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the best rpg maker game ever (and that is a fact!)

i have been procrastinating with this review for a long time because i want to say so many things and i want to try to make it sound at least a bit coherent and i don't want to forget anything (i probably will, though). also, hey, it's me, the asdfghjkl girl! after all the comments, i wanna finally make the actual review ^^

i have tried lots of games. and when i say lots, i mean a lots. all kinds of games, on all kinds of platforms. and that includes rpg maker games. with them, i am the type of person that will download way too many games at once out of boredom (or i randomly feel like it xD) and just try them all out, and then decide to play them later if i like them. i have a long playlist of games like that... but this game, it hooked me. very quickly and very strongly. i had to play it immediately. and for a good reason. to put it simply, this is really the best rpg maker game i have ever played (and probably will ever play), and also definitely one of the best video games of any sort that i have ever played (and, as i said, probably will ever play). everything about it is absolutely amazing and ajfhgkldfjgdfjgafjgha. it has everything. music, looks, story, characters, small things that give special flavour... really, everything is so epic. it made me feel the feels, it made me laugh, it made me awwww, it was just... an incredible journey.

few months ago, i decided to try making a tiny little game (i am not saying it to manipulate you into trying it, please don't, it's awkward and a mess, i literally made it while learning to use rpg maker xD), i made it in a week, and it made me realise just exactly how much work goes into even the smallest scene or battle, so i am even more amazed and i seriously admire you for the work and dedication you put in this. i think my brain would explode if i tried doing something of that scale, like, all the characters, battles, maps, dialogues, etc etc, there is so much of it! as i said, i seriously admire your dedication. and you also obviously have talent both for aesthetic things, and great imagination and storytelling skills. seriously, you rock. it is obvious that you really poured your heart and soul into this game. you have been my rpg maker senpai since i played the game, just so you know xD

ok, so, let's focus on a bit more particular stuff.

every single character in this game is unique and different from all the others, really deep and not just a stereotype of some kind. even though the main characters are all bad guys and killers, not a single one of them is just 2d evil, they all have their reasons and motivations behind this, and all of them are tragic in their own way, you can feel compassion for them and understand their need for revenge or their sort of justice, they are often relatable, and they are portrayed like actual human (or well, humanoid) beings with feelings and personalities. they are all really really really well written and i love it so much. also, i love that there is no black and white in any way. there are some "good" guys that are actually trash, and, as i said, villains are actually not that bad. and i love that even npc-s aren't bland and boring, nope, they are also unique and interesting.

the world is really fleshed out (is that how you say it, i hope it is) and there was obviously lots of thought put into it (but hey, i can say that for literally everything in the game ^^). having the lore, history, ordinary people, everything that you added that technically was not necessary makes the game so much better in my opinion (i am the type of person to explore absolutely every single little detail of the map and be the happier the more of the interactions and thingies there is), you could literally make an entire book series, game series, everything, because the world is really interesting and well made. also, i love how you showed something that can be very relevant today, that you can make a good person evil if you demonize them and attack them and hurt them for something they didn't choose or can't change about them, or well, you could use it as a symbol for things that are actually good, but people make them look bad and hurt those connected to it out of their fear and hate, and then the hurt ones, not seeing clearly and being in pain, become bad and do bad things. i have a feeling i explained this a bit weird... i hope you understand me. but yeah, you really well showed how bigotry, close mindedness, prejudice, everything like that, everything like that is wrong and only causes terrible things.

story is really captivating and interesting. there is nothing stereotypical or honestly even expected about it. you made a plot twist (playing as a villain) obvious, but after that, you could have still made a very not unique and different story. but instead, you literally made it so awesome, so much that a person can't stop playing and is just like, what is gonna happen next, what is gonna happen next? it just hooks you so much! i also love that everything goes very smoothly, i mean, yeah, it starts with a single girl and a powerless demon, and ends up with a (kind of) world destruction, but it is not forced, it just goes natural with the flow of the game, there are no moments when you are like wait, how did this happen/it was so random and not fitting. nope, everything fits so well with each other, transitions between story parts are so smooth and natural, like, as i think i said already, it is all so well written and thought out. also, i love that you can relatively easily progress through the game, there are no puzzles that make you wanna kill somebody or incredibly hard enemies that you can never beat. seriously, if it was a book, if it was a movie, if it was a tv show, i wouldn't even pirate it (i pirate everything xD), i would pay as much as you asked for it.

as for the main quests, i think i probably said most about them in the story part, i mean, they are connected to it. but i love the fact that there are so many optional mini quests that you can play if you want (hint: i did want, very much), they give really nice additional flavour to the game and it is just so amazing when you play a great game, and then you have even more to play, more things to do, more everythinggggg *voice becomes like gollum when he says my precious*

how... just how... did you make so many of them? again, my admiration for you is off the charts. they are literally all so amazing and special, not to mention how they have other awesome things about them, such as different interactions with someone or something because of them and stuff like that. same for different interactions while having different party members too, that is such an epic thing you added !!! seriously, i love both that and all the summons so much.

same thing as in the previous one. there are so many of them! all different, all unusual, it is just so great. another thing that really showed how deeply you went into making the game, like, even though there is technically no need to make detailed enemies that will just show randomly and not have a big role, you still put lots of effort in them, and that is just wow.

i am not really the biggest fan of the fighting aspect in games. like, sometimes it is ok, and i admit some games i play are only about some kind of fighting, but i honestly like more to explore, talk, interact, stuff like that. that feeling is even stronger with rpg maker games. if there is too much battle and too little stuff i am looking for, i am just like nope. but battles here are so good! not too easy, not too hard, not too complicated, not too simple. also, i love all the elements and stuff that you added, strengths and weaknesses, it makes it much more interesting and fun.

gorgeous, beautiful, fantastic, elegant, aesthetic, amazing, incredible, stunning... those are just few of many words i can say about them. i could literally write a mini essay about every single one, but i will just say i love them all, castles, nature, cities, villages, really everything is... indescribably amazing.

just like everything else, it is epic. fits the situations perfectly, it is very easy to listen to, like, there was not a single time i was like ugh, can this melody please stop or something like that, it's catchy, very cool, i could literally listen to all of it for hours!

as i said, you really have the storytelling talent! the dialogues are witty, interesting, causing all kinds of feels, natural, every character really always talks in character, not some random stuff that doesn't suit them, it is all very well written and is one of the strongest sides of the game (although it doesn't really have weak sides xD).

those little movies in pandora's room (forgot the name xD)
they gave even more additional depth and flavour to the game and i love it, i loved collecting them all, and the feeling when you see you have them all is absolutely fantastic. the only thing that could maybe make them better would be if you could quit when you start them, because i would often misclick and then have to watch the entire thing (the problem is... in rushing to finish it, i would even click too much... and start it again... ;_;). but i love that you added them, they are incredibly lovely addition.

game mechanics
as i said, i tried making a short little game, and i learned some basics about the rpg maker programs. and honestly, that made me understand, together with what i already mentioned about how much time and effort you must have put in the game, just how many interesting and cool mechanics you added. and i love that! seriously, you worked so hard on this, that is obvious. and the results are amazing. all those mechanics and stuff, they make the game look so professional and serious, really, if i didn't know better, i would think it was made by some big studio. although... there is kinda too much heart and soul in this game for the big studio, i can really see this game was your baby that you really treasured.

SO MANY GOOD STUFF HERE !!!!! games, animes, other stuff, i just love love love it so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there is nothing else i can say about it, just LOVE! but well, that can be the description of my reaction to this entire game in just one word too :D

p.s. sorry if i sound weird, english is not my native language so sometimes i have a feeling i sound weird >.<

p.p.s. sorry i use too many of the words "things" and "stuff" ;_;

p.p.p.s. i hope this all makes sense, because i just wrote and wrote and wrote, and then kept thinking of new things to add, so i did, so it all got really confusing, did i write this, did i not, and i really can't re-read it all now again (i actually did few times, but who knows what i missed), so i really hope it's ok. if it's not, if anything is weird or makes no sense, please ask me to explain XD

p.p.p.p.s. by some comments, i see you're close to spontaneously combusting from all the reviews and stuff, so i really hope this is not the one that finally kills you. live! enjoy the labours of your work and make us more amazing games ^_^


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Alright, that's it, I'm convinced that you're all crazy. Not that being crazy is a BAD thing, but...yeah, you're all nuts. And you're right, I had to dunk my head in ice water to prevent myself from spontaneously combusting after seeing that someone had left yet another high rated review. Seriously, you people are going to give me a heart attack.

Sooo...not sure where to start here. I guess I should start by saying that I'm thrilled that you enjoyed the game so much. Actually, "thrilled" isn't quite right, but I don't think there's a word within the scope of human language that can accurately describe this level of joy, so I'll just stick with "thrilled". I think I said something similar on another review, but my feelings haven't changed, so I'm saying it again.

About the scope of the game, I don't think it would've been possible to do everything I did if I hadn't been enjoying what I was doing. I basically stuffed everything I'd always wanted to be able to do into one game. That's what's so great about rpg maker; you're only limited by your own imagination and the boundaries of the engine, which can be expanded greatly. Well...that and time. Game making takes a boatload of time, at least for me.

I won't pretend to be a master, in fact I still consider myself a novice in some respects, but I'd be happy to share what knowledge I've gained from messing around with rpg maker over these past few years. If you ever want to know how I did something, or want any advice on anything, shoot me a message and I'll try to help as best I can.
oh don't worry, i have always known i am a bit crazy xD as morticia addams would say "normal is an illusion. what is normal for a spider is chaos for a fly". but i don't think i would call myself crazy for this. i mean, appreciating a really great game? why is that crazy? that is a perfectly normal thing to do :P

i am glad you are "thrilled" xD i was very honest in my review, like, i really wanted to express my love for the game properly, and i also wanted for you to see that i really mean it, because i have legit arguments about everything i mention being awesome. that, and i also simply really enjoyed writing a review and talking about all the cool stuff :D

as for the game, as i said, it is very obvious it was made with lots of love. and i really really find that beautiful.

and thank you, who knows, i might even send a message or two sometime in the future ^-^

p.s. you can refuse to be senpai... but you are a senpai nevertheless
Heh, sorry, it's just hard for me to believe that this is actually happening. I guess I'm my own worst critic, but I'm just utterly shocked people like you enjoyed the game to this extent. It's just completely mind-blowing.

It was a boatload of work and I gave it my all, but all that effort would've been worth it to read this review alone, let alone the other five. That being said, thanks! I will cherish this review forever! I will print it out, frame it, and hang it on my wall for twelve generations of my children to behold!

Alright alright fine, but I wouldn't be much of a senpai if I didn't try to share some knowledge, so don't be afraid to send me those questions.
the world ends in whatever my makerscore currently is

Deep breaths, man.
hehe all i can say is i that am happy that you are happy and you like my review. i mean, in return for giving us such an amazing game, the least i can do for you is give you a review that accurately describes how i felt about the game ^__^
Infectionfiles- It's not going to be ok. It's not going to be ok! GET TO THE PANIC ROOM!

gothicmiriel- And I'm happy that you're happy I'm happy. Good feels all around.
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