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A thousand years ago, In the world of "Vyen", a very tormenting battle called the "Wars of the Magistra" took place. And magic was the tool used that led to this bloody battle. Vyen was ennshrouded in chaos, as kings and conquerors alike abused magic. When the "Wars of the Magistra" faded slowly, it left behind a trail of kingdoms claimed and palaces incinerated to the grounds.

But then, a group of religious individuals from Gemeid, rose within the ashes of war, with hopes and determination in restoring Vyen to it's former glory, The "Holy order of Gemeid" was formed. putting an end to magic once and for all, they fought under the name of Goddess Vyena, as the Holy order became a bane to all of the wizards, witches, sorcerers and warlocks.

The order was also known for their prowess in hunting and slaying demons that are found lurking around the world, meddling with human affairs.
The Holy order maintained control of Vyen from there on, killing magic users and demons on sight, for, if such beings were to roam freely, they dread that another bloody "Wars of the Magistra" would be born.

The dogmas of The "Holy order of Gemeid" was passed unto generations, living on until now. Keeping a keen eye on Vyen for magic-users and demons which speaks of unwanted danger.

The story circulates around the life of a young mage and healer named "Lyrelle", whom at her childhood was separated from her parents during a witch-hunt. As she grew up, she found her life in Vyen quite difficult as she now struggles knowing a religious order would rid the world of her likes. Along the way, she meets friends who are willing to share this struggle with her. But her life changed directions as conspiracies against the "Holy order of Gemeid" had risen across the lands.