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What started as aimless wandering became a journey into the mortal subconscious.

"Something about it was different. They were drawn to the island by some inexplicable feeling..."

Two young travellers follow the rumours of a cursed island near the center of the world. Deep within a cave of primal beasts they discover a cold black stone.
Those who see it claim it shines, yet it sheds no visible light to the travellers.
All the while they are monitored by seven beings who call themselves the Ubermensch.

Supposedly the stone awakens the most simplistic and violent thoughts in everything around it, yet the travellers remain immune to the artifact's influence.
Why are they different from others?
Who are the Ubermensch and what do they want?

Game Mechanics

Soul is a classical RPG with some strategic combat elements built into the existing RPGMXP system.
There are 7 elemental properties, 6 weapon types, 7 status effects, as well as a wide array of buffs, debuffs and magic shields adding depth to combat. Most effects have a limited duration. Every monster in the game has different weaknesses and resistances to everything.

Leveling does not give massive bonuses to statistics. Monsters often leave behind their souls, which can be distributed to any character for a permanent stat increase. Every character is able to be custom built with time and effort. All monsters drop different types of souls, and many souls are hidden in various objects throughout the game.
There are 7 characters, each with their own unique set of skills and abilities. Between all characters there are over 150 skills for players to utilize.

NPCs and book shelves in towns have the occasional hint or piece of information to help the player along. Investigate everything!

Plot Elements

Soul follows the journey of Kris and Amy as they try to destroy the stone and discern why they are not affected by it.
The Ubermensch eventually confront the travellers and present them with a strange ultimatum: "Come to us or we will hunt you down."
Something known only as The Entity has warned the Ubermensch about Kris, Amy, and their friends.

Deriving some content from the written works of Friedrich Nietzsche, Jean-Paul Sartre, Albert Camus and Sigmund Freud, Soul takes the player through an ontological polemic on errors in human judgement. The problem of immortality is confronted in relation to the finitude of existence, while nihilism and the human propensity for violence are scrutinized. As the game progresses this evolves into a look at the dangers of Nietzsche's will to power, the overwhelming fear of death and not existing, and the desire to control mortality.

Demo Information

This is a demo estimated to be 4-7 hours long depending on how much time the player chooses to invest. Lots of bonus content is available including 2 optional dungeons, a forest maze, a bandit camp, a battle tournament and 5 optional bosses.

Stay tuned for updates and the completed project!

Latest Blog

Progress Report - Challenge surpassed.

After several weeks of brooding over ideas, dialogue and a music playlist of unhappy music, I've finished several conversations for the project.

Deliberating over how to present my ideas in a tangible way to people unfamiliar with philosophical discussion is tricky but not impossible. What I found more challenging was giving a consistent amount of attention to writing depressing existential monologues.

I've now finished 3 of the most difficult conversations in the game and I'm relieved to know I can focus on some of the more lighthearted ideas I've had in mind.

There will likely be a few more edits as I input the dialogue into the game and it feels great to finally reach this amount of completion.

Thanks for staying tuned. :)
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  • Rayne36
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  • 05/16/2016 05:53 AM
  • 09/12/2018 08:43 AM
  • 02/25/2018
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Let me know what you think, I'm always looking for feedback.
Hmm.. The demo looks nice. Good job, "Kris and Amy" though, pff- Kris, you suck at coming up with names. You should finish it and maybe add some horror into it, after all. I am a fan of gruesome horror scary things.
Kehe ~
this looks pretty neat, specially with the content it derives.
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