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BlueSkies 2 Complete V2.0 Now Available!!

  • Starmage
  • 01/18/2018 05:11 PM
Hello all!! I am pleased to tell you all that I've uploaded the new BlueSkies 2 Complete version! V2.0! (As well as a patch for anyone who downloaded the previous Complete version.)


- Gold and Exp gain from enemies at the Last continents have been increased
- Final dungeon enemies have increased probability of dropping healing items
- Final dungeon enemies' strength have been dramatically decreased
- Freeze bugs have been fixed
- Missing Party members bug have been fixed

This full download can now be enjoyed fully without the need for further patches! Enjoy everyone! ^_^


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Currently uploading RMN Mirrors of both the Full game (V2.0) and the V2.0 Patch. :)
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