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Characters named Kyle, Brandon, and Ethan are on a quest to find magic, and use it?

Episode 1:
You'll have to use RPG Maker XP's RTP to play this Episode. The characters find a mysterious lady, and They have to think about Escorting her to one of the Kings. Will it be successful?

Episode 2: You'll have to use RPG Maker XP's RTP To play this episode. After the Lady got kidnapped real dangers await for the three stooges, The 3 main Characters, Plus they get to meet a Japanese sayer, well, No offense but, I don't get what he's saying. Try the new Menu System!

Episode 3 is on RPG Maker VX's RTP. After Episode 2, They Departed. Kyle, Brandon, and Ethan find both of their friends and beat the Evil. Also try out the new Menu System! This game has a Maximum of 100 Save Files. So get out there and Save ALOT!

As of 12/5/2011, You will be downloading Episode 1. To get the other two, you will have to go to the Downloads Section. And the game will show that the current Main Download is made with RPG Maker XP.

Since Episode 3 was the last episode, It's done. No more dealing with this one.

dates Released:
Episode 1 (RPGXP) - 12/26/2008
Episode 2 (RPGXP) - 12/26/2008
Episode 3 (RPGVX) - 03/09/2009

Please note that there will be no remakes of Magic Quest Episodes.

Latest Blog

It's luck that made this game a bit successful.

I was so lucky, and Beginner when I made this.
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When Episode three comes out, If you see the words "Pikachu 2127 from Pikachu 2127 Websites," that's me. I made a website.
Hmmm... Seems like all three games might need fixed a little bit.... I'll see what I can do to fix any bugs that are in this.

After that is all done, you can enjoy the game again, with more events and bug fixes. If I put any new events that is....
On second thought, never mind, since I'm going to make a sequel anyway....
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