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Great news: Final update coming soon!

I'm happy to announce some of the new content you will see in the final version of Vindictive Drive:

Freija's Destroyer Eureka:
Once you finish Vindictive Drive, you will receive a code to start the extra game.

The story of this extra happens 10 years before the events in Vindictive Drive, it will show details about Eureka's past as she attempts to escape the Seiten labs.

You will see new and more powerful enemies, such as the Tsurugi, the Galick Zero and the Super Knightframe. Difficultly will be increased as well.

For more info about Eureka visit Eureka's wiki page

The extra game will also reveal some details about the past activities of some important characters such as Amy Mourne and Alfred Gerin.

You will also play as Xera, an old scrapped prototype hybrid fighting for freedom.

For more info about Xera visit: Xera's Wiki page

The planned changes for the final update are:
  • New animations
  • Animation fixes
  • New character portraits
  • New huds
  • New areas
  • New enemies
  • Translation to spanish
  • Bug fixes
  • Some minor changes suggested by players

Thank you very much for your support, I will host a small event here when the final version is finished so if you want a free key stay tuned!


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*Deeply Thinking*
So excited for the new version!! I really want to see more of Eureka.
So excited for the new version!! I really want to see more of Eureka.

Thank you so much for your support Nedras!
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