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Complete at last!

  • Rayne36
  • 01/04/2021 06:26 AM
The game is finished.

13 years.
Many philosophical texts and articles.
8 month hiatus.
4 months of fine tuning.
2825 hours of testing, editing, fixing, balancing and falling asleep with the program running. (At least that's what my Steam clock says.)
Not to mention all the time spent writing dialogue.

Thank you to everyone who payed attention to this project over the years, however few of you exist.

This has been important to me for a long time and I'm overjoyed to share it with you all. Long story short, I've always loved philosophy and learning how people think. Unfortunately I ended up with a tremendously biased professor in community college and took to learning philosophy on my own from there.
I did not want to become like him, so I took what could have been my master's thesis for philosophy and turned it into a video game.

This game explores a number of my own conclusions about the human condition, and the state of cognitive evolution. I did my best to make the ideas and concepts accessible to a wide audience without bogging down dialogue with esoteric philosophical terms.

If you play the game I hope you enjoy it. Thank you very much for giving it some time. :)

In time I will update the game's profile for clarity and provide a full walkthrough.


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