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Follow the events surrounding several groups of characters at different points in time around an instigated supervolcano eruption. The hunters, the hunted and the instigators in three chapters of action, drama and suspense.

Kryberia is a science-fiction RPG set in a dark post-apocalyptic environment. The first chapter (Due for release soon) is an account of the events leading up to the eruption as a misinformed team are dropped on the mountainside to carry out a deed that will change history within the depths of Mt Vicarious. We follow the thoughts and actions of Sid Jones, a soldier of the 15th Corporation Unit. Magmatic experiments and their horrific results are soon evident and fighting ensues. Rebel fighters are ever-present but why here? And why now?

Constructed in RPG Maker XP, Kryberia features stunning visual effects, explosive action minigames and gameplay unlike any other RPG Maker creation.

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Development Continues

I would like people who have played the demo to get in contact with me and tell me what they thought, what they would change.
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  • Eddie
  • RPG Maker XP
  • Action RPG
  • 06/29/2007 04:29 PM
  • 05/29/2013 12:01 AM
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I think you need the RTP for RMXP installed for this game.

So if you don't have it, download it from here:
I played this a while ago, forgot to comment, though. Definitely different from the rest and cool looking, just a little difficult. If I'm not mistaken the battle song is from Castle Crashers?
Looks like a really good game. Good graphics!
I just finished it. That's pretty danm good work. I never judge a game by its graphic although this one, i've got to admit, looks awesome.

I also like the simplicity of your fighting system, the atmosphere and music also did their job well. I'll definitely check the complete version.
hhmmm...might have to check this out.
So I noticed that SegNin's link to a RMXP RTP download gives a 404 Error (at least to me) so I thought I would give a link to RMVXAce, RMVX, and RMXP RTP downloads. Just go to the RMXP tab and download it: http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/download/run-time-package
plus this one is english XD
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