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Krizza missing from party BUG! (Fix patch)

  • Starmage
  • 01/18/2018 06:38 AM
Hi guys! I wish to inform you all of an urgent bug. If some of you have reached Utania village and performed the "Sonova" play at the theater, you'll notice that if you had Krizza already in your party, she disappears from the party after the play.

I am truly sorry for this inconvenience, it is my bad for not seeing that bug. x((

But do not fret! I've uploaded a hot-fix patch that you can use to fix this problem. :)

PATCH download

1. Download the "Game.rgssad" from the link.
2. Replace the "Game.rgssad" from the BlueSkies 2 folder with the new "Game.rggsad".

3. If you use this patch before doing the "Sonova" play side-quest, you'll find Krizza back in your party with no problems.

4. If you use this patch after doing the "Sonova" play side-quest and it seems too late that she's gone, do not panic. You can find Krizza outside the Utania Village pub and Mt. Zunna of Baul and get her to rejoin your party. :)

I am very sorry for this. x((

One more thing, if you still haven't gone to Utania to do the "Sonova" play and you still don't have Krizza in your party, I suggest you make your way to Utania now and do the "Sonova" play sidequest so that you'll no longer have to download the patch and will no longer face this issue once Krizza joins you. :)