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Mysterious Room Escape is a short point'n'click game with 8-bits graphics.
As any "escape the room" game, your only goal is to escape from the room
where you are trapped. You have to find keys, solve puzzles and use your
imagination, deduction and logic to unlock the exit door!

You wake to find yourself in a mysterious room without windows and with only one door.
You have to escape from there, but also want to know why are you there.
Can you escape AND find the thuth?

You only need to use your mouse to play it!
Click to interact with the furniture and puzzles!
Click to skip the messages!
Click in the items of your inventory to examine them!
Don't worry, you don't need to select the items to use them, the use it's automatic.

-No RTP needed;
-The mouse system may lag sometimes;
-This game has 2 endings;
-You may use paper and pen to take note of passwords and tips!

Have fun!

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  • Completed
  • Okami_Amaterasu
  • RPG Maker VX Ace
  • Puzzle
  • 05/19/2016 12:00 PM
  • 06/24/2016 11:14 PM
  • 05/14/2016
  • 17600
  • 14
  • 438


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The lag is terrible - it's not just the mouse, it's everything. How is it possible for a small game like this to lag so much?

Also I solved the 4-digit puzzle, but the box didn't open. That made me confused until, after many attempts, I solved it again later and it did open. That was weird.

Other than that, and the sliding block puzzle that I looked up how to solve rather than go through it again because I find it a chore, the game was fun enough. 4/5
...there's a walkthrough? Mind pointing me in the direction of that, please?

(Also, Okami_Amaterasu, I'd recommend making a page on this game page and putting the walkthrough there. It'd help people who get stuck~)

So far, interesting game. Not sure what you mean about lag - it plays well enough on my machine.
I quite enjoyed this game, the music and the retro feel. The atmosphere was just creepy enough, a bit 'unsettling' - great job, despite the lag!

I found the puzzles challenging enough, BUT I've gotten stuck after finding the two pieces of paper that I think have the number 250. Might be a bug in the game as I tried this code on the library shelf several times ... if it's 4 number code, I wasn't able to unlock the drawer with codes 250 + 0-9 as the last # either

As mentioned, walkthrough would be very much appreciated!

Also, is there a save feature that I'm missing?

There's no save, but the note is missing a piece. Once you get that you should be able to get out. I can't remember where I found the missing piece, though. Be sure to search every row of the bookshelf, too - there's something on each.
The clue on the piece of paper is 2501, but you have to enter it backwards. So, it actually reads as 1052.

Sadly, I can't finish the game since I can't solve the sliding block puzzle.
Uh... wasn't it upside down? I thought it was upside down. Not that it makes a difference at all. Also, I think you need to find the last sheet before it will unlock it.
I did manage to find a minor bug in this game. To perform this "bug" you need to find one of the pieces of paper with a clue on it for the drawer that requires the password 1052. Once you pick up one of those pieces of paper you need to go over to the shelving unit and open it. This will cause the piece in your inventory to disappear while still leaving you with the ability to find the other pieces.

All things considering this is a rather meaningless bug since it only pops up if you do things out of order and doesn't really impact the game in any meaningful way.
That alphabet puzzle drove me batty, so I consulted the let's play in the media section to get past it.
I got the non-truthy ending. Hopefully I'll be able to gather the patience to get through the alphabet puzzle again, and try for what I am guessing is the 'good', or at least more fulfilling, ending.
I loved it! Writing a review right now, hope it goes through.

Oh, but I thought I should tell you about a glitch. When closed up on the open grate, the graphic of the ripped apple picture is there.
I loved it! Writing a review right now, hope it goes through.

Oh, but I thought I should tell you about a glitch. When closed up on the open grate, the graphic of the ripped apple picture is there.
Cool! :D

Thanks for telling me! I fixed it in the original game and forgot to fix in the translated version >.< I'll fix as soon as possibly..
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