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Over two hundred years ago, the five heroes defeated the god of darkness; Ragnarok, in a climactic struggle for the fate of the world. Banished back to the realm of darkness known as the Abyss, the threat of the evil god had finally been put to rest once and for all...or so they thought.

Umbral Soul follows the story of Ragnarok’s loyal servant, Pandora, who joins her master in a quest to conquer the world and reclaim his lost power. In order to shroud the world in eternal darkness, they will have to find and recruit new allies, build an army of powerful monsters, and raise a force strong enough to crush anyone who dares to oppose them. Heroes, generals and rival overlords all stand against them. Do you have the power to make the world yours?

A powerful dark sorceress with the ability to call forth monsters from the Abyss and enslave them to her will. Her burning hatred for the world and its people leads her to follow Ragnarok with unwavering loyalty.

The god of darkness, who seeks dominion over the human realm. Once an extremely powerful being in the form of a monstrous demon, he has now been reduced to a mere soul. He wishes to plunge the entirety of the human realm into darkness, in part out of spite for his counterpart; the goddess of light, Lumielle.

Beautiful, deadly, and self absorbed to a tee, Lanith is a succubus with a never ending hunger for the lifeforce of men. Having served under Pandora since she was only a child, she has a knack for getting under her skin, and does so whenever the opportunity arises.

A deeply twisted and sadistic young man, Damien loves nothing more than manipulating others and watching them squirm. While he has kept his true nature a secret, Ragnarok’s uprising marks the perfect opportunity for him to cut loose and have some fun...by killing as many enemies as possible.

The lord of all demons, who is fiercely loyal to Ragnarok and possesses an extreme, seething hatred for humanity. After failing to aid his master in conquering the world the first time, he has no intention of repeating the same mistakes again.

•A character driven storyline filled with unlockable side-stories

•Moving battle backgrounds for more organic battles

•Over 100 custom attack animations

•Custom sound effects

•More than 10 recruitable monsters and demons

•Engaging, story-driven sidequests

•Enhance your monsters with Darkness Points, evolving them into new and terrible forms

•Teleport to and from your lair at will

•Cutscenes and character interactions change depending on who is in your party

Katakura Hibiki Dark Hero Character Pack
Katakura Hibiki Fantasy Hero Character Pack
Katakura Hibiki Lords of Darkness Pack
Division Heaven

And many more! Full credits list will be included in the game upon completion.
A big shout out to all the resource creators both free and paid out there. Your hard work inspires us all to get out there and create something special!

The time is now. Forget about saving the world, reach out and conquer it.

Latest Blog

I'm back, baby!

Hey everybody, hope you've been doing well. I'm pleased to say I was just recently discharged from rehab, so at long last after over a month I'm home. They ran a whole lot of tests on me and I had several surgeries, so I am finally no longer in danger of croaking. That means I'm finally free to double down on game development, when I'm not stuck sitting in some doctor's office that is. Thank you all for your well wishes, they went a long way towards improving my mental health through that strenuous time. Welp, that's enough chatter. I've got some game making to do.


Yo Ivellios! Man, talk about a blast from the past. Hope you've been well, bud. I'm glad I was able to make something that brought you so much enjoyment. I still flip out a little when people tell me how much they've enjoyed the game. It's nuts!

As for me, I went to the doctor just yesterday and he said he's surprised by how quickly I'm recovering. I'm finally home now after a month of recovering, and my life is slowly getting back to normal. Thanks for the encouragement, I feel better now than I have in a long time.

I'm trying my best to make the ultimate edition live up to everyone's expectations, taking feedback into consideration and eliminating Umbral's weaker points. Hopefully it'll be even more fun than the first time you played.
Hello WheelmanZero.

I just want to say that i played your game some years ago, and even today it is still one my favorite RPGs and game of all times.

I come here from time to time to see if the ultimate edition already launched and i only read about your health issues now. I want to say that im really happy that you are getting better and i wish you a very good health from now on!

So im looking forward to the ultimate edition, thank you for making this brilliant game!

Also sorry for the bad english.
Yo EvilP, thanks for the bug report. You'll be happy to know that both of the bugs you mentioned have been cleaned up for the ultimate edition. I've also fixed the spelling errors and added a bunch of new content as well. Enemies will give way more drops, which will allow you to buy more demon's draughts, causing your summons to level much faster. A few of the summons that couldn't evolve before now have a new form, and a new summon is being added to the game. Plus there will be many more scenarios to unlock during your journey.

Thanks so much for playing and sharing your thoughts, I hope you like the ultimate edition even more!
My god. I just finished your game and it is just excellent. The characters are awesome, the storyline is very engaging. The summons are incredibly fun, both to collect and use !
Just a few bugs I came across (though they are far from a big issue) :
- During the fight with Damian, my game crashed after I defeated all of my summons as he was controlling them (I know attacking them is kind of stupid but I wanted to see the lines for all of them)
- During the Phoenix fight, my game seemed to crash every time the phoenix transformed while under the effect of Marcus' rain (I defeated it without an issue without using the rain).

The only thing I found sad is that it is difficult to keep many summons at a reasonnable level, which means that there are usually a few summons that are too far behind to be used (which is a shame because they are all very interesting).
The arena is good for that but it is really time consuming. (maybe if demon's draught gave a little more exp, it would be easier)

Regardless, the game is great (This is the first game from this website I play and I wasn't expecting something of this quality !) and it is impressive seeing you still active here ! (I will definitely play the ultimate edition and the sequel when they come out)
I hope your health gets better and... have a good day I guess ? (I have no idea how to end this)
Thanks! I've been fixing the typos so the ultimate edition will be more enjoyable to read. I'm inclined to agree with you, Marrend. I'm just glad the whole ordeal is over. If there's anything I learned, it's that you can never predict what life is going to throw at you next.
Guardian of the Description Thread
Sometimes, the best response is to disengage. I may not like FactChecker's attitude, but, that's not reason to go after them either. The state of this game belongs in WheelmanZero's hands, and no one else's. If they say they want to make a special edition, or whatever, and mention it might take some time for it to come out, then the best thing anybody can do is support them however they can.

*Edit: Sorry. I think this might be hitting a little too close to home. I've a project I've got that I might actually abandon, and I should probably make up my mind about it.
Ha! Hey thanks a lot. I wish you and your team all the best, and look forward to seeing how your game turns out. And uh...when you guys become rich and famous, remember who your friends are, (wink wink).
Thank you! I have a small team with a writer, artist and coder so we plan to use a lot of original assets. Thank you for answering and offering your help! We hope our game will be as enjoyable as yours was to play.

P.s. The artist on the team said she liked your game as well :)
Heyo Restia! So you're making a game yourself eh? That's gotta be exciting. All the mapping, writing, proofreading, eventing and resource selection was done by me, though if I could go back in time I would've had someone else look things over in order to catch glitches and whatnot. What I didn't do however, was write any of the scripts. At most I ended up modifying a few of them to get them working the way I liked. I didn't create any of the art either, rather I took preexisting images and modified them to my liking. Gimp is seriously my best friend.

I wasn't really concerned about copyright which is why I grabbed a lot of stuff from all over, as I was just looking to make an enjoyable game for fun. That being said, sorry, I don't have any knowledge of scripting or drawing to speak of, but if you're looking to enhance an image I'm your man. Let me know if you need anything specific, and good luck with your game.
Hey wheel! I am working on a game as well and I’d like to know what you did for the game yourself. Did you map everything, write and proofread the dialogue and just program it to run? Did you do any of the art or scripts yourself? Anything that you can tell me would help! I am trying to understand since I am taking inspiration from this :). Hope the inquiries don’t bother you! (I read through your blog as best as I could since my page is permanently bugged or something).
Thanks about your answer Wheel, thats all I come for.

Dunno for your health issues, anyway take care.

However, some triggered sycophants should learn to read before posting : your gross offended-for-nothing attitudes are ridiculous at best. Since smart enough people for deducing intentions from a less-than 10 sentences comment dont deserves more than a 4 sentences answer => I had what i came here for, so deal with it or do not for what I care.

well, well, well, look who is back! our favourite... i don't want to get banned. i find it both funny and sad that you saw literally everyone disagreeing with you and quite politely and respectfully calling you out (way more politely and respectfully than you deserved) and you decided to double down and call us all triggered sycophants. although, by using both of those words, you said quite a lot about yourself. so, there is one thing i do agree with you, you are definitely not worth a long answer (but wheelman is, and that is why i am writing this). you should think a little bit about the fact that literally nobody was on your side. like, is everyone else wrong or maybe, just maybe, could it be you? you came with a really awful attitude and projected lots of garbage nonsense on wheelman, and even now, after finding out you were absolutely wrong, you do not even have enough decency to at least apologize or show a bit of compassion. pathetic. truly pathetic. you should be concerned at the state of your heart and mind, there seems to be not a single bit of empathy or accountability left
Guys, I just wanted to say thank you for all of your support. You don't know how much it means to me. Things have only been getting harder for me lately but I feel like I have the strength to endure whatever I need to thanks to the sheer amount of people in my corner. You're all amazing and I will always be grateful for each and every one of you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.
Thanks about your answer Wheel, thats all I come for.

Dunno for your health issues, anyway take care.

However, some triggered sycophants should learn to read before posting : your gross offended-for-nothing attitudes are ridiculous at best. Since smart enough people for deducing intentions from a less-than 10 sentences comment dont deserves more than a 4 sentences answer => I had what i came here for, so deal with it or do not for what I care.
User was warned for this post
Hope you feel better man, and don't worry about setting any release date take all the time you need, I finished this game back in 2018 and I come back to this blog pretty often that's how much the game has impacted me, that being said I hope you take some time for yourself, make sure you get some rest in you earned it ^~^
Hey man, long time no talk, haha. I hope you are doing ok despite your dificutlies and that you aren't straining yourself too much, your health will aways be the most important. Good luck with your recovery, i wish you only the best Wheelman.
Every now and again, I go back to this page and kind of check on how the game's doing. I just read the situational update, and maaan that sucks.

With all my sincerity, I really hope you feel better soon - not so you could update the game soon... but, it just really sounds like you're having a bad time.

If it's any consolation at all, I feel like the game I played way back 2016 was already amongst the best games I've ever played, and not just rpgmaker games. Whatever happens, I couldn't ask for more :)
Thanks boos, that really means a lot. I know you've been following the game for a long time, so I'm glad you're still interested and appreciate your kind words.
I just want to wish you the best of luck with your full recovery. It's great you can still work on you're games. Just keep taking things as you can handle them though, while recovering.
Thanks for the warm welcome, I think I'll definitely hang around a while longer. I picked up RPGM 2003 in the recent steam sale, so I might mess about with that a little if I can find the time. I'm sure I'll quickly appreciate the work people put into their projects.
Wow, mine was the first rpg maker game you've ever played? That's quite an honor! I'm glad I wss able to make a positive first impression on you when it comes to the engine. The things you can do with it are truly amazing with the right scripts.

To be honest I never expected this game to have even half the impact that it has, but the fact that people have been enjoying it in spite of its flaws has made me nothing short of ecstatic. The entire purpose of this game was to create a fun experience that others would enjoy that I could look back on with pride, and it has more than fulfilled that purpose. So allow me to thank you for your comment, as it is the reactions of players like you that have made building the game worth every second of effort.

Allow me to take the time to welcome you to rmn. We've got some pretty nice games here, and some even nicer people, so I hope you enjoy what you find. And if you ever just feel like shooting the breeze or asking me a question, please feel free to hit up my inbox. I try to be here pretty often.