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Dark Rebirth patch now Available!

The final version of the game is now up for download. All of the bugs brought to my attention have been fixed, including several evolution bugs and the infamous duplicate Abyssal Portal glitch. I've also added a few features to make the game more enjoyable. Saves from previous versions are transferrable, but if you want access to the new moves, a new game is required.

-Pandora now learns a healing spell, a more powerful damage spell, and a spell that damages all foes.

-Damien now learns 2 spells that make him effective against bosses.

-Demon's Draughts now grant 600 exp instead of 300.

Also fixed a few spelling and passibility errors on various maps. It's a huge game, so I don't know if I got them all, but in its current state, the game should not have any major issues. Version 1.2 is still perfectly beatable, if not a bit glitchy, so feel free to finish your game using that version if you'd like. Thank you and as always, have fun!