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So close, so excited!! XD :D

Hello all! I'm currently working on the Final dungeon and the Final boss battles of the game. Which means that I'm now close to finishing the game (Thank God! finally!). I'm still gonna be running through the entire game from start to finish again after I finish making it to test and check if everything's good to go and bug-less for the imminent release. ^_^ (Yey!)

A few notes about the game some of you may want to know:

- 12-15 hours of gameplay (Length may depend on how much you grind or do side-quests.)
- Up to 18 available side-quests
- There will be one optional secret party member that you can unlock.

Progress Report

A tough year... xD HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

Hello guys and Happy new year!! It's been very long since I've posted an update. :) But I just wanna drop by with a few screenies to let you guys know that i'm still working on finishing up the game. I'm already at the final parts of the game, so I hope it won't be long ti'll I release the finished product.

Real life's been harsh to me these past few months which is why I haven't touched the game for long after my last update. I'm quite excited to finish the game though, knowing that the list of completed games are growing and growing and I can't wait to try them all out as soon as I'm done with BlueSkies 2. :)

Now, for the latest screenies! xD

Wandering the purple beauty "Moonlit Forests"

Progress Report

BlueSkies 2 - 70% (or so) Finished

Hello all!! I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm at about 70% estimated progression of the game! :) It's almost done. Though I don't want to rush too much. I want to keep paying attention to the details of the world. So it may take some more time before 100% completion. xDD

Anyway, here's the current world map of VYEN!! Presenting the continents: Gemeidus, Delgado, Latmia and Atlantus! :)

Note that there are still a lot of things I have to improve on the mapping themselves, but just thought I'd share how the world of Vyen currently looks. xD

(Credits to rey meustrus for the "Map Screenshot Image Maker" Script which allowed me to take a screenshot for such a huge map.)


Yay!!! Working on it again! :D (After a year long hiatus)

Hello guys!! I'm back!! xDD I know that it has really been a long time of Hiatus with BlueSkies 2, but I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm still working on this game and full priority resumes today, now that I've thankfully graduated college (no more thesis stuff to be busy with lol).

To anyone who's interested, I've got latest screenies right here for you to check out! :)

Keep in touch my friends! :)


BlueSkies 2 demo version 2.5!!! And... Hiatus mode!! :)

UPDATE!! BlueSkies2 demo version 2.5 is here!! and along with this update, I would also like to announce that BlueSkies 2 will be on hiatus for awhile, since classes are going to start next week, I need to prepare myself for all the thesis works that will come!! BUT!! I am still going to continue working on this game for as long as I live!! xDD I guess on the sem-break I might continue it's progress!! in the meantime I'll be creating a short RPG maker game for fun and I'll be posting it soon!

So, without further ado,

Changes in this update:

Visual changes
- Slight recolor of Luna's battle sprite to be more fitting on her portrait.
- New battle animation/effects for Lyrelle's "Celestial Star" (Mascaporne's) and for Hanni's "Intuitive Insight" (Mea's)
- Minor elemental spells will now have the default casting animation in order to make battles a bit quicker.

Gameplay changes
- Escaping from an enemy will now render it's sprite "avoidable" for a short period of time, giving more allowance to the escape mechanic.
- You will now be given a choice to automatically backtrack or to backtrack manually once the mission is done.
- Item Prices and Potion heals have been tweaked, seeking to meet balance.
- New plot progression and maps to explore (continuation from version 2.0)

That would be all guys!! I hope you all enjoy!! Thanks for checking out!! :D xDD


BlueSkies 2 demo version 2.0!! More fixes!! and plot continuation!

UPDATE!! BlueSkies 2 demo version 2.0 is up! xDD

Note:if you wish to continue where you ended from the previous verions, you can use your save-file by copying it to the new version's folder!

Changes in the update: (with fixes thanks to KK20) Thank God!!
- Fixed the issues of skill windows overlapping during battles
- Fixed the issues of being able to put all party members at the sub (which causes a bug)
- Fixed the issues of battles being to slow (battle camera react faster now and the waiting time during battle is now slightly reduced)
- Fixed incompatibility issues of Blizzard's analyze script and MP's scripts
- Visual updates: (New skill icons courtesy of Ails and a new battle background for Senna woods)
- Price changes: Mana potions, weapons and armors are now slightly cheaper..
- 1 new dungeon to explore! (continuation of version 1.5)..
- New playable character: Hanni, the Psychic! you will get to know her in this update..

That would be the changes for this update!! again the focus on this update is more based on the fixes!! so hopefully, there won't be anymore bugs and issues in the future!

Hope you all enjoy the update!! xDD


BlueSkies 2 demo version 1.5 is here!! (Fixes and some graphics update)

UPDATE!! BlueSkies 2 demo version 1.5 is now up!!  Thank God for all the resolved issues in this update (there are still minor ones, but not as crucial as the ones before).

- Fixed the errors and bug that had something to do with the battle system script (credits are given to the awesome people involved)
- Fixed the menu/shop transitions so that they will be alot faster to navigate now..
- Made some balance changes on certain enemies (especially the ones at the start)
- Made the enemies at "Ghastly Forest" Grind-able with the increased EXP gain and gold gain.
- New Title screen as well as a new character art for Lyrelle on the menu. (credits to terrorchan for the beautiful arts)
- New dungeon mission to explore after version 1.0 ended. 

Well, there really aren't much lore or game related updates as the focus of this update was more on the fixes and the new graphics!  BUT! I'm hoping you will enjoy the short continuation from 1.0 to this version (1.5).. be sure to copy your save file to this new version's folder to continue!  


Kind souls have lend their Aid!!! :D xDD

GOOD NEWS!!! xDD someone already helped me in fixing the MP script errors!!! Yay!!! KK20 from http://forum.chaos-project.com/index.php/topic,15414.0.html did!! I wanna point the thread out just so others who are facing the problem may find their solution here too!!  So thanks to KK20 for helping me fix it!! xDD

And I also wanted to thank kenlan for leading me to the site as he mentioned someone can help me there regarding my problems with the MP scripts! and someone did!!

I also wanted to thank DerVVulfman for taking the time in diagnosing my raw project files and see what he can find!!

they were all very helpful!! it's always good to know there are so many talented people who are willing to help in the RPG making community!! xDD

Hopefully, there won't be any problems of the likes in the future! :) I will be uploading a new demo (V. 1.5) soon with the fix so you can all enjoy the demo without facing any more of these problems! ;)


Looking for RMXP Script or RGSS experts for help!! x(( (Regarding MP scripts)

Hi everyone!! lately there have been some minor issues found in my demo with regards to Moonpearl's scripts! alot of them had to do with the battle system! and I've been meaning to look for people who can help me with this!! I've been looking everywhere and I even tried contacting Moonpearl (creator of the scripts) herself for help, but it seems she's inactive.. x((

So umm.. if possible, I would like to ask for help on any known scripters or RGSS experts around to check out my game's script files for me and see what's wrong with the battle system script (or if there are issue with the script orders. etc.)

If you are willing, please do PM me and I will tell you all the details of the problem! of course, I will give you huge credit in the game if you are able to help me solve the problems!! thankyou so much once again!! :)


Aiming towards game completion!

I just wanted to announce that the downloadable demo will be the last version of the demo! :) mainly because I am now aiming to complete the game once and for all and get everything done! xD but of course , I do know that it will take some patience and perseverance! so hopefully, the available demo in itself will give you the impression that I wish to put out for the game once it is done! ;)

In God's name, I will do my best! :)
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