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Waging a war against... Light?? oh wait!! we're playing as the Darkness badasses! xD

  • Starmage
  • 05/19/2016 01:18 PM
Umbra is a an amazing character-driven game with alot of amazingly executed scenes which allows you to fully sympathize with the characters and immerse within the world! if you're looking for a game where you can put yourself inside the shoe of a villain and learn how they become the evil that they are now? well, this is one of the greatest choices! though it is still a demo in it's early phase, I believe it is worth the shot and you'll be looking forward for the completion of it! ;)

Intro/Prologue Impressions:

Okay, if one word describes the intro... it's BADASS!! xDD sorry for such language! it was really cool!! xD the heavy metal music matched with a very intense battle playing as a demonic god, what can get more badass than that?? xDD What I really love about the sequence is how it showed the way dark and light prevailed one another! it was extremely amazingly executed and I enjoyed every bit of it! xDD


I really love how we both shared the same concept of being loathed for the use of certain talents in our projects! I am really immediately attached to the character for that! Also, such poetic sentiments from her parents with one another! <3.. but then again.. such good things must always come to an end when (spoilers) tragedy comes.. t'was so saaddd... x(( The story was really soul capturing and emotionally driven, and that is something I always loved in games! :) The way Lianna supposedly wanted to grow as a good girl but was changed evil because of the people around her that wished to kill her and those she love was truly sad and tragic! it was very nicely executed too, and the game has captured the real essence of the concept itself! The way "Lianna" was then introduced as a really head-strong and tomboyish dark mage 20 years later really made quite an impact! and I like how she interacts with the dark lord "Ragnarok" and her summons. (especially with "Lanith") The demo itself have already shown it's great potentials for the story and plot at hand, so I'm looking forward!! :)


The menu system and it's theme was really amazing and fitting to the game, again I'm really impressed with this game's dark/gothic aesthetic and the menu itself expressed such fine fashion of darkness. I also love the usage of sound-effects to better make the world of the game immersive! they were indeed quite effective! xD

Battle System:

The battle system was really great, the animations, the character arts, the fast-paced gameplay, the music and everything else! they fit so well together! The summon system was also pretty cool, allowing you to call whoever summon you wanna choose to tag along in the party!! adds up to a top-notch flavor for the game! :D

Additional Remarks:

The game was really well planned out and I think there's so much potential for this upon completion!! since the demo itself already got me hooked! all I can say is, I'm looking forward and best of luck to the developer!! it was very well done!! the dark/gothic style will surely capture anyone who is up for such! ;)


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Wow Starmage, I'm not quite sure what to say. I'm overjoyed that you enjoyed the demo this much!

Truth be told, I originally had no intention of releasing this project to the public. It was only ever meant to be a game for my personal enjoyment. The mapping was big and empty, and the overall feel of the game was less than polished. However, thanks to the encouragement of a friend, I decided to take the plunge, sharpen it up, and go public with it.

I learned better mapping techniques, fooled around with a long list of scripts and put more care into the eventing. A lot of what I learned came from the good folks here at rmn, be it through playing the games of others or reading tutorials. I owe my growth as an amateur game developer to rmn and my buddy, so I want to take this time to thank you all.

All of the words of encouragement have been a big help to me, and some constructive criticism never hurts either. Development is going stronger than ever, so I'll be working to make the rest of this game worthy of that rather gracious 5 star rating. Thanks for the review, Starmage!
Hi WheelmanZero!! I'm very happy you enjoyed the review as I did with your demo!! xDD It was indeed well-deserved because I can see the potentials within the demo itself already to be a good classic JRPG game!! especially the aesthetic itself!! it was very well-thought out!! xDD D

And you're very welcome WheelmanZero!! I am happy to have helped in any way through my review! :) so best of luck to you and your project!! :D xDD
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