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Game Design

Another bug fix! :)

Apparently there's a sprite I deleted and I forgot to remove an NPC event using it.

The game download has been updated.

As before, simply take your save file and put it into the folder with the new version of the game.

I hope this is the last time I have to do this. Thank you for your patience.
I also discovered a music file I wasn't using, so the file overall is a bit smaller now. :)

Game Design

Bug fix early in the game! :)

A friend pointed out a moment where the player seemingly vanishes after resting.

Apparently when I remade the map I forgot to account for changes in a teleport event.

Everything is fixed now and the download for the game has been changed to incorporate this.

As always, if you've already played simply download the game again and put your save file into the folder with the updated version of the game. You should be fine from here.

Thanks for playing and I hope this didn't cause too much stress for anyone. :)


Patched Ending!

I found a few errors in the last dungeon and fixed everything.

The download has been edited and the game is ready to go.

If you've already started playing, simply take your save file and put it in the folder with the new version of the game.

Thanks for playing and I hope you enjoy it. :)


Important Edits!

In reviewing the final dungeon once more I noticed a few small problems with the last boss.

These issues have been fixed and a new download for the game will be available as soon as possible.

This shouldn't affect anyone, as simply transferring your save file to the folder in which you keep your version of the game will allow you to continue without needing to restart.

Thanks for playing, and thank you for your patience with this error. :)


Complete at last!

The game is finished.

13 years.
Many philosophical texts and articles.
8 month hiatus.
4 months of fine tuning.
2825 hours of testing, editing, fixing, balancing and falling asleep with the program running. (At least that's what my Steam clock says.)
Not to mention all the time spent writing dialogue.

Thank you to everyone who payed attention to this project over the years, however few of you exist.

This has been important to me for a long time and I'm overjoyed to share it with you all. Long story short, I've always loved philosophy and learning how people think. Unfortunately I ended up with a tremendously biased professor in community college and took to learning philosophy on my own from there.
I did not want to become like him, so I took what could have been my master's thesis for philosophy and turned it into a video game.

This game explores a number of my own conclusions about the human condition, and the state of cognitive evolution. I did my best to make the ideas and concepts accessible to a wide audience without bogging down dialogue with esoteric philosophical terms.

If you play the game I hope you enjoy it. Thank you very much for giving it some time. :)

In time I will update the game's profile for clarity and provide a full walkthrough.

Progress Report

Return from hiatus.

After I finished the game some personal matters warranted a hiatus.

I don't like that it turned into eight months, but it's over. Final editing and testing is underway and all goes extremely well.

The final difficulty curve is balanced well enough with minimal editing, the maps are great, environments flow together well, and the writing keeps the plot moving with proper thematic relevance.

Progress Report

Finally. :)

After too many years it is finally complete.
Although Goethe took over 30 years to write Faust, so I think spending the better portion of 13 years making a video game by yourself is pretty good.

In a way it represents not only my contribution to existentialism, but also a journey. When I started this project I didn't know what I was trying to say, how I wanted to say it, and I wasn't good at what I was doing. All I had was a few ideas and some disjointed sources of inspiration. Only a few years ago did the true crux of the plot really start to take shape.

Over the years I'd look back on the project and notice what didn't work, what needed rebuilding or editing, and eventually I began to develop real skills for this kind of thing. I rewrote the script for the first half of the game several times, I remade the combat system from the ground up, and I narrowed down the themes I wanted to present as I read more philosophers.

For the moment it remains unavailable to the public. There are a few more things I need to edit and refine, and there are some supplemental materials I want to prepare for the download file. I also want to do a final test of my game's difficulty using a single character. I knew during the initial design phase my system was exploitable by default, and I want to see exactly how deeply my system can be broken.

What I want to include is a full player's guide with a detailed bestiary of all 201 monsters in the game, as well as an essay compilation of all the conversations with the antagonists. If you're the type who has little interest in games, or if you like to reflect on dialogue and ideas, this will be a better way to reach more people with this project.

I'm also keeping it unavailable for now because I want to rest. This has been an exhausting project.
Over the last year I feel like my obsession with finishing it has contributed to neglecting other very important parts of my life.
What's most important now is letting it stay in a rough final form so I can reflect on where this has taken me.

I will make more games in the future.
However, none of them will be as grandiloquent as a story criticizing nihilism through a group of immortals who want to die, and the unassuming travelers they bait into killing them. :)

I am overjoyed to have finished this at last, and now it is time to let that settle.

-Kris Koenig
Designer/Programmer/Writer for Über Games

Progress Report

Progress report.

The end of the game is underway.

Most monsters are finished, the maps have some mental drafts, the writing is taking form and one conversation is half finished.

It's coming together and I couldn't be happier. :)
Thanks to everyone who's been watching this project.

Progress Report

Progress report.

Half the maps for the area with the 6th Ubermensch are finished.
I've started scaling monsters for endgame difficulty.

There's some difficulty with monotony and detail within my tilesets, but I think I'm managing well enough.

Progress Report

Progress report.

Testing for the tower went well. Only a few errors showed up and I think it's balanced so far, but I increased the power of enemy magic skills a little. The optional bosses needed to be a little more difficult but that wasn't hard to do.

For the next area I think I'll set up the end game difficulty curve. Keeping the experience jumps balanced has proven to be a challenge but I think I'll be able to allow players to get to level 99 easily enough.
Too many games make maximum level an obnoxious chore to get to and I've never liked that.

I've got a lot of great ideas for the next area and the final 2 Übermenschen.
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