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Developer Refined the Game for Enjoyment

  • Skylide
  • 04/28/2017 11:51 AM
Overview: The game centers around the resurgence of the God of Darkness through a summoner who accidentally summons him. You essentially focus on terrorizing the world of humans while witnessing the internal struggles of the characters you recruit, and through optional side quests, cutscenes, and areas, you have the option to explore the lives of certain enemies and some significant areas in the realm of demons. This game focuses heavily on progressing through the main plot while filling its world with characters with different personalities and opinions, varied areas, and varying connections to the main cast. The combat mechanics aren't neglected though, since you have a lot at your disposal due to how you get new characters and summons almost as fast as your rate of progress through the story.

> Engaging Story and Characters that interact with the world and each other (making me want to switch out characters and summons just to see how they'd react) almost always
> Wide Variety of Skills, Mechanics, and Characters to use in combat that make boss battles engaging
> No grind/crafting bs for gear (Keeping track of mob drops and travelling to resource nodes is not fun to me, it sounds like work, thank god this dev agrees)
> Sound and music are varied and appropriately placed
> Bonus cutscenes available to really make world feel alive
> Multitude of sidequests and a world that isn't too big, but uses the space it does have to the max (opposed to other games on the site that advertise the length of the experience when they really just give a large map with few genuinely interesting things in it)

> Not all summons seem useful and I ignored many due to them simply being underleveled. Made sorely disappointing by how I really wanted to see what the evolved summons would look like, but didn't want to level grind them along with the other bonus characters that really felt like they were only useful for 1 or 2 skills.
> When I'm trying to explore the world, it can be annoying when random encounters keep popping up every 10 or so steps (thank god the escape button is accessible right at the start of combat and it works most of the time).
> Random encounters feel stale and trivial near end of game once you realize that you will need to spend multiple turns just spamming aoe attacks so you can off boring creatures in a timely manner.
> If you think about it, the characters make really stupid decisions sometimes and really should've known better.

5/5 for being free, and an RPGMaker Game that is actually intended to be an RPG that doesn't make the early game a boring, frustrating mess and that takes the time to make an enjoyable, immersive experience that made me binge it overnight.
Effort and care has been shown in the creation of the world and characters. There are things that definitely need tweaking/rebalancing, but this game cuts most things of the things that make older RPGs tedious and uninteresting.

Definitely worth playing.


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Phew, I finally got the chance to respond to this! So, when making this game I made sure to remove everything I dislike about rpg's while adding in everything I do like. It seems our likes and dislikes are similar, which is why you had such a great time.To be honest, I'm flabbergasted that so many people seem to share the same tastes as I do when it comes to rpg's. When I was creating the game, I never imagined it would receive anywhere near this level of positivity.

I definitely agree that getting all the summons to their final form can be a bit of a grind even with Demon's Draughts, and acquiring a large sum of gold can be difficult. That's why I've already adjusted gold and exp rates for the next version. Demon's Draughts have also been made cheaper and more potent, and will be able to be used in succession instead of one at a time.

I generally prefer random encounters to on touch myself, and was careful not to make the encounter rate too overbearing, but one thing that does irk me is failing to flee from battle. That's why all of the random encounters in the game except for a certain sidequest area have a 100% escape rate. I'm even working on something that'll make running away slightly more fun.

Many of the villains make very questionable (translated: stupid) decisions due to their cockiness or lack of foresight. Of course even that played a role in making them feel more like villains, as stupidity and arrogance are trademarks of classic villainy. How many times has a villain had a chance to execute his mortal foe, but decided to spend five minutes monologuing instead?

Thank you for the awesome review, my mind is still in kind of a foggy state of disbelief. It's like I used up all my happiness on the other reviews and now all that's left is shock and awe. I just don't have the words to describe the feeling. I hope the work I do in the future will entertain you just as much as this game did!
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