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(Warning: May contain spoilers)

Name: Lyrelle
Age: 20
Gender: Female
- Lyrelle is very innocent and a child at heart. during her years after she got separated from her parents on a witch-hunt when she was 6, she was taken cared of by her mother's personal assistant, Luna. Lyrelle grew up in Senna woods without ever seeing the outside world anymore as she was told by her care-taker, Luna, that outside of the woods lies great danger.. Now, Lyrelle spends her time in the woods, strolling about and playing with her magic... she mostly specializes in healing magic. Lyrelle also has a rare vibe around her that just makes people she meet wanna be polite towards her.

Name: Rhetz
Age: 34
Gender: Male
- Rhetz, in this current generation, is the leader of the "Holy order of Gemeid". he would stop at nothing to capture all of the magic-users around Vyen, though little is known in what he plans on doing with them since he does not seem to like executing the captured magic-users immediately. Rhetz is a wise and cunning leader of the templars and crusaders, as he is also quite secretive in his agendas...