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Vindictive Drive has been released!

As some of you already noticed, the game has been released on Steam some days ago, I had very positive feedback so long and I'm happy and very surprised with the amount of players as well.

This is the story of Arris Fern's bloodthirsty quest for revenge, a dark story with a very sour main character that is certainly not the average heroine. And she changes, for better or for worse as the story develops.

The changes since the old demo have been...many, this game allows the player to choose between a Stealth based helper robot or an Aggro one, depending on which game mechanic they prefer.

It also had Trading Cards!

This game now includes some animated cutscenes, and the actions of the player making a direct impact in Arris' mindset.

Those who were kind enough to support this game while it was a small demo will get a free copy, I will start sending them soon, but if you were subscribed back then please send me a messege!

Thank you Suus for noticing the release!

The future of this game:
Translations to korean and spanish are being prepared, and probably some more surprises.