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Misao Awards 2016 coming up fast.

  • sjmorgan
  • 12/24/2016 10:53 PM
While I won't ask or demand anyone vote for this game, I do ask that if you really believe it deserves to win a Misao... please take the moment to vote over not voting. This project hasn't generated the traffic some of the others have from things like being a Featured Game or being based off a more popular series or deved by a popular developer.

Small time over here, but this game accurately recreated old school DoaE mechanics down to the battle system, food system, recruiting system, ect. Best Old-School Game is the reasonable target I'm hoping for and I have a strong feeling this game will end up going against Oblivion Quest, which was a contest winner and featured game and thus reached a much lager audience of potential voters.

If everyone that has privately complimented me over at the Den or done a Let's Play or had private discussions about the games inner workings were to take the tiem to vote, there's a real chance of a win here. It all comes down to turn out. Fingers crossed and everyone have a great holiday.


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This project is an example of what's wrong with RMN lately.
Ten years ago, this gamepage would be abuzz with feedback and activity. It was ambitious during it's creation, and it wound up being a smashing success. Just tagging "Completed" is always an arduous task, but this is a technical marvel as well.
Unfortunately, these days nobody's games are getting any attention. It's not just you. People generally seem uninterested in giving other people's games feedback, so the only ones that receive any are the site's regular members who cheer each other on.

If you're gunning for Misaos, you might try the Review Request thread. At the very least, you'll get a review or two almost guaranteed. You could also share an image or two in the Screenshot thread.
Threatening someone over a 30 day ban.
First off, I really appreciate the kind words. It's always great to hear something you made impressed someone. I'm going to take your advice and try both of those threads.

In all honesty, part of the issue with this project getting attention is the falling out I had almost a year ago with a few close knit prominent community members. It was a social mess between myself and them and while resolved... the stigma silently remains.

I know for a fact that a few people that liked this project privately are close to those members that feel slighted by me in the past and they won't publicly show any support for fear of being associated with that negative opinion of me from that issue.

I'd really like the game to just be viewed on it's own merit as a game and only move forward within the community without future issues.
I don't know much you've been promoting the game elsewhere besides the Den, but I definitely think we're in an age where you need to market the game outside of RMN to get any attention. (Though I suppose the Den is the most reasonable place to do so, and keep in mind that the number of dedicated western Dragon Quest fans can practically be counted on one hand.)

But I don't think it's just you. Gamedev is a monstrously crowded hobby these days and only a small percentage of devs who either find the right niche or get lucky by having the right person find it are really seeing any success. It's definitely a huge struggle for many of us, and we're all in it together.

EDIT: I did manage to try the game when it first came out. Didnt get very far, but I was very impressed by the technical prowess you achieved. That battle system must've taken a lot of work, and you should be proud.
Threatening someone over a 30 day ban.
I've promoted the game three places so far outside of this website Met. The den, a Dragon Quest fb group where it got quite a few likes and I generated like 7 downloads from one post, and from a Destiny of an Emperor website. I try to think of other places to promote it, but it really is a niche title.

I agree it's definitely not just me. Monstrously crowded sounds about right for our hobby. The scripting end of the battle system was handled by LeCode, who had 0 experience with Destiny of an Emperor. We went back and forth a lot with results and requests, trial and error until it was right enough. I then tweaked some of the scripting and it was easy with how he had it layed out. No hassle looking it over and making changes on the fly.

The game also has the real damage algorithm in effect from DoaE which I found on Gamefaqs by a user named Meteorstrike. Two Hime scripts really helped finish getting the battle system just right. One to make enemies appear or not appear conditionally so recruited characters wouldn't be in battles or decisions could prevent people from being in battles or add other people... and the second script let me run events after victory but before the battle ended... to event out the whole "pay a general with gold, or horse or they may refuse to join" event accurately.

The current version of the game has been tweaked to be friendlier in the earlier portion. I've ran the game beginning to end with 0 grinding at all and the last fight was very hard fought but won.
Threatening someone over a 30 day ban.
Welp, didn't make a single Misao category. Oh well. I'm a bit surprised that the project got the front page as a "hidden gem" but didn't secure enough nominations to be a voting option for one catagory with catagories like "Lawsuit Waiting to Happen," "Best Fan Game Nomination," or "Best Old School Nominee." Can't lie, it stings to see a game made in two weeks in 2k3 made the Best Old School category and a game with a ton of old school custom systems didn't. Not going to ponder on it but I won't be casting a single Misao Vote.

I didn't expect to win a popular vote or have most voters try the project for a fair shake honestly... but I did expect to place as a voting option. Congrats to everyone that qualified for those categories.
Don't let it get to you. Misaos are, and always have been, nothing more than this particular website's popularity contest. They aren't even integrated in such a way that a game profile gets the blessing of "Misao Recipient" like the Featured Game badge.
Just look at the voter turnout for last year. Compare that to your current download count.
They're worthless.
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