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I'm back, baby!

Hey everybody, hope you've been doing well. I'm pleased to say I was just recently discharged from rehab, so at long last after over a month I'm home. They ran a whole lot of tests on me and I had several surgeries, so I am finally no longer in danger of croaking. That means I'm finally free to double down on game development, when I'm not stuck sitting in some doctor's office that is. Thank you all for your well wishes, they went a long way towards improving my mental health through that strenuous time. Welp, that's enough chatter. I've got some game making to do.


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Congrats on your honorable discharge!
yassss, so happy for you!! put your health and wellbeing first no matter what, though
Great to hear, Congrats!

edit: sorry for the triple post, cant seem to figure out how to delete comments
Thanks, guys! Now here's hoping nothing else horrible happens to me before I finish the game. Shoot...did I just jinx myself?
Great to hear WheelMan, It's been a good 2-3 years since I played Umbral Souls and I still check for progress every few months! Wish you the best now that you are back home.
Heyy I'm glad to hear it's getting a little brighter on your end at least! And glad to hear you're back!
That's great. Really good news! Happy to hear it's much better than before. Don't overload yourself though, but glad to hear you can do more game-making again! :)
Thanks you guys! You're the peperoni to my pizza. Dang, now I'm hungry.
*chanting supportively* sen-pa-i sen-pa-i sen-pa-i
Good to hear you're on the path to recovery! Btw, whould you be willing to consider releasing the Ultimate Edition on Steam? Knowing how good the game actually is i think it would be a fine source of income. I would be thrilled to have Umbral Soul as part of my games library.
Doh! Sorry for the super slow reply dimitrisnikitas. As flattering as your suggestion is, there's a lot of copyrighted resources in this game, so if I were to go commercial I'd have to gut a lot of the art and music. Azrielle and Lanith's portraits would have to be changed at the very least if I didn't want to get my pants sued off.

I prefer to make games for fun rather than profit anyway, since it gives you a lot more freedom to do what you want. It's only really ever been about sharing the story in my head and hopefully giving people a good time. Thanks for the props though, it means a lot!
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