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(Difficulty) You're gonna want to grind in this game. ^^ (Only for the Final dungeon)

  • Starmage
  • 01/18/2018 01:59 PM
Hello guys, I just wish to discuss something with you all.

Grinding in BlueSkies 2 for preparation on the Final dungeon is greatly advised. ^^;

In the game's final dungeon, reaching level 40-45 makes for a balanced battle in handling the last dungeon monsters. Reaching up to lvl 50-60, however, immediately makes you play the game on God-mode. xD

The last dungeon will no longer be leave-able, which means that you can no longer buy items and stuff once you're at the final dungeon. I don't want you to be stuck at the final dungeon with no choice of leaving to grind more and buy items.

So if you enter the Final dungeon with your party level ranging from 30-35, you're basically hopeless. :( I just wish to let you guys know in advance to avoid future frustrations with the Final Dungeon's difficulty. xD (My bad. xD )

Also, buying lots and lots of items such as Potions, Revives and Buffs can significantly boost your prowess at the Final dungeon. Cause it's gonna be a long challenge of pure survival once you're inside.

So take this as a warning when entering the Final Dungeon! xD (Don't worry though, there are lots of Grinding opportunity at the Last Continent.)


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Hi, I'd say yes, but please don't make it overly hard. It has to be balanced like set up the enemies, and bosses while considering what level the player might be at when they get to the area, or boss. That way it won't be too hard, or too easy, and will still have a challenge.
Hi Rose_Guardian! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! :) The Full version actually is designed to make the Final Dungeon a long painful survival test. xD So enduring it when you're level 40-45 should be fine (Along with lots of survival items of course).

I just hope I can warn the players that going inside the Final dungeon when the party's below level 40 would be a terrible mistake. ^^;

It's kinda my bad for tuning the Final dungeon's difficulty a little too high, which is why I wanted to compensate in such a way that I can warn people ahead of time to Grind up to 40-45 with lots of survival items before going to the Final dungeon. :D

Fear not, the last continent gives the players lots of grinding opportunities both for exp. and money. ;) Not to mention the good items and armors that the last town sells. :D
That sounds like a good idea, but I'd say make them grind up to level 50, or even 60 for the final dungeon, so they won't get knocked out so easily,or quickly.
Hmm, you're right Rose! :) Of course, lvl 50-60 is the peak and if level 45 is enough to put the player in God mode, then going until 50-60 would be a good idea to avoid more frustrating moments in the Final dungeon. xD

I'll update my post to give players a heads-up for that possibility. :D Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Rose! :D xD
If I might make a suggestion, why don't you add heal points to the final dungeon, perhaps one toward the beginning and one at the end? That way, if the party is underleveled, they can grind against the strongest mobs in the game and get up to snuff relatively quickly. The last thing you want is for someone to play the game up until the end, then run out of healing items and find themselves with a useless 15 hour save. I doubt everyone who plays the game will read this blog, so this is bound to happen to at least a few of your players. You must kill the rage, my friend. Kill it before it starts!
Hahah! You are actually so on point, Wheelman! Thanks for sharing your thoughts! The rage should be stopped before it starts! ^_^ Hmm, does enemies dropping tents and potions that heal hp and sp to the party count too? Cause in the game's Final dungeon, there are actually monsters who drops "Tents", "Healing Showers" and "Energy Showers", and of course, there are save points everywhere.

I would love to know if it's going to be just as good as the Heal points idea? :D
Yeah, the drops would definitely be another solution. As long as the party has some means of healing besides the items they've brought with them, you should be golden. I can almost guarantee that some people will waltz into the final dungeon understocked because they'll assume they're able to leave and die horribly. That actually sounds like something I would do, heh heh.
I see!! Thanks for your input, Wheelman! Oh my God ahaha, you're right. We wouldn't want people to end up dying horribly thinking they can still leave. xDD

Anyway, I am going to be uploading a new version of the complete game sometime later or tomorrow along with a patch for anyone who has the old completed game. :)

This new version will include the weakening of many Final dungeon monsters as well as the recent bug fixes. xD Not to mention the increase of probability in item drops on the Final dungeon. That way, I can avoid future rages. lol! xD
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