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Ultimate Edition in Production

Greetings fellow gamers! I realize I've mentioned releasing another version of the game in passing, but I never actually made an official announcement about it, so...here you go!

I just want to start by saying that I have been completely taken aback by the sheer amount of positive feedback, constructive criticism, helpful suggestions and various bug reports this game has been receiving. That being said, I will not be comfortable walking away from it to move on to the sequel until its issues have been fixed.That is why I intend to release another version with more fixes and content.

"Oh come on Wheelman!" you exclaim, "I've already downloaded this game 4 times, you can't expect me to download it again!" That's a fair argument humble reader, which is why I intend to sweeten the deal with more scenario's and a very special surprise I think you'll enjoy. It's going to take a bit of time to put together, but it won't stall the sequel's production too much and I believe the end result will be worth it.

Thank you all for your kind words and support, I intend to repay that kindness with even more games for you to enjoy in the future.


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The all around prick
Oh come on Wheelman! I've already downloaded this game 4 times, you can't expect me to download it again!

...No, really, I did download this 4 different times cause I've been wanting to play it. I just managed to get through the prologue on the latest version, haha.

At this point, it sounds like you may need to put out a call for testers instead of making people download new projects over and over again. Also, while the idea of new content sounds cool, keep in mind that more content means more content bugs.

Regardless, I'm looking forward to finally going through the game again! Good luck with production!
Heh heh, yeah, this was my first game release ever, so I've learned quite a bit about the do's and don't's of releasing a game. The game's perfectly beatable in its current state, but those bugs still bug me (yes, the pun was intended).

There's already a plethora of good folks here who have offered to test the sequel for me, so hopefully that should make for a much cleaner release. Thanks, Nova!
Oh, maybe it's a bit late, but might I suggest adding a counter (or something like that) for the side-quests (or something else to know when you've got them all), so people can know how/when they managed to get the most out of the game?
I might just end up including a walkthrough document in the next version that tells the player where to initiate each sidequest.
I might just end up including a walkthrough document in the next version that tells the player where to initiate each sidequest.

That would actually be pretty useful. It doesn't have to be overly detailed, I would probably be good with 'name-of-quest' and 'where-it-is'. Just so I know I can check them off. xD
Maybe then you need a harsh critique. To stop.
Sounds interesting. Never really commented since a friend of mind (lamasquerade) pmed you awhile back with our findings bug wise so I won't get into that. One thing we both really enjoyed were the scenarios. The dialog in this game is extremely well written

I wanted to mention a couple things that interested me that I'd like to see either in this game or the sequel that were alluded at but not in this one. I'll mark with a hide tag just in case someone reads who isn't done with the game. Not mentioning the manor since you said it'd be the next game for that. It's been a little over a month since my playthrough so my memory is a bit hazy on some of the npc games.

1. The dark fairy queen. I tried so many times to revisit that area because the game wouldn't let you do anything in the village on your first visit. I really wanted to fight that queen and possibly get her as a summon. If not a summon then more story unlocked with the dark fairy you do get as a summon. Could even unlock one of the new scenarios you are talking about. Don't know if you wanted her to simply be wiped out, but it's something to look into if not.

2. The girl that captured the one succubi had me intrigued. Would like to see more on who that girl actually is.

3. There wasn't much story with one of the demon maids that I saw (the sister of the one that got captured). I did fail to get her as a summon because I didn't realize I was supposed to talk to her again (even though I had just talked to her to initiate that sidequest). Would like to see more of her story (I didn't even miss out on any scenarios by not getting her so I don't think I missed much), and perhaps to see her made less miss-able.

Not sure of your plans or if you planned to go into any of that more, but hopefully you can get some ideas from some of the things I wanted to see too.

One other thing I should mention is that both me and my friend hated the 5th party member (ability wise), and pretty much avoided using him in combat when we could. Might want to get some more opinions on him and see if anyone else felt the same. I felt it was a pretty big deal though because I'm usually more of a physical skill user than magical, and it was strange to me not wanting to use the one physical fighter.
That's some much appreciated feedback demonlord, I'll hide my answer to avoid spoilerocity.

1. The player will get to meet the dark fairy queen and fully explore the fairy village in the next game. Like Sullivan Manor, the village was one of the locations I wanted to keep "fresh" for the sequel, so I limited a lot of its accessibility.

2. That story was left as a cliffhanger for the sequel as well. You'll learn exactly who she is as well as the fate of her victim.

3. Yeah, that character was more of a secret summon. She doesn't have much of a story on her own as its intertwined with those of her sisters. I'm going to add a spoiler-free walkthrough to the next version so people know to talk to her twice.

The 5th party member is a little quirky in that if you don't use him in combination with the right characters, he can be a bit underwhelming. He has the potential to be an extremely high damage dealer, but you need to dedicate another character to keeping his HP up. I wanted each character to have their own unique feel and strategy behind them.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts demonlord,I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.
Hi Im really enjoying your game so far but i just have one small problem that i hope you could help me with.To begin I am deaf which is a problem when i find myself in Rosalins castle and find there is a puzzle which i can only assume has something got to do with sound or else i just have to press the orbs in a random order and hope for the best which i doubt is how it is supposed to be done. Is there any chance you could message me with the order in which to press the orbs?
Yeah, it's a sound puzzle. I'll send you the solution right away.
Would You Recommend I Wait For This Version to play the Game, or is it going to be possible to upgrade and keep my save file?
Save files won't be transferable, so if you really want to get into the action, you'll want to go ahead and play the current version. The Ultimate Edition will have a little something that will make downloading it worth it even if you've beaten the game before, so by all means feel free to dive into the current version.
why the ultimate version dont keep save what is the bonus you wil make
Some of the changes I'm making require a new game to take effect, it's just how one of the scripts works. As for the bonus...well that's a surprise. I think you'll be happy with the result.
I Think I will wait for Ultimate then, I want to LP this, and replaying does not look good in that circumstance, so I'll just go for the full experience of this already awesome game.
I'm already getting hyped, it's always been a dream of mine to have someone do a let's play of my game. I suppose I'll just have to up the quality control even further so you don't run into any issues.
I am already 13 hours in and loving the game. WHen will you be giving updates about the ultimate edition?
There's nothing wrong with releasing new versions as long as it's improvement and new content added.
Ignore the naysayers and keep improving whenever you can, just make sure to take every step possible (this is the keyword, if it can't be helped, I suppose the players will just have to restart if they wish to experience the improvement) to make upgrades retroactive so that players are not forced to restart from scratch and it should be fine.
It's also a way to keep a game constantly fresh and having people interested on the franchise over time.
I'm looking forward to the ultimate edition, where I expect that the "Scenario" word won't be spelled wrong every time. :P
dicccall- Hmmm, updates eh? To be honest I was just going to make one giant post at the end that said "Hey guys, look at all this cool stuff I added!"

Clangeddin- I actually haven't noticed any naysayers so far. Everyone has been extremely supportive with their comments. Thanks to them, I can even spell "their" and "scenario" correctly now! I don't think you'll be disappointed by the end result, as it will have a very special surprise included.
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