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Vindictive Drive is a Thriller/Action game with cyberpunk elements and Real Time Action/Stealth mechanics following Arris Fern, a young woman in her cold blooded revenge against her father, the president of the most powerful nation, for the assassination of her mother 12 years ago.

Completely consumed by hatred and resentment, Arris will use the most cruel methods at her disposal to achieve her goal.


  • Vindictive Drive's "battle system" rely on outsmarting security systems, avoiding cameras, and fooling your enemies using your computer and jamming devices, leaving the pistol as last resort.

  • Stealth is an important part of the game, you will be able to disable alarms and create distractions.

  • Story rich scenarios and suspense.

  • Talkative and friendly NPCs.

  • A lot of illustrations and animations made frame per frame.

  • Arris’ sour behavior.

  • Multiple endings.

Warning: This game contains depictions of suicide, abuse, and other forms of violence

VINDICTIVE DRIVE ON STEAM: http://store.steampowered.com/app/507400/Vindictive_Drive/

Thank you for supporting this NEET massacre.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/balthasar02/

Latest Blog

Free Keys Event! - Vindictive Drive Definitive Edition

Hello players, I'm happy to announce the definitive version of Vindictive Drive, it fixed most of the issues in the previous versions of the game, and offers more content.

  • *New areas and new pieces of the story revealed
  • *General bug fix
  • *Spanish language now available!
  • *Big graphic improvement(Portraits, hud, sprites and CG)
  • *Animated scenes improved
  • *New animated scenes
  • *Chapter 7 big Puzzle nerfed
  • *Added a bonus game, after reaching the good ending you will be given a code for it, in this new chapter you play as Eureka and Xera, an older hybrid, trying to escape the Seiten labs, here you will learn a lot of new details of Eureka's origin, Amy's plot, and more. This bonus game also contains two new bosses

Thank you for following the development of Vindictive Drive, special thanks to SometimesYou Publishing, as they did a splendid job as publisher, and to Morgan, who was an incredible support for me all this time.
A big thank you to my testers and reviewers, who helped to make this a better game too. It took some time to make, and it makes me feel proud to see some of the reactions it caused, I appreciate all of them.

I hope you like the new things and feel free to let me know what you think, even though I couldn't include all the things I wanted, I listen to my players and they have a lot of influence in the things that changed.



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Maybe I missed the repair shop. I'll scrounge around the maps a bit more to see if I missed a path somewhere.
Ah, alright, it's just three blocks to the East.
The TM is for Totally Magical.
So, holy shit! This game has cosplayers!
So, holy shit! This game has cosplayers!

There's a few more I did too~

this game is pretty deep. a little bit similiar to some cyberpunk classics but at the same time totally different with custom ideas and deep. i like that. very nice. gameplay just keeps better and better with time
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