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The Story and events are pretty much done for the Demo. If you would like to download it to test it, please do. In exchange, please report any bugs or if you have an suggestions.

When extracting: Right click and click "Extract to The Untold Story - Demo v0.5\"

Controls & Shortcuts:
Menu = X or Esc
Mini Map = M
Dash Bar = D
Dash = A
Pause = F12
Previous = K
Next = L
Journal = J
Party = P
Bag = B
Equpiment = E
Skills = R
Status = S
Config = C
Quests = Q
Summons = U

Known Bugs:
-It shows "Level Up!" even though the character hasn't leveled.
-Reflection/Shadows may show weird
-Skill levels and SP costs are overlapping

8/1/2017 - Demo v0.5
--Finished Summon Menu
--Removed Dash HUD and made it infinite
--Changed beginning main story events
--Valerie, Aden, Sopia, and Ellen has new artwork.
--Added some voices to the skills
--Added pictures to the opening story
--Hunger/Thirst pauses in battles
--Finished MiniMap dots
--Side Quests now listed
--Journal Up-t-date
--Intro has artwork
--Added music to events
--Kruan Cave now has an inner room where you can enter.
--Doorway to Secret Passage shows

The Download was scanned by: Avast!

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