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A Lovely Story

A Timeless Story is the first project of Midori_Fragments, it's a game that might be like the usual puzzle RPG, but in reality, it has a hidden gem. Something that has struck me was how the game is customized in a unique way: the sprites, the facesets, the music, and even the maps. (Even if they are personalized, the graphics used is RTP.)

The plot is about the story of Lysander, the main character of the game. He's a character that appears to be very mysterious and almost distracted from what's surrounding him, almost as if he was living a weird dream from which he never would have woken up. On his journey, we don't just become aware of Lysander's story, but also the story of two other characters: Alys and Dellbert (Which are both very important in the story).

This journey slowly became full of guilt and bitterness. Meanwhile, it is full of happy flashbacks that will leave you a smile on your face. The storytelling is, in fact, the most important charm for this game.

The disappointing part of the game is the mapping: A lot of the objects are blurry or with a bad quality, which is a bit of bugging for the eyes. Although, the maps aren't even that bad for Midori_Fragments' first game.

The gameplay is full of original puzzles, and that's another thing in favor for those like me who like riddles and puzzles in general. My favorite puzzle was the one where you have to draw rain to make roses bloom in another room, it was very cute. The length of the game is less than two hours and I might say that Midori_Fragments was able to make a timeless lovely story that only few would be able to make it.

A Timeless Story is certainly a must in its category, with a lot of different endings who manage to surprise until the end and I'm gladly happy to give 4 stars to this masterpiece.