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Over two hundred years ago, the five heroes defeated the god of darkness; Ragnarok, in a climactic struggle for the fate of the world. Banished back to the realm of darkness known as the Abyss, the threat of the evil god had finally been put to rest once and for all...or so they thought.

Umbral Soul follows the story of Ragnarok’s loyal servant, Pandora, who joins her master in a quest to conquer the world and reclaim his lost power. In order to shroud the world in eternal darkness, they will have to find and recruit new allies, build an army of powerful monsters, and raise a force strong enough to crush anyone who dares to oppose them. Heroes, generals and rival overlords all stand against them. Do you have the power to make the world yours?

A powerful dark sorceress with the ability to call forth monsters from the Abyss and enslave them to her will. Her burning hatred for the world and its people leads her to follow Ragnarok with unwavering loyalty.

The god of darkness, who seeks dominion over the human realm. Once an extremely powerful being in the form of a monstrous demon, he has now been reduced to a mere soul. He wishes to plunge the entirety of the human realm into darkness, in part out of spite for his counterpart; the goddess of light, Lumielle.

Beautiful, deadly, and self absorbed to a tee, Lanith is a succubus with a never ending hunger for the lifeforce of men. Having served under Pandora since she was only a child, she has a knack for getting under her skin, and does so whenever the opportunity arises.

A deeply twisted and sadistic young man, Damien loves nothing more than manipulating others and watching them squirm. While he has kept his true nature a secret, Ragnarok’s uprising marks the perfect opportunity for him to cut loose and have some fun...by killing as many enemies as possible.

The lord of all demons, who is fiercely loyal to Ragnarok and possesses an extreme, seething hatred for humanity. After failing to aid his master in conquering the world the first time, he has no intention of repeating the same mistakes again.

•A character driven storyline filled with unlockable side-stories

•Moving battle backgrounds for more organic battles

•Over 100 custom attack animations

•Custom sound effects

•More than 10 recruitable monsters and demons

•Engaging, story-driven sidequests

•Enhance your monsters with Darkness Points, evolving them into new and terrible forms

•Teleport to and from your lair at will

•Cutscenes and character interactions change depending on who is in your party

Katakura Hibiki Dark Hero Character Pack
Katakura Hibiki Fantasy Hero Character Pack
Katakura Hibiki Lords of Darkness Pack
Division Heaven

And many more! Full credits list will be included in the game upon completion.
A big shout out to all the resource creators both free and paid out there. Your hard work inspires us all to get out there and create something special!

The time is now. Forget about saving the world, reach out and conquer it.

Latest Blog

A heads up on the Ultimate Edition's Development

Greetings fellow denizens of rmn, Wheelman here. Man oh man, it's been fifty years since I posted a blog up here hasn't it? So what's the occasion you ask? Well I thought I'd take the time to fill you in on the current situation on the Umbral Soul ultimate edition's production. Come on, it's right there in the title.

See, earlier this year someone asked me when the game would be finished, and I told them it should be done by the end of the year, provided life didn't punch me in the gut the way it did last year. Yet here we are in the merry month of December and still no game. What's up with that? Well you see dear reader, while life did not hit me with the gut punch/left hook/shoryuken combo that it did last year, it did indeed jab me in the nose. Repeatedly.

What is the source of said jabs, you ask? Well that would be my job. There's been a bit of a mass exodus from the company, with thirteen people leaving within the span of a week, and to make up for the lack of manpower, the rest of us have been feeling the crunch. That crunch can be summed up in two horrible words; mandatory overtime. Good for my wallet, bad for just about everything else. For a while now I've had to spend a good chunk of my Saturdays at work, in addition to the usual forty hours of toil. This has meant having less time to do the things I love, such as trading emails with friends, playing games, and engaging in what rmn affectionately refers to as, "gam mak." Hence why I haven't been able to meet said deadline.

So yeah, the game is still coming along, it's just taking longer than I had hoped. I had an interview the other day that I thought went well so hopefully I'll soon have a new less time consuming job to call my own. I'd love to give a proper release date but since that almost never works out for me I'm just going to hold my tongue this time. Thank you all for your patience and understanding, and for supporting me with your kind words all this time. Rest assured I'm trying to make something you will hopefully find worth the wait.


dd33- I'm focusing on one project at a time for the time being. The last time I tried juggling more than one, it absolutely killed my productivity, so that's one mistake I don't plan on making again.

BaronVonConye- Wow, thank you! It always means a lot to me to hear someone has enjoyed the game, especially to such an incredible extent. I'll be the first to admit this project was stupidly overambitious, so it's a small miracle I was able to finish at all. In fact, at times it feels like I went out of my way to make it as tedious to event as possible. This was my first game, and it's really taught me the importance of playtesters. Fortunately there's a virtual army of generous players who have volunteered to help me ensure my games are bug-free. If memory serves, the bug you mentioned has something to do with the event command that plays a sound effect when a stolen summon dies. I've fixed it up, so once I upload the final version of this game, it'll be a thing of the past. Thanks for the help!
i taught your fixed all the bugs already ad i nocie a anther bug wheelin rehart world i can use portal abyss and get gringer since i do the quest after i do recrut ginger quest

in seren quest can you had ubgrate shop or ,music box extra and a return preview toens systeam like abyss portal
I played this game a while back and enjoyed it so much I actually consider it one of my favorite RPGs, and I play A LOT of RPGs lol. Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls, FF, Fallout, Trails, Witcher, Persona, Fire Emblem, etc. But surprisingly a free RPGMaker game some dude made in his free time is up there on my favorites along side the greats. So seriously congrats on this game man, you should feel proud of what you are making. I am genuinely looking forward to the final product almost as much as CyberPunk 2077 lol. If you aren't already planning to, you should put a "Paid Version" up on Steam when you finish the game. I would love to support you. Keep it up!
Well sheesh, how am I supposed to even respond to a comment like that? One of your favorite RPG's? Oh snap, I'm getting light headed again. Where's my paper bag? I need my bag!

It's incredibly flattering that you'd consider showing financial support for the game, but it's really not necessary. You've already supported me plenty without spending a dime thanks to that comment of yours, which I will hang in The Golden Hall of Awesome Comments forever. The way I see it, rmn is about sharing your love of rpgs with your fellow gamers by enjoying each other's projects. The fact that the community has enjoyed my game to such an extent is more than enough fulfillment for me.

As long as I'm running my mouth, I should mention that I've been taking player feedback into account when upgrading the game. In the final version, you'll no longer have to have a certain party configuration to use the Ebony Cauldron, Demon's Draughts will be usable in succession, ect ect. I've also given some of the talking summons some more screen time by adding new scenarios, and several npc's like Edge and Rose now have facesets. The hardest thing has been fixing some of the blander maps, but that's been going pretty well actually.

There's so much stuff I'm excited to share with everyone, but if there's anything I've learned from this project, it's not to get ahead of myself. Hang in there a little longer, I'll do everything I can to make sure it's worth the wait.
Haha glad my comment meant that much to you. I really meant it, you got talent so keep it up. Also yours is an admirable view to have of the RMN community and I can respect that. Always nice to see people dedicated to the making and sharing of their art for the sake of it.

In the meantime, I will eagerly await the finished product and anymore news. I'll try and give the game another play through to hold me over lol. If I think of any worthwhile feedback for you I'll let you know.
you shoud put facet to npc no link to story interesting choice wheel your too ambition for your own good when i lookfirth gaame project it less complete of your game who is rose i dind rember and i think i foud the lonngest game on the sit i devlopmen starless umbra sorry abou my time pressio coment idnd saw the true last thing do you pla to put a gallery for arth or mae a new game plus will be epic even if i think the game gona crash
scourge206- Hey thanks, I'd appreciate that. More feedback is always a good thing.

dd33- Being overly ambitious,(and I most certainly am), is a bit of a double edged sword. On one hand, there's a chance that you end up taking on more than you can handle and end up burning yourself out. On the other hand, it can lead you to create something better than you would have if you had played it safe. This game never would have existed if I hadn't been absurdly, ridiculously, hilariously overambitious. Between all the cutscenes, playable characters and attack animations, I don't think I could've made things harder for myself if I tried!

But, I think I know how to make my ambition work for me, because as long as you have the drive to do something, you'll see it through to the end. And let me tell ya, I've got plenty of drive to spare thanks to you guys. Unfortunately a new game plus script wouldn't work with the other scripts I'm using, and art galleries are more for games that have CG's, which this game doesn't.
Does anyone know how to earn dark points to enhance the monsters?
*raises hand* DP can be acquired by bringing items obtained from sidequests to the Ebony Cauldron. There's a necklace you can buy at the item shop in Vallwin you can turn into DP, and you'll gain more as you progress through the story. Good luck on becoming an evil pokemon master.
*raises hand* DP can be acquired by bringing items obtained from sidequests to the Ebony Cauldron. There's a necklace you can buy at the item shop in Vallwin you can turn into DP, and you'll gain more as you progress through the story. Good luck on becoming an evil pokemon master.

I sold all the items
How to become an evil pokemon master? How many monsters are there?
I got 12 monsters so far. I am at "The Sleeping Evil" main quest
I don't know how to get the ticket to face Perseus when people are blocking the counters (The Demon's Gauntlet side quest).

Completed quests:
It Begins, Descent into Darkness, The Growing Darkness, Snuffing the Light, Expanding Might, The Mysterious Visitor, Queen of the Insects, The Little Vampire, The Essence of Joy, Recruitment Drive, Let's get Kraken, The Mysterious Mira, The Demon Lord's Burder, Revival of the Betrayer, To Be a Master, The Robed Prisoner, The Shards of Divinity, A Legendary Power, Into the Rat's Nest

Active Quests:
The Sleeping Evil
The Demon's Gauntlet (Cannot complete because I cannot purchase the ticket)

I still need to enhance metal Slime, Abomination and Draconus (Form 2) but I don't have enough DP.
i wheel do you said when iyou plsn to put a trailer and hoe fish the side quest the mysterious mira i talk to mira in the cabin and noting happen i have gringer and zzriel in my team
DP items are key items that can't be sold, so you should be good. Spoilers, because spoilers.

There are 17 summons in all excluding the evolutions, plus 1 secret summon that doesn't actually fight. To obtain the secret summon, talk to the Dark Imp at the Ebony Cauldron repeatedly until you recruit him.

Completing "The Sleeping Evil" will get you some more DP, and unlock the quest that allows you to face Perseus. You'll have to beat all the tournaments in Arcfall first if you haven't already. Completing the Perseus quest will get you even more DP.

Let me know if you need anything else.

dd33- I don't really know how to make trailers so I wasn't planning on releasing one.

You need Marcus in your party to trigger that scene.
Spoilers, because spoilers.

There are 17 summons in all excluding the evolutions, plus 1 secret summon that doesn't actually fight. To obtain the secret summon, talk to the Dark Imp at the Ebony Cauldron repeatedly until you recruit him.

Completing "The Sleeping Evil" will get you some more DP, and unlock the quest that allows you to face Perseus. You'll have to beat all the tournaments in Arcfall first if you haven't already. Completing the Perseus quest will get you even more DP.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Thank you.
So there are still more sidequests besides the ones I listed to get four more monsters and the secret monster. I thought I visited all the places and talked to everyone on the map.

The monsters I have so far: Lanith, Abimination, Rozalin, Hornet Queen, Grelda, Mira, Narissa, Draconus (Form 2), Noire, Cthulhu, Phoenix and Metal Slime.

I just found one more: Demora and the secret one.
Three more to go.
If you're worried you're going to miss something, I can tell you how to obtain the rest of the summons.

You can unlock Demora by talking to her with Azrielle in your party. Two more summons are unlocked as you proceed through the story, and the last two are unlocked by completing a sidequest that becomes available after you complete "The Sleeping Evil". If you head to Arcfall after that, it'll be pretty hard to miss.

The only summon in the game that can be missed is Narissa, and you already have her so you should be set.

There are the monsters I found:

There are 17 battle monsters + 1 non-battle monster.
Which level do all monsters learn all their skills?
How to become an evil pokemon master?
Active quest: Beginning of the End
Most third stage monsters have learned all of their attacks except for maybe 1 which shows up with a level or 2. All characters learn all their skills before level 20.

It looks like you've got all of the summons, so you're already an evil pokemon master. Congratulations!
Thank you for the great game. Some monsters do not have any attack skill at all: Demora, Grelda and Narrisa. I enjoy your game a lot. I wish the ending would be little longer. The DP point is gained very late to enhance the monsters.
Mira is my favorite monster.

Is this your only game?
Grelda has Emerald Explosion, but she's the only one of the maids with any kind of offense at all. Being that they're weaker demons who don't really fight, I wanted to make them support characters, since most other summons are attackers.

I'm glad you enjoyed yourself! Mira was a lot of fun to write for, along with Damien and Lanith. Those three were probably my favorites. This is my only game for now, but I'm working on an enhanced version of this game with a new campaign. After that will be its sequel, Luminous Soul. Thanks a lot for playing, and for sharing your thoughts.
hi notice the summob are not really nessary to kill evryone will how much you done in ultimate version do you need bug report again antfd hy the serne boss is too easy it the pre final doungeon it too easy