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Warning: This game has flashing lights for individuals who are prone to photosensitive seizures.


Triple Step is a strategy/puzzle game, where you navigate across a map with explosive squares to reach a chest on the opposite end of the map. The squares are designed to detonate upon player touch if certain conditions are met. In addition to the explosive squares, you will have to deal with a timer and cryptic light patterns. There will be four difficulty levels(Easy, Normal, Hard, Extreme). This game is designed to be challenging, but very rewarding once you get the hang of it.

My objective with the game was to recreate something similar to minesweeper and the treasure chest mini-games from the "Legend Of Zelda Series". I added "Safe Zones" to make the game more balanced, and give you more opportunities to succeed. Safe zones are present on each difficulty level and they allow you to get closer to the chest without the fear of exploding.


Use the directional arrows on the keyboard or use the mouse to move the character.
Left-Click or press Z twice to open up the chest.
Hold Shift or Z to speed up the character.
Press X for the options menu.

Game-play Features:

Four Difficulty Levels
One Tutorial Level
Safe Zones

Animated Lighting
Highly Addictive Game-play

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  • 05/22/2016 05:16 AM
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  • 05/22/2016
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A mine field with no apparent way to get across other than luck. There is a strategy, and if you want to know what it is just read the review. The field and all mines on it are reset after each respawn, so no pencil and papering thru this either. 100% Pure Oranges.
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