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FULL VERSION Released!! :D

  • Starmage
  • 01/16/2018 09:14 AM
First of all, I would like to thank God for making this release a possibility. Despite the real-life harshness that I've experienced, I was still able to finish this game and make it come to life for people to enjoy. :)

Second, I want to thank all the extremely talented people in the credit sections of this game, for , without their skills, BlueSkies 2 would never be possible. :D

Last but not the least, I really am forever grateful for the amazing people who've supported this game through their words of encouragement/inspiration, beautiful fan-art and etc.. You all know who you are. ^_^

Now, the moment that I've always dreamed of! The Full version release of BlueSkies 2!!

I've been working on this game on and off for 2 years! xD My usage time of RMXP on Steam is equals to 716 hours. Which means that this game was completed at a total time usage of 29 days over 2 years. xDD

So much for that, you may now download the Full version of the game and I hope that you all enjoy it as I did making it. ^_^ God bless you all and have a happy journey around Vyen. :D

Note: Starting with a clean-save is recommended to avoid unwanted bugs/crashes. ^_^


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Congrats Starmage to finish this game.Gonna download now .
I love XP,and it`s great to see good games still done in that.
Hello kenlan! OMG it's you!! ^_^ Thank you so much!! I've never forgotten how you helped me find the right place to look for help on my previous scripting issues with the game! And you led me to the perfect place! ;)

I really hope you enjoy the game, kenlan! ^_^ :D
Well that was a lot faster than I expected. Aaagh, too many games to play and things to do.
Hello Wheelman!! Yeahh heheh xD :D I am indeed very happy to have finished it earlier than expected. :) Yes, there are indeed lots of games worth playing in RMN xDD I do hope that you'll enjoy the game whenever you wish to start playing it, Wheelman! ^^
For thousands of years, I laid dormant. Who has disturbed my slumber?
I want to try out this game, but could you possibly upload to RMN instead of mediafire?
Hi Dyluck, thanks for checking out the game! :D

Hmm, have you experienced some problems with media-fire? I'll try to look into it. :) Also, I'll try to upload the game on RMN as soon as my connection stablizes again (It's on and off currently, so I need to have my connection checked by our provider. :(( )
For thousands of years, I laid dormant. Who has disturbed my slumber?
I haven't tried your link specifically, but in the past mediafire seemed to have some issues with popups and triggering my antivirus, so I prefer not to go to mediafire.
Ohh! I understand. :) I can, however, attest to you that in my years of using Media-fire, I never encountered any virus entering my PC nor my anti-virus triggering for that matter. ^_^ But I do respect your decisions on putting your PC's safety first before anything else! :D

I'll try put an RMN link as soon as I get my connection stablized by our provider. :)

Hi Dyluck! I'm happy to inform you that an RMN direct download link is now available at the Download sections! ^_^ I hope you enjoy!
For thousands of years, I laid dormant. Who has disturbed my slumber?
Wow that was fast! Thanks!
Yep! I was lucky that out service provider came earlier than expected, which means my internet got stabilized immediately. :D You're welcome and Thanks for checking out, Dyluck! :)

Also, I advice that you download the Bug Fix patch I just recently uploaded. It is a fix with a party member disappearing bug at the later parts of the game. Do check my blogs for more info. ^_^
For everyone who has downloaded the Full version already. I urge you to kindly please download the Freeze/Bugs FIX PATCH available on the page's download section. It is to avoid Game freezes and bugs such as missing party members and whatnot. I am very sorry for the inconvenience caused and thank you so much for your deep understanding. ^_^
Things like this happened about 45 times after I first released my game, so I feel your pain. Just when you think you have everything perfect, another bug crawls out of the woodwork.
Oh my!! I'm so glad I'm not alone Wheelman. ^_^ *sigh* Yes indeed, just when I thought everything was all good and done. x(( It's so frustrating when a bug crawls out like "What?!? I thought I checked everything?" xD
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