of effort in this game that's for sure.

Although it gets a little grating after awhile, honestly. And it doesn't make a lot of sense at some points, but oh well. Being picky is a bad habit of mine.

Battles are definitely more interesting early on. But it might be a little slow, admittedly.

I'm just glad that Luna and Lyrelle make a good dynamic pair.
And later the development between River and Lyrelle took an interesting turn, that's for sure.

River's voice.. I feel like I'm hearing Yuri Lowenthal's.. Oh well.

Um, I'm not sure if this is intentional, but it's really hard to read the text from this. Talking both at the same time is fine and all, but it's probably better to put it separately between text so we players can read it.

The letter from her mom, even in text, really brings to heart a lot of aspects of their character and it's hard to make the player feel for something, so I commend you for making the letter scene really impactful.

I noticed a bug when you enter Senna Forest with only River before you talk to Luna and come back to the world map, you can't go anywhere else. Is this intentional?

I hate to admit it, but I liked River's character. Darn, XP music hurts my emotions a lot playing through this.

Ophelia knows more than she lets on, I think.

Also, I feel like every ship scene I've been into has its fair share of danger problems. Legionwood has it. This one too.
This one reminds me partially of the scene from Golden Sun's one..

Plot twist when we land. Woo. I kind of expected-not expected it for some reason or another. (It doesn't make sense)

Alden and Clark.. They're.. interesting.

And I'll admit the backtracking is a little annoying and pads out the game a bit, but there is at least some vague reason why characters don't just teleport back out from the dungeon at the very least.

And I finished the game. Took me a good while too, I had a lot of fun playing this demo.

Overall, I'd say this is promising and very well done, but it is a long demo and some areas really starting to pad out too long for my tastes.

My suggestion would be to reduce the encounters in each dungeon and add more experience based on the level you want them to raise on but limit it to that so they can continue with the plot, this prevents too much grinding and actually reduce the amount of playtime people want to play. (Although, some sections are balanced, preventing you from being overpowered, so that's okay I suppose. Just take this advice with a grain of salt.)

Also, reduce the cost of your weapons/armor. 450 is fine if you grind like crazy, but I'd earn at least 1000 gold from my encounters, you can only buy at least 1-2 armor pieces and that's pretty lacking, making weapon/armor shops pretty obsolete in my opinion. So at least 250-350 would be more suitable to me.

The items are okay, Mana Potions could be much cheaper, but I won't complain.

And hey, your game, your call, I suppose.

It had a lot of promise and I can't wait to see where it develops. Keep up the good work.

I'd love Echo607 to play your game, but copyrighted music and all. XD I really want her to see this extremely passionate work you put into though for other people to see, especially since this is XP of all things. Hahah..
Hi BerryRMN!! Woww!!! Thankyou so much for playing the demo and all your kind words along with your concerns regarding the game!! xDD I am really very happy for that!! thankyou so much!! :)

Yes, actually, I'm currently working on the game balance this time, it seems it proved to be quite difficult to balance out.. But I will do my best to make it more balanced (also the prices of weapons and items.. expect them to become more cheaper in the full game! :D )

The overlapping texts in the screenshot you took at Fidel port was actually intentional, to give that awkward "Finishing each other's sentences" effect! xDD it's like when two people awkwardly talk at the same time and you don't understand what both of them said until one says "wait, okay, you first." xDD But you are actually right, I will do my best to find a way in making it read-able for the players!! :D xDD

About the bug you mentioned? you mean after River offers to help Lyrelle in getting to Mt. Elmoda and trying to go to Senna woods? hmm..

Also, many of the voices I used are mainly rips from FF dissidia! :D some from Valkyrie profile! :)

I'm very glad you that you enjoyed for the most part in the game and emotionally immersed yourself with the characters and their background (especially your comments about the story and intro) and that in itself makes me very happy and makes me more motivated to make the best out of this game as I can, as all of your concerns, comments and feedback are always extremely useful and crucial in my game's development! so you don't know how big a contribution these all are! ;)

Once again, BerryRMN! thankyou so much for taking the time in trying out the demo!! I will make sure to keep in mind all your key points and also maintain all the positives to make sure I make more positive ones in the future within the game's development! ;)

And omg!! it would be quite an honor indeed for me to see Echo607 play it!! hahaha!! though as you said it would be quite impossible! the idea itself got me excited! xDD truthfully, I am extremely flattered and humbled that my game would atleast put those games "Gaia's Melody, Reconstruction and Master of the Wind" into mind!! cause they're too good games I must say! xDD
i'll be watching this one closely, hopefully the sequel will be much better than the original, like Streets of Rage 2 on Genesis/Megadrive was compared to the first.
just finished the first game blue skies 1 very good game good storie waiting for next will play the demo in the meantime curious about storie
@TheGamingPaladin - I'm really hoping that this time, I won't disappoint! xDD ^_^;

@reedemer - Hello reedemer, thanks for keeping in touch! I'm currently working on finishing BlueSkies 2 now, but there will be no rush this time, I want to finish the best quality for you all. :) for the meantime, I hope you enjoy the long demo. :D
Hello your game is great so far but when you enter the fortress of ligth you meet Nibiru and when he finish his dialogue : "I'll be preparing your supper" he froze and I'm froze to, it's a shame I want to finish your game.
Sorry for my bad english, it's not my birth language
Hello mugen974 and thank you so much for playing the game!

I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, you probably have the first upload of the full version that has bugs like that. But do not worry, I've uploaded a patch that will fix that bug ASAP! ^_^

You can download it here:
*new DL link available on Downloads section*

Or you can find the mirror link for the patch at this page's download section. (The V2.0 patch.)

To apply the patch, simply copy and paste the Game.rgssad to your BlueSkies 2 folder and replace the old Game.rgssad inside with the new one you just downloaded. :)

The patch should fix the freeze bugs. ^_^ Enjoy!
Just updated the page's layout! :)

Had so much fun updating it! ^_^

About time I learn about these ccs coding and stuff. xD
During the free-roaming part of the game (2.0 version): If the party goes to the snow continent first (instead of the desert continent) and participates in the play in Utania, Krizza can be "recruited" for the party early, even though she is supposed to stay at Gemeid Holy Palace at this time (she can still be encountered there). Will there be any problems later if I continue my playthrough now or should I just enjoy the opportunity to train her early?

Beautiful game page layout by the way, but it's a pain to read the text this way.
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